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  1. For me, it's too hard to decide, so I'll take one from each game that I've played. Sonic the Hedgehog: Star Light Zone. Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Aquatic Ruin Zone. Say what you will about the level (even though I never had that much trouble with it, but whatever), that music is phenomenal. Sonic the Hedgehog CD: Don't remember. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (& Knuckles): Ice Cap Zone Act 1. Knuckles' Chaotix: This Horizon. Technically not a level theme, but it's still great. Sonic Adventure: Speed Highway 3 (At Dawn). This song alone made me buy a Dreamcast. It's just that good. Sonic Adventure 2: Escape from the City. Duh. Sonic Heroes: What I'm Made of.... Also duh.
  2. One of the best games on the Mega Drive, with a perfect combination of everything. Happy birthday (on February 24th in Europe), Sonic 3!
  3. February 24th here in Europe, but whatever. Knuckles is definitely one of my favorite characters. I can relate to his personality, for the most part. Also, I may or may not have a tiny tiny man crush on him, as a bisexual male. Happy birthday, Knux! Here's to another twenty.
  4. I've recently discovered several new artists. Some examples: David Bowie, Nirvana, Oasis, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Talk Talk. All awesome.
  5. Yep. I was such a fanboy when I was like eight, but then I lost interest at twelve, or so. Got back in when I bought a Mega Drive at the age of fifteen (almost sixteen), here to stay. I bought a Dreamcast recently, too.
  6. I'm physically unable to hate it due to nostalgia, but it is a pretty crappy game, with a bad story and horrible gameplay. Pretty much sums it up.
  7. I'd go, but it's in the UK, so I can't. Why can't we have a meetup in Sweden? Preferably Stockholm.
  8. She's just annoying in Sonic Adventure 2, haven't played any more recent games except for Heroes, where I don't remember her at all.
  9. I've got one. Open Your Heart is a million times better than Live and Learn.
  10. Brilliant jubilations in regards to the matter of which you mark the twenty-first anniversary of your mortal form.

  11. In Sonic Heroes, before going to single player in the menu, I go right once and then left once, to make Sonic the leader, so to speak. This is a relic from when I was a kid and absolutely hated Tails. Mainly because of his voice.
  12. It's an okay game, but not the best game ever like everyone claims it is. I like the speed levels and most of the hunting levels. I hate Security Hall. The shooting levels can also go die in a hole. What else... Soundtrack is crap in my opinion, with the exception of every Ted Poley/Tony Harnell song and Live and Learn. (I might be slightly biased because Ted played at my school a few years ago, in fact, the image on his Wikipedia article is from there, but whatever.) Now, is there anything I missed? I'll tell you my opinion on anything in this game.
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