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  1. Bit late, I know, but I finally got a few votes ready in my spare time Sonic Heroes
  2. The optimistic side of me yearns for it to be real, but I'm way too wary to get my hopes up. Until we get something to confirm this a little more, then I'm calling it fake, though a damn good fake I must say.
  3. A part of me thinks differently and that it might be the DP remakes, or even a sort of SM port. I mean if they're releasing next Christmas, then that means 7 will have lasted just two years. I know it would explain why the Ultra versions are releasing so soon, but I feel doubtful they'd be so quick to make that big a decision.
  4. I'm finding it almost chuckle worthy that the main hero of Xeno 2 has a northern accent mostly because I've never seen an anime type character have such a voice :P

    1. LovieHats


      Black Butler has characters with british accents

    2. QuantumEdge


      Haven't played that one, or seen it for that matter XD

  5. Ah, um, well, I guess I'm confident in one thing about this... thing: we've finally gotten a Sonic game that out fanfics the Shadow the Hedgehog game. All we can hope for now is for it to be so ridiculously stupid it's bafflingly entertaining.
  6. Wow, in spite of its issues, I'd still say this beat the crud out of Sony and Microsoft's offerings this time. My mind endlessly ponders what a Switch Pokémon game is going to be like and a Prime 4 just doesn't feel real. I mean, did that just seriously happen? Oh, and that Mario trailer was a ball as well. I'm so glad they kept the jazzy sound from 3D World.
  7. Overwatch port, then? Unless it's something all new that is.
  8. Hard to say. One idea is that there's a winter theme of some sort and as for Green Lantern, well... I'm a little stumped on that. Metroid does come to mind, since GL has a couple parallels with it (kinda) such as being set in space and Samus being a galaxy protector herself. It's all very broad really.
  9. Really impressed with Ubi this time. Kingdom Battle genuinely looks pretty solid and charming, Starlink is right the hell up my street and I love The Crew 2 already. Wonder if Sony can step it up.
  10. Yyyyyeah, Forces is really suffering from some serious multiple personality disorder.  The whole thing seems a total hodge-podge

    1. Indigo Rush
    2. QuantumEdge


      Makes for more fitting title than Forces :P

    3. A cool hedgehog engine

      A cool hedgehog engine

      So would this be a fitting picture?


    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      that's the thing that Bubsy collects so yeah kinda

    5. Mister X

      Mister X

      but did you see how many Death Egg Robots there were?

      there were a lot of Death Egg Robots.

  11. Because by holiday, you'd think Nintendo would be able to cope with such demand? At the end of the day, Nintendo wants to be keeping the Switch gravy train rolling and a Pokémon game (at least a cross platform Pokémon game) would do the job perfectly in selling systems. I can get why the 3DS is still a viable option to release for, but I feel as though they could potentially have their cake and eat it too.
  12. I'm not too surprised they went with the third version splitting, but what I am surprised at is how these games aren't going to Switch and instead hoist up the rickety, old tent that is the 3DS. Nintendo is aware of the mint they could make if they did that, right? Still, hoping we get a couple more critters and Alolan forms and some concrete details on UBs. Can't say I'm stoked Necrozma's big gimmick is nothing more than providing Solgaleo and Lunala with DLC armour no matter how awesome (and rampant with Digimon overtones) they may look.
  13. I really wonder why the hell Ubisoft didn't put him in. The Rabbids did spin off of his series, so it's not like him being there as well would seem too out of place (I mean, for god's sake, the whole game is supposed to be out of place). Maybe he can have a Marvel-esque post credits scene, or something and save him up for the possible sequel.
  14. This game just oozes the sort of Willy Wonka type "So nuts, it actually works" feel that mostly decent, self aware fanfiction can achieve. I'm not even a Switch owner and I'm already rooting for it.
  15. Y'know I can't help but think Sega might have made a more certainly positive move if they went the extra step and made a level maker instead.