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  2. Sonic the fighters. Had a really good soundtrack and a cool story I think...
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  4. Oh God, I wasn't ready for this.... However scarred I am, though, these were still very interesting. Thanks for posting them!
  5. Have a little faith in sega. Their three game deal with nintendo is almost done, (finally!) so I'm expecting an awesome sonic game in 2015 for other consoles. Hopefully I will get my wish...
  6. I live in kansas, so attending might be a problem for me. Really hope I can still go though..
  7. Very interesting news. I don't know what to make of it yet...
  8. They changed her voice actor after Sonic 06. (I think.) Her new voice sounds WAAAAY better.
  9. Yeah, I agree. I like him a lot too...
  10. Playing through Sonic Heroes again. I have yet to beat it...

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  12. Weekends are nice.

  13. Then you should expect to get spoiled every time you walk into a comic store. Seriously, I don't think the issue is ruined for you just yet.
  14. You're talking about Pirate Plunder Part 2, right?
  15. I still think Metroid could benefit from a comic series. The universe is so rich with good story material!
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  17. Just bought a Wii U. Sonic Lost World, here I come!

    1. DocAzure


      You poor soul.

    2. sonfan1984


      is that the only reason why you brought a Wii U? Are you going to buy other games while waiting for Lost World to come out?

    3. spinny


      Good luck with that time travel device, dude.

    4. Mr. Taxi

      Mr. Taxi

      Who cares about Sonic Lost World MONSTER HUNTER TRI ULTIMATE

    5. Komodin


      I hope you bought a Deluxe model...

    6. DocAzure


      ^ In all honesty, the price of the Premium Wii U isn't really justifiable.

    7. #AR


      Wonderful 101 first. THEN Sonic.

    8. Autosaver


      Why didn't you wait until September 20th? Wind Waker Zelda Wii U and price drop.


      Wow, really? $50 more for 10% back on digital purchases, 4x more memory, and FREE $60 game, and all Wii U accessories? If anything, the Basic is unjustifiable.

    9. sonfan1984


      Wind Waker HD comes out on September 20th?

    10. RobotOmega


      I got it now because it was my sister's birthday. Also, not only for Sonic Lost World. I'm looking forward to Super Smash bros U, Windwaker, Mario Kart 8, possibly a new Mario Party... Oh, and I'm also still hoping on another Metroid Game. Did I mention Super Mario Bros U is fun as well? :b

  18. Wow, finally a topic where people won't start stupid and silly arguments! ... or not. Either way, I remember watching this show way back in the day. Happy Birthday!
  19. So... you have differing sizes of middle fingers?
  20. stuff like this happens alot theres another example but im too lazy to fine it so stop looking for an excuse to blame SEGA for ever I like the second one way more. The man bending over the table... with the creepy smile, really ruined the first one. I call it an improvement.
  21. Wow, these rewards are worse than the old ones! Oh well, it's not like I play much anyway...
  22. Probably more stuff that is similar to Sonic: Lost World. I'm also expecting some more remakes. We already got the Adventure series, so it's only a matter of time until we get another Sonic Heroes port.
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