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  1. Alright time for another one of my impression on my current status in the 3DS version


    Tropical Coast 2:

    I liked this level a lot in my initial test run of it. But the section were you had to defeat the badniks got annoying at the point where I had to destroy that ball with fireballs around it. Every time I would get hit by it and I would get pretty mad. Then I tried a kick somersault and the fire ball problem was solved. After that it made this level way more enjoyable to me and I like it a lot now.


    Tropical Coast 3:

    I have a love/hate relationship with this level. First off the Drill Wisp is not made for 3D gameplay. I would move up and it when down. It took and is still taking me a lot to get use to using it. That is my hate for the level. But I love the small sections were I can free roam around underwater in 3D. I don't know if the Wii U version give you that option. I love the Mach speed section over the tube of water and I really like but still have to get use to going up the whirlpool with the Drill Wisp.


    Tropical Coast Boss:

    Master Zik was to be honest a very interesting and sort of difficult boss. The control are a little tough here sense trying to move left stops you it your track when you are upside down. I liked that he had those fruits as a defense mechanism. Interesting that the Drill wisp can sort of give you an insta-kill.

    No underwater freedom in the Wii U, I know it sucks also the wisp one hit kill or less hit kills on bosses is a lot like colors with the bosses after beating them once.

  2. That's definitely a slowed down version of the final stage in sonic 06




    Top 10 best music from this game

    10. Tropical Coast Zone 2 & 4
    09. Lava Mountain Zone 3
    08. Deadly Six Zone 4 theme
    07. Frozen Factory Zone 2
    06. VS Eggman Lava Mountain Zone 4
    05. Tropical Coast Zone 3 & Lava Mountain Zone 2
    04. Windy Hill Zone 3 & Silent Forest Zone 3
    03. Desert Ruins Zone 1
    02. Sky Road Zone 1
    01. VS Zavok Sky Road Zone 4 & Lava Mountain Zone 3


    Top 10 Worst music from this game

    10. Sky Road Zone 4
    09. Tropical Coast Zone 1
    08. Desert Ruins Zone 4
    07. Silent Forest Zone 1
    06. DesSert Ruins Zone 3
    05. Frozen Factory Zone 3
    04. Silent Forest Zone 4
    03. Windy Hill Zone 4
    02. Deadly Six Zone 2 Theme
    01. Windy Hill Zone 1

  3. That's one thing lost world was missing dynamic weather effects I know they have a cool atmosphere with the haze in the distance in desert ruins 1 and lava mountain 3, frozen factory with the snowfall, windy hill with the leaves blowing but 3D world now has them too which was missing from 3D land also Rosalina is playable probably post game.

  4. Nega wisp armor 2.0 had the same laser attacks as nega wisp armor alpha except the colors version used laser and sped it up about three times in a rhythm.


    I like to think of nega wisp MKII as a cross between the egg emperor (The build), egg wizard (The chase sequence), time eater (with the crushing hands) Samus's armor (Appearance) and Egg Nega Wisp (The execution and defeat strategy)

  5. I'm only seeing a small minority of galaxy elements the rest was from SEGA's games such as super monkey ball with the rollercoaster rails on the snowball level heck the tube design is more from super monkey ball than galaxy since they were the first ones to create the flat ground in the sky with curves and pits but the spheres were from galaxy.

  6. I wanted to watch all the cutscenes in SLW again, so yesterday I deleted my save file on the Wii U (to think I lose all 140 red star rings collected and Super Sonic). 


    Just now I have again completed the game and I have obtained all 140 red star rings AGAIN!!! I am either awesome or insane? Or maybe both....


    I like the cutscene in Windy Hill where Tails explains about how good he is with a toothpick. We should have seen the plot twist coming when he reprogrammes the machinery...


    I like the cutscenes a lot even if a few are rather brief. Maybe I am being greedy but I want more cutscenes and for the story to go on longer as I was enjoying it so much. 


    Anyway time to take a break SLW (a really good Sonic game). Oh won't be deleting this new save file anytime soon tongue.png

    Just watch the cutscenes on youtube you could have saved yourself so many hours.

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