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  1. Honestly, I'm still getting Forces, I am very interested and excited for it. Will it be the best Sonic game? No. Does it have flaws? Yes. Do these ruin the experience for me? So far, no.

    What bothers me isn't the negativity, or the cynism, I'm used to that at this point, it's why I basically avoid any Sonic topic at this point, because I have nothing to gain reading people complaining about the game, it won't change my opinion and I won't change theirs, there's almost no discussion anymore anyways.

    What DOES bother me, is people making snarky witty ''lol forces sucks'' answers to any comments that show any semblance of excitement for the game, or flat out acting as if enjoying the game is wrong. You shouldn't question someone's taste for disagreeing with you and you shouldn't be a spoilsport just because you don't like the game and someone else likes it. This goes for both Forces haters AND Mania haters, both sides have some degree of blame in every argument I am wrong, you are wrong, everyone is in the wrong. Your opinion is not law, people have different tastes and standards, what you want isn't what everyone else wants, this goes for everyone.

    I feel like me having to say this just shows how the fanbase in general went to shit this year, because of Forces AND Mania.

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