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  1. The fact that they've bothered to "canonise" echo fighters as an actual thing would suggest to me that there are probably gonna be more than a couple of them. Like, I feel like they wouldn't bother making up an actual name for them if it was just those three (especially considering that clone characters have already been an established concept in fighting games for literally decades). In that regard Shadow is certainly one of the prime candidates if he really has been replaced by Knuckles as an AT. In the same vein Dark Samus is also notably absent from the AT list, and Samus even seems to have had her Dark Samus color scheme replaced.
  2. Also wasn't it Iizuka's idea for Mania to have recycled stages in the first place?
  3. Apparently when they said "it's not Generations 2" what they really meant was "it's actually just Generations 1 again"
  4. he keeps losing the flame shield to the same octopus enemy every time. You've played through this zone ten times how hard is it to just learn from your mistakes.
  5. holy shit at this rate the game is actually going to release while this guy is still stuck on oil ocean zone
  6. tfw i always regret looking at spoilers but my horrible impulse control compels me to keep looking at them anyway
  7. People are comparing the music to Sonic 4 but honestly the first thing that came to mind for me was the music from that Lego game
  8. Why is all of his horizontal momentum cancelled whenever he hits a spring?He just stops moving and is moved to the center of the spring and it looks janky as all hell, and I swear it didn't do that in Generations. Christ they actually made the physics worse what are you doing SEGA
  9. Hot damn that Studiopolis music is fuckin incredible God this game looks so good and we've only even seen two levells
  10. I just can't bring myself to care about this game at all. All I want is a game that takes the things I like about the classic games and translate it into 3D, but instead of doing that they'd rather just throw in some 2d classic gameplay for people who like the classic formula and keep it completely separate from whatever the fuck they're doing with modern Sonic. And the thing is that doesn't appeal to me at all, because there are already plenty of other 2D classic-styled games I could be playing instead which are almost guaranteed to be miles better than whatever Sonic Team comes up with, between the original games, the various fangames out there, and the actual official classic-styled game they currently have in development. Meanwhile Modern Sonic gets his boost or his parkour or whatever dumb gimmick they're gonna give him this time around rather than just giving him a spindash and some ball physics and leaving it at that I mean I don't know, maybe I'm wrong and Sonic Team actually do have something great in store. But I basically have no trust in Sonic Team to make a good Sonic game at this point. At least Mania looks fun, and I can trust Taxman and Stealth to make a good game without having to worry that they'll find some innovative new way to fuck it all up. sry for overly negative post, that's basically all I have to say on the game until we get some actual gameplay
  11. Holy shit it's Generations 2 but now it's edgy I mean fuck it I got Mania so I'm happy either way, but it would really be nice to have just one good 3D Sonic game at some point in my lifetime
  12. No way this is the big Sonic game. Most likely it's just a side project helmed by Taxman/Stealth while Sonic Team works on their game. I'll probably still end up liking this one better anyway lmao
  13. Splitting it by disc wouldn't really make sense, all the discs are very different in regards to the actual amount of content and time it takes to complete them.
  14. I bet somebody at Nintendo thought they were being super witty by making it cards instead of stickers. It was bizarre enough that the people working on Sticker Star decided "hey, wouldn't it be a great idea if we made a Paper Mario game with literally none of the charm of past Paper Mario games while simultaeneously making the gameplay as tedious and unenjoyable as possible?", but who the hell decided to try that again after the reaction to Sticker Star? Was somebody at Nintendo so desperate to prove that his cool sticker mechanic was the collest new thing and people just don't understand how much potential it has? (and was that "somebody at Nintendo" Miyamoto again?) I can't wait for the game to bomb and for Nintendo to conclude that Paper Mario just isn't popular any more and axe the franchise completely. RIP Paper Mario
  15. I swear Kirk Thornton's Shadow voice is actively getting worse with every appearance
  16. So, looking at her design and at the trailer (the cutscene where she comes out of her house and there's a bunch of villagers or whatever), it seems like she isn't actually a "female Link" so much as someone who just dresses up like him (and named herself after him?). Like she's basically setting out on an adventure and decided to dress up like the legendary hero because he's cool and shit Not sure how I feel about that, but it'd be pretty interesting if it's true. Especially since personally the diea of "another goddamn Link only this one isn't even from any actual Zelda games" wasn't really one that appealed to me
  17. Does anything interesting happen in the Eggman game after you ascend a few times?
  18. How can you call a character with such an amazing singing voice boring
  19. They're revealing more costumes tomorrow? Oh boy, I can't wait for Wolf Gunner and Isaac Swordfighter costumes!
  20. lol at hbox getting booed by the crowd even though armada was playing just as lame as hbox was with the laser camping
  21. So glad Gatchaman is back. Pretty dodgy pacing this first episode, but otherwise as amazing as always holy shit chaos dragon was bad lol. Not even in the vein of stuff like SAO or Oreimo or Cross Ange or whatever, which were just incredibly trashy in lots of ways, it just completely failed in so many ways as a story and as a visual piece of entertainment. Exposition in the dialogue, exposition in the text where they couldn't fit all of the exposition into the dialogue, exposition in a hilariously text-filled eyecatcher during the ad break, exposition in one character's dying breaths as she describes a blood ritual as she's being sacrificed for that very blood ritual. Even the production is terrible, animation was incredibly limited, character designs were fucking ridiculous, characters are frequently off-model, soundtrack is completely generic. Oh wait no, we got some metal guitar riffs during the aforementioned sacrifice's "tearful" death. That gave me a good laugh.
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