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  1. A bit disappointed the dark/psychic Girafarig wasn't to be, but I have to admit, Morpeko is a gem.
  2. Lines up perfectly with a recent rumour that said news would drop on the 7th-
  3. I can't believe Infinity Train's already premiered and I haven't seen it yet.  Bit bummed to hear it's a mini-series though...

    1. SupahBerry


      If it's anything like Over the Garden Wall, than I say it can manage just fine.


      It's the most any epic adventure cartoons can manage anymore in a post-TTG world.


    2. QuantumEdge


      That's true.  I just get the feeling that this going to be a "It was so good, why can't there be more!?" kind of show.

  4. Read the issue and yeah, the twist is a little forced. It's not egregious or anything, just lacking in natural flow. Good news is Omega's an excellent addition as always, Shadow drives a freaking semi and the art's pretty good (if a little off briefly). Sadly, Shadow himself doesn't really interest me. He's just too arrogant and unlikeable. It's an issue I've had since the Archie reboot and it only makes me long for the days when, for once, he was humble enough to be as close a friend to Sonic as you could realistically imagine him to be.
  5. Going through the Ty games again is like a breath of fresh nostalgia.  It's especially good with how brilliant the Steam port is in adding the extra polish.

  6. Still don't like how GF are continuing this cycle of these once a generation gimmicks that don't really add anything that major. It's not helped by the fact that, judging from the graphical ability, the animations and the PokeDex fiasco, the developers might very well be suffering from a complete lack of creative interest. Mark my words, when that Town game releases, we'll probably find it to have much more creative flourish and genuine effort put in than with SwSh. That being said, I do love a couple of the new Pokémon. Duralodon reminds me of my forever homeboy, Gigalith and Rolycoly is just beautiful set up for a steam train. And here I was, worrying this generation would visually suffer for the lack of goo designs and Ken Sugimori (I'm pretty certain he's at least distanced himself from the series?).
  7. To put it shortly then, this is going to be an utter boss of a game. I mean, the hub alone makes it sound like a must have. From what's being described it feels like TT Games have finally decided to stop playing safe and properly upgrade these games. Besides, chances are a lot of people buying this game are going to be adults too.
  8. I know it was always going to be a long shot, but I sure wished Nintendo announced a Xenoblade X sequel.  I fell in love with the first and that cliffhanger is still bugging me.

  9. Either way, they're clearly aiming for ReDead, Gohma in OOT, moon with an eyesore face levels of creepy here just from the trailer. Frankly, it's about time they leaned back into that aspect of the series.
  10. I swear, Nintendo was wanting to make gifs and memes with DK, Didy and K. Rool's reactions.

  11. They are now making it so, excruciatingly hard for me not go out there and buy a Switch... This tiny teaser alone made Nintendo dominate E3 this year. If this makes itself the Majora to BOTW's Ocarina, then this could be the mother of all sequels.
  12. Nintendo did not just win.  It annihilated everyone, becoming a black hole from which no hype can escape.  

  13. To be honest, I'd have been more hyped for a third season of The Looney Tunes Show. That stuff was rad.
  14. I was weirdly engrossed with the last one's story, so seeing Hayden hung up and maybe Heaven's(?) appearance makes me more than a bit curious. Oh, and the gameplay looks pretty slick too
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