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  1. Capcom just announced a Street Fighter Collection. 12 games


    Switch, PS4 and Xbox One

    1. Ratcicle King
    2. Forte-Metallix


      >5 versions of the second installment

      >3 of the third

      And I thought Square Enix was bizarre with its numerical titles.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      How different are a the different versions of SF2? I don't play fighting games, so this has always been massively confusing to me.

    4. JosepHenry


      Well at least the alpha games are here. Instead of... just variations of the 3 main games.

    5. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      That's a whole lot of Street Fighter... Saying that it is missing Street Fighter Alpha 2 Dash/Zero Alpha and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper (and the Saturn and the PSP versions while we are here). Plus the original shouldn't really be there, it's not really good to play and most of the ports of that are even worse.

      @Blue Blood Some differences. First SF2 is quite bare bones these days and is only there because it was a big thing, SF2 Champion Edition adds the ability to play as the bosses (Balrog, Vega, Sagat, M. Bison), SF2 Turbo/Hyper Fighting either makes the game faster to play or have the option to do so and was made as a quick reaction because of so many hacks of the game back in the day that did similar things (not really played this one and think has emulation problems with its speed). I play on SF2 Champion Edition out of those and the Mega Drive/SNES ports were based off Turbo.

      Super Street Fighter 2 and Turbo have their differences too, the latter has an option to fight faster, introduces Akuma (and I think Cammy) however ditches the bonus rounds that the previous versions had. Well for most versions of SSF2 Turbo, the Dreamcast version puts them back in. Is worth playing both because the differences are a bit larger.

      Of course more diehard fans would probably tell you about balancing, nerfing and buffing but I'm not that kind of player.

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