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  1. It's funny how GTA V is no 1 in the UK list despite having fewer missions than san andreas
  2. It's easy run close to the wall but hold the run button and move diagonally so you are hugging the wall and jump by pressing right while holding the run button to jump to the red ring area and jump back to the other side once you reach a dead end press left and the jump button a few times and you can continue running across the wall
  3. I got crushed by a bumper in the casino zone whether it was intentional or I got hit by the lazers instead
  4. Yeah that first part isn't very fun at all when I was controlling the rocket wisp before but afterwards it kind of is.
  5. Shadow, he returned because of the fans I can see the same thing happening
  6. Love TCZ 3, FFZ 3, WHZ 3, DRZ 1 & SFZ 2's music so far since I'm still unlocking Zone 4 of silent forest with 3000 animals to get
  7. Favourite Line per deadly six: Zazz: 'What you gonna do if your world dies oh wait you're going to die too ha ha' Zavok: 'Well that was easy I almost felt guilty' Zor: Zik: 'If this is school then class is in session' Zeena 'Gotta go call me' Zomom 'Who you calling a fatty'
  8. The voices of the deadly Six are Zazz: Liam O brien Zomom Patrick Seitz Zik Shadow's generations VA Zeena Stephanie Sheh Zor: Sam Riegel Zavok: Knuckle's generations VA
  9. Here are my impressions on the bosses Zazz: He can be cheesed if you hit the moon quick enough I liked his comments everytime he got served but he is quite easy about 5 hits 6 hits on the mech moon. Zomom: His first fight was straightforward but the second one can be a bitch if you don't time the wall running carefully Zik: He dragged on by floating through the juice and using rocket every three times you hit him his second fight was easy never hit the shield once Zeena: Loved the boss fight with snowball vs snowman I had to find the correct one to hit zeena and rinse and repeat, second encounter I hate Ice physics here boss was quite challenging Zor: He was incredibly straightforward and slow haven't faced him the second time yet still unlocking the totem ruins stage overall this game can make you or break you, I Iike challenging games this is an example of one.
  10. Hence the phrase 'Never Judge a book by it's cover'
  11. I wonder if he'll have half a moustache for the rest of the games coming up
  12. The difference between sonic 06 & sonic lost world's story is the story is tolerable.
  13. Tails as a mech is something we haven't seen before
  14. Mine's being dispatched now hopefully I'll get it tomorrow morning.
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