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  1. Those giant snailblasters roll in sonic's path.
  2. Nothing is more worse than this boss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq3_h5s6-rA & This boss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_q02q1BoN1w
  3. That chase was fucking disturbing how he's behind you jumping over the springs, he reminded me of the twitcher in dead space 1 & 3
  4. I love the second Zazz encounter when you chase him into the bushes until a second later he's behind you and his twitchy jumps.
  5. Yeah he was slow with his attacks and didn't really pose much of a threat, I could of expected more from him.
  6. I've noticed at the start it's sunset with the sun going down then in the middle part of the zone it's midnight with the sun turned into the moon with Zazz on it and after hitting him enough times he flees and the sun comes out again, nice little transition there. The moon mimics Zazz's facial expressions and voice like a mask it seems.
  7. Too be fair genesis boss fights lasted a minute so yeah I should've expected this to happen.
  8. both encounters are way too short & easy.
  9. Wait is that 90 tracks altogether or per disc?
  10. Sorry but I can't take that Gadget seriously, if you wanna attract people put in a metal sonic RC that would be great
  11. I haven't got the second controller so it doesn't bother me.
  12. Where's mah Metal Sonic RC that would have been great.
  13. It'll be Op'd if used infinitely until the usage runs out.
  14. I can hear violins and oriental music in there.
  15. Silent forest zone 1 looks awfully a lot like mushroom hill zone with added bits to it even the second forest zone have those grass loops too.
  16. Wait zeena has two mechs one is the spinning mechanical snowman head while the other she seems to be standing on at the end of the snowball zone. FFZ2 wrecker ball 3DS version boss That snowman mech seems to be active, also it seems Zazz & Zomom are fought on planetary spheres along with Zik on a 2D sphere segment, Zeena & Zor on flat ground & Zavok a la sky chase battle with 2D and 3D segments, strange since Zeena & Zik are on planetary sphere's in the Wii U version. Also I found this, it seems to be Zazz's health bar in the 3DS version so they all must have health bars.
  17. Here's a sharp video of frozen factory & silent forest with 18 minutes of gameplay. http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/video/35497
  18. Here's the English version of the japanese deadly six trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g20TjAcIymQ#t=89 That 'Go to hell blue creature' quote in the japanese trailer has been changed to 'stinkin hedgehog' in the english version
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