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  1. I'm talking about the second part in windy hill zone 4 where the music slows down at the 2d segment.
  2. No underwater freedom in the Wii U, I know it sucks also the wisp one hit kill or less hit kills on bosses is a lot like colors with the bosses after beating them once.
  3. That's definitely a slowed down version of the final stage in sonic 06 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnfpawELocQ&feature=player_detailpage Top 10 best music from this game 10. Tropical Coast Zone 2 & 4 09. Lava Mountain Zone 3 08. Deadly Six Zone 4 theme 07. Frozen Factory Zone 2 06. VS Eggman Lava Mountain Zone 4 05. Tropical Coast Zone 3 & Lava Mountain Zone 2 04. Windy Hill Zone 3 & Silent Forest Zone 3 03. Desert Ruins Zone 1 02. Sky Road Zone 1 01. VS Zavok Sky Road Zone 4 & Lava Mountain Zone 3 Top 10 Worst music from this game 10. Sky Road Zone 4 09. Tropical Coast Zone 1 08. Desert Ruins Zone 4 07. Silent Forest Zone 1 06. DesSert Ruins Zone 3 05. Frozen Factory Zone 3 04. Silent Forest Zone 4 03. Windy Hill Zone 4 02. Deadly Six Zone 2 Theme 01. Windy Hill Zone 1
  4. So the online's just as dead as gens 3DS & Sonic racing transformed
  5. That's one thing lost world was missing dynamic weather effects I know they have a cool atmosphere with the haze in the distance in desert ruins 1 and lava mountain 3, frozen factory with the snowfall, windy hill with the leaves blowing but 3D world now has them too which was missing from 3D land also Rosalina is playable probably post game.
  6. Too bad you can't play as them after beating them as a playable character.
  7. Whoever though 2 ring depletion per second was a good Idea maybe because you got super sonic without any effort since it's there after you clear gens story which is like an hour and a half.
  8. That bullet bill sleigh event is nintendo's idea of podracing.
  9. Nega wisp armor 2.0 had the same laser attacks as nega wisp armor alpha except the colors version used laser and sped it up about three times in a rhythm. I like to think of nega wisp MKII as a cross between the egg emperor (The build), egg wizard (The chase sequence), time eater (with the crushing hands) Samus's armor (Appearance) and Egg Nega Wisp (The execution and defeat strategy)
  10. The theme in the master Zik trailer is in Zor's first boss fight also here is the rock remix of the deadly six Lava Mountain Zone boss rush. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5Sl9imSAmY&feature=player_detailpage
  11. Well after seeing giant mario and weather effects plus online super mario 3d world is exceeding my expectations here's the october trailer by the way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnInWnRCTKk&feature=player_embedded
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