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    Anime, Gaming, Collecting, Drama, Stressing over things that barely need any stressing to begin with, Parodies, Let's Plays, commentaries, the list goes on.
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    SEGA headquarters, trying to find who the heck keeps putting those Dash Panels everywhere.

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  1. One Path to go and I'll finally be able to reach Last Story in Shadow. Gotta say, playing it safe was probably the worst idea ever, since it made every path a bit repetitive, as I would choose repeated levels instead of annoying ones (Central City, the Doom, Lost Impact etc.).

    1. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      Playing it safe in Shadow the Hedgehog made me go numb last year during my Sonic marathon. That game is an assault.

    2. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Good thing after it my backlog is mostly composed of good games, next stop will probably be Symphony of the Night.

    3. Hyp3hat


      I cannot even begin to think of playing Shadow The Hedgehog again, and I still can't imagine how my teenage self beat it back in the day. Every time I boot it up in Dolphin for the lols I just can't. The terrible shlocky aspects of the cutscenes (which it shares with SA2) are just vastly outweighed by the fact that it feels so horrible to play. Nothing feels fun in that game, it is a wasteland.

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