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  1. Tropical Coast Zone 4 Silent Forest Zone 4 Silent Forest Zone 3 New 3DS screenshots Tropical Coast Zone 3 Frozen Factory Zone 3 Silent Forest Zone 2 Silent Forest Zone 1 Silent Forest Zone Boss Tropical Coast Zone Boss Windy Hill Zone 2
  2. http://www.tssznews.com/2013/10/07/1...u-screenshots/ That pic with the weird fish waterspouts with fruit and the soft drink falls that are cherry and orange. By the way the japanese site updated the zones. http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicLostWorld/...ts-wiiu-stage1 New pics with a new turtle badnik and a female snowman that follows you, both are in the 3DS version also zone 3 of tropical coast takes place fully underwater using drill wisp though.
  3. So it's three zones and that world's boss for each world, no extra zones in that world in sight.
  4. Frozen factory & Sky road are the only names that intrigue me.
  5. My unique names for the 7 stages. 1. Howling Grassland Zone 2. Desolate Desert Zone 3. Paradise Falls Zone 4. Diamond Archipelago Zone 5. Overgrown Jungle Zone 6. Altitude Sanctuary Zone 7. Molten Mayhem Zone
  6. Boss rush more likely kinda like XX-Zone from Sonic Advance 2.
  7. Wait that last pic he's using eagle upside down.
  8. The eighth Zone will either be an extra Zone after beating the game for the first time with no boss or a super sonic boss but once we play the game we'll find out.
  9. Here is the link to all the teasers all in one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LDNcoZJ3UVM
  10. I can see Eggman dishing revenge on Zavok for stealing his thunder.
  11. We've probably seen three Zones in that teaser, One inside scaling a lava factory, one underneath the lava in the same tube from TCZ 3 and the other on molten lava with no tubes to be seen hooray since nearly every Zone before this in 3D was on tubes, people will think why didn't they do this with the previous Zones too.
  12. Any other information on other deadly six members?
  13. Does that 2D yellow image remind anyone of Sky Fortress Zone
  14. I skipped a few parts in that leaked gameplay since the Lper was staying on the pause menu and in the hub world longer than he needed to be.
  15. Too bad metal sonic doesn't has his own sniper rifle but that would be too easy to defeat his copy wouldn't it
  16. Dream Curling(You know the one with Waluigi pushing a mii in a bunny costume down rapids in the latest trailer)That's Green hill zone from Sonic Generations.
  17. Windy Hill Zone 3's music has a bit of The End of The World music from 06 in there.
  18. Replace the narrator with batman or Bane's voice from The Dark Knight Rises or Lucius Fox.
  19. The 8th world will more likely be a space zone or lost hex turned into the new Death Egg or Lost Hex Bad Future, it would be cool seeing a gauntlet of the deadly six altogether.
  20. Blue spheres homage, Yes!!!! Also tails's lab looks different by the way and those small cactuses are more like obstacles than enemies.
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