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  1. Sorry but eggman looks weird with half a moustache.
  2. What happened to Zazz, Zomom, Zik and Zavok at the end?
  3. Maybe the TRUE final boss is unlocked after getting a lot of animals.
  4. Wait is the tornado in the credits or extra World.
  5. Why was the boss over quickly it's suppose to be the hardest.
  6. Eggman cheats death yet again for the boss finale also the boss was Nega Wisp MK II that sucks.
  7. Wait Zavok's fought again at the end of Lava Mountain Zone 4
  8. I guess this is the demise of the deadly six everyone was talking about.
  9. Finally this is more like it levels that require thought to beat, feel like an accomplishment after beating lava mountain Zone
  10. That's shit also rings seem to be sparse there too or am I wrong?
  11. I guess lava mountain is tearing him a new asshole also is act 2 all on rails or is there platforming involved?
  12. With what I'm seeing Lava Mountain is Eggmanland 2.0
  13. This game's story thrashes the previous ones already
  14. I guess the boss rush will make it up for the terribly easy boss fights.
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