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  1. I've never understood why GF seem so bad at making games look good and so reluctant to really shake up the formula (like doing a different battle system just once...). It's like they became lost and confused when upgrading from pixels. Much as I love DP, this is just lazy and I'm really nervous about how much additional content we're getting, assuming there's any in the first place. I mean, the Legends game looks like we're going in the right direction, but it still doesn't look as nice as BOTW and it only just looks a bit better than SwSh.
  2. lol I completely forgot what an utter light in the dark Return to Angel Island was. Everything directly before and after it were such rubbish. Back when it was releasing you'd think it was some sudden upshift in quality that was here to stay and not some false dawn...
  3. Kinda gutted really. I must admit, hearing his voice the first time was a bit of surprise from how different to everyone before, but in the end it grew on me. On one hand I was aware Sega might pull this kind of move, but then again Roger's been doing for so long, I simply thought he'd keep doing it for a good while more. I sure am going to miss that enthusiastic energy and comedic charm he put into it. Stuff like his work on Boom was hilarious. It just feels like such an end of an era and I genuinely thought Sega were past this whole recasting cycle malarkey. Should've known better.
  4. Been playing Lost World for the first time and I'd honestly say this is the best platforming in the 3D era in terms of control and accuracy.  The parkour system feels like a godsend at times.  No idea why critics were so harsh on it.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I'd think its because its the only Sonic game with a dedicated run button which feels like it should go against Sonic's design


    2. QuantumEdge


      I kinda appreciated the run button really.  Gives an extra layer of control that I like.  As a result though this plays unlike any other Sonic game I've played.  I will say some of the level ideas don't always work.  The floating in the air once didn't do it for me.

  5. Man it's been a while since someone came on here to give us this good a laugh

    And also make Zaysho partially nocturnal at this rate.

  6. I finally started reading the Dragon Ball manga for the first time and right off the bat I can see why it took off so well.  Goku and Bulma have the kind of great comedy dynamic that's not easy to find.  Also Toriyama has exquisite taste in cars with that Renault 5 Turbo appearance

  7. Got a chance to play Sunshine for the first time.  Maybe I'm just finding Switch controls a bit alien, but has anyone else found to game to have too many controls?  I just struggled completely to familiarise myself with what does what

  8. Has anyone else had a Windows update that screws up their computer's screen resolution?

  9. I would give to see a co-op Doom Eternal sequel just for the obvious title choice of "Doom & Gloom".

  10. Gotta be honest, I'm a bit disappointed with Doom Eternal's story.  I get how "gameplay first, story later" is the very nature of a Doom game, but it just doesn't feel as satisfying, or gripping as Doom 4's.  They introduce a tonne of lore, yet it feels kind of shallow and a bit overblown.  Also, I really don't know why they totally shafted Hayden this time, despite being the most fascinating character here.  Game looks a hoot to play, but this story just looks messy as hell.

  11. Ah, dammit, the moment I finally jump aboard the Dragon Ball Z abridged train, I find out it's cancelled.  Don't get me wrong, where they ended it was great, but it would've been terrific seeing the Buu saga, seeing how most of my childhood memories of the show come from there.

  12. I've been playing FF7 for the first time and almost immediately I'm left wishing this was some personal childhood staple.  I know a lot of people these days retrospectively put FF6 as the better game, but TBH, 7 just tugs at the emotions more.

  13. Am I the only one who thinks a lot of them don't even look much like Pokémon? I mean art style wise. There's some I'd find more believable to be from some other series. It just doesn't feel the same as before. My only guess is because Ken Sugimori's not quite as involved with this one.
  14. Actually I think the word on the street is that they have no secondary typing (bizarrely).
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