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  1. Aaron said ages ago that sonic and tails follow Eggman into lost hex after his last defeat of sonic generations and with Zazz being in world 1 Eggman seems to send Zazz against sonic who's being controlled by Eggman by following his orders since his Egg-mobile's right next to Zazz do you think a prologue cutscene will be there before windy hill since sonic must encounter Eggman at the start and he flees to the floating continent after you meet him at the beginning just like the intro in unleashed that's what I think, when sonic defeats zazz he regroups with the deadly six like the koopalings since you see him in desert ruins
  2. In that battle there seems to be a lot of badniks firing behind the deadly six since they can't be seen well but try to pause the footage right after zavok tells the six to make them suffer and there seems to be a barrage of shots behind zavok so not only is there 2 rows of badniks but a whole force behind the six look at GameExplain's latest analysis if you don't believe me
  3. Yeah that's it's cyan colored eyes
  4. I think in the 3DS trailer after the first trailer of sonic lost world the opening was exactly the same as the Wii U version I could be wrong though
  5. It looks like they give you three ways to proceed the straightfoward route is the normal route while the other two are to play around in or discover new parts of the level
  6. So the english version seems to be the more threatening one then
  7. Eggman can create them again since it's stated in unleashed with SA-55 Ergo until eggman created another robot called Orbot simillar to Ergo's design except with a different colour scheme along with cubot
  8. Calling it now: Zazz: The tricky one steals and moves things around Zavok: The strong one uses raw power and strength Zomom: The Hungry one eats food a lot Zeena: The Affectionate one loves herself and a bit of a bitch Zor: The Silent one, always quiet and quick on his feet Zik: The Wise one, Uses the environment to his advantage, conjures spells...
  9. Think of sonic's run mechanic like mario's run it may be simple to use but expect a lot of deaths which ups the challenge greatly
  10. Trailer thoughts: : Barren desert with giant worms and motobugs on a giant cylinder, wonder what's in that temple ahead. : 2D desert temple chase running up walls prince of persia style avoiding the giant worm. : Very Busy forest stage with old enemies and a new attack from dragonfly plus clucker shooting you in a minecart : crocodile chomping chaos on the rails. : Overall a good trailer...
  11. Eggman using the Six as a power source for his giant mech for the finale along with the chaos emeralds if they are part of the story
  12. He never said that in sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2, sonic advance 3, heroes, 06, chronicles until the conclusion, don't understand why he would say this now more likely Zor since Emos are not afraid to die I can see this character using guitars and rock music as his boss battle.
  13. Sonic and Mario tennis perhaps or a sonic/mario platforming game with sonic in mario's world and Mario in sonic's world with sonic facing bowser and his koopa army and Mario facing eggman and his badniks sorta like crash and spyro fusion only a lot better it could work would make a quality game...
  14. Wait wtf is this signature, adult phrases in a RPG blasphemy and a lady boner ha ha Staff Edit: A PM's been sent to the member about this.
  15. Tails a badass I wish he would say that but tails has never been that aggressive he's always been polite but knuckles will say that since he's hot headed and angry sometimes or eggman since being betrayed by the zeti, he wants to strangle them due to eggman's pissed off nature..
  16. zomom or sonic seems to say I'll get fat before I'll eat your black hearts before the fight or after the fight seems like a boss cutscene quote...
  17. Eggman seems to say strangle a zeti but I've never seen eggman like that before since Aaron said we get to see a new side of eggman which I like
  18. Eggman simmer down, It's no use give up, Blowing up prison island seems sinister, Causing humanity to become extinct by locking The ark on a collision course for earth, time becoming destroyed by two entities, chaos destroying a city full of people, dark gaia destroying the world and iblis destroying soleanna too, I could go on with sinister stories in sonic games so it's nothing new...
  19. There are parts which sonic team haven't revealed yet, The other 3 zones, The boss fights, The last zone won't be revealed until you play the game so it doesn't spoil our experience but the 2 other zones will probably be revealed sometime in mid august and september and the story itself we don't know what will happen, hopefully this is a story worthy than sonic generations and colours with interesting parts and not a lot of jokes everytime in cutscenes
  20. He just complains for the sake of complaining
  21. I don't get the hate about sonic lost world heck there is not one single sonic game that never ever gets criticized, it's funny when you think about it, when mario makes an okay or great game no one bats an eye but when a sonic game comes great or okay everybody loses their minds what gives....
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