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  1. Am I the only one who thinks a lot of them don't even look much like Pokémon? I mean art style wise. There's some I'd find more believable to be from some other series. It just doesn't feel the same as before. My only guess is because Ken Sugimori's not quite as involved with this one.
  2. Actually I think the word on the street is that they have no secondary typing (bizarrely).
  3. Yes to Raboot, no to Cinderace. Doesn't really look much like a Pokémon. This is probably the first time since Gen 5 where the final starter evos all disappointed me.
  4. Much as I find myself not that keen on the Gen 8 stuff (artistically it feels very disconnected from past gens) I have to admit it carries over Gen 7's habit of making some killer bug types.
  5. The Rolycoly line is such a brutal disappointment. Plus it has no design consistency. Guess the locomotive Pokémon dream will have to wait.
  6. This guy's not the source, but he's got all the images https://twitter.com/leakspokemon?lang=en
  7. With Sobble's second evo, I was so ready to root for it, but then that final just had to drop the ball. Grookey's is better than I thought, but I'm still holding out hope Scorbunny's got the goods. The Galarian Meowth is just something else though...
  8. It's a step in a better direction than when he debuted here anyway.
  9. A load of overly edgy nonsense. This films falls into the same pitfalls as Suicide Squad. It's trying WAY too hard to be what it wants to be. Kinda hard to believe Harley started out once upon a time as an endearing comedic villain/anti-hero and not some super irritating Deadpool archetype.
  10. @Heckboy what's got better lore.  Earthbound or Undertale?  

    1. Heckboy



    2. QuantumEdge


      Does F-Zero get any leeway in this contest?

    3. TCB


      kirby is the only acceptable answer

    4. Heckboy


      no f-zero, kirby is the only lore

    5. QuantumEdge


      I actually checked the Kirby wiki.  I never expected to find a page for Whispy Woods to be so long.

  11. Just from the blurry image alone they look fantastically striking. They look so... alien for Pokémon. Brings me some hope they're keeping the Ultra Beast idea around some more.
  12. Well I will admit, I've only gotten past the first 20 episodes of the XY series, so I don't have the firmest opinion on Bonnie. However in those episodes alone she's easily surpassed Max without question. I sort of expected Lana to stand out the most, but again I've hardly seen much of the SM series. The true sadness is that as you get older, watching Pokémon becomes that extra bit harder.
  13. I haven't seen the whole of XY, but I really find it hard to believe Bonnie was the best. I'd give that mantle more to May, or Misty. One's quite relatable and features some of the show's best character development, the other provided some of the show's more humorous banter and temperamental dynamic with Ash.
  14. How about not using him at all? A Sonic film is sort of supposed to appeal to children. We don't want to frighten the crap out of them. Also, we could just have Metal Sonic and call it a day.
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