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  1. So if you can't beat them join them? :U
  2. People are bored or unsurprised because of how redundant bringing Classic Sonic so soon is, plus another fucking green hill zone. A Generations 2 could've worked, if they didn't become desperate like they are being now. Again, had they given around a decade, maybe more, and actually MOVED ON, you know, actually working to evolve the franchise and not get constantly stuck on nostalgia whoring, whenever a hypotetical Generations 2 rolled, it wouldn't be as well received as the first, but it would've been welcome. Saying people who enjoyed Generations are at fault for Sonic Forces is honestly like saying people who enjoyed the Adventures are at fault for 06, or people who enjoyed the Advanced series are at fault for Sonic 4.
  3. That's the thing tho'. I'm down for a Generations 2, at least a decade from the first one, with new stages, and a better plot. Heck I'd say many of us are, the novelty of recreating old stages in HD graphics was great and there is much more potential there. Not Modern Sonic on a brand new adventure starring Classic Sonic and Green Hill taking a level slot for no good reason other than ''Generations made us mad cash'', also starring wisps because Colors was pretty good too.
  4. I THINK our only source on that was someone mentioning there was data for a new downloadable Sonic game for the Xbox One at Xbox Live. It's less Generations fans wanting it and honestly, more that Sonic Team has a misguided mindset of ''if it sells let's reuse it in every game'' I mean I don't remember Colors fans going ''I WANT THE WISPS IN EVERY NEW GAME'' and yet look at the last couple of Sonic Games.
  5. Says the Tomoya Ohtani. Also what kinda bothers me is how the desert stuff is background only. I could be wrong if this stage turns out to have more acts, but so far, if you replace the sand with water, it's the same Green Hill we've been getting the past 6. If they made the Sand and desert nature of the stage be more relevant on the level design, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be as big of a backlash. Like how Seaside Hill isn't just another Green Hill, it focus a lot more on the tropical beach aspect.
  6. So enjoying a game is wrong because the developers will think we want a rehash of that game as a followup and we should know better...?
  7. I liked Classic Sonic and Green Hill in Gens because I thought it'd be a one time thing, don't blame me. Heck if anything, Classic and Green Hill coming back annoys the hell out of me because it removes the uniqueness Gens had.
  8. Not only that, but the song seems to reach a perfect stopping point after the guy finishes the level, instead of awkwardly fading out. Add that to the 1 second delay and it seems like the song was edited in and synched to the footage time to end exactly at that point
  9. *Hears new classic theme*

    I mean... It's not GOOD.

    But not bad either.

    Music needs a bit of work on the instrumentation, melody has potential

  10. The Samooorai had some small curses too (damn and hell) but you kinda don't notice it because not only they're not that big of a deal, but also it's totally in character for him to swear.
  11. Wait, Castle of Illusion was actually relisted? I thought it was an April Fools Prank