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  1. Not really. The fanbase is full of different sects from what I've noticed. Many people call VI their favorite, but VII and IX are common favorites as well. X is generally highly regarded, and XII has a pretty dedicated following. XI's fans are really vocal as well. 


    XIII is the only game in the series that is almost universally loathed, and even then, it does have its fans.


    But this has nothing to do with Sonic so I'd love to chat in the FF topic.


    I like Vanille



  2. That new trailer is awesome!

    Awesome cool art style (that resembles when the games were still good), kooky looking bosses, fun gimmick powers and awesome looking levels! I'm deffo going to pick this up! In fact, I'm going to pick up a Wii U for this game and the new Mario stuff.


    It's been a while since I've played a new Sonic game since I've heard his newer 3D games are a bit dodgy. However, this looks mostly 2D so it looks cool (Sonic's always been good in 2D hasn't he? I've never heard of my fellow Halo fans bash 2D Sonic games)! In addition, I played Sonic 2 recently and that was nostalgic fun. I want  to get back into Sonic!


    I used to love you man :)


    Could it be a good new semi 3D Sonic game? I'm pumped!

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