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  1. Wow it's been forever... Had a break without much art for a while, going back to it. Starting with this: A set of badges I finished this week in order to sell them at con, next week. Yeah I'm aware Amy's missing her eyeslashes, but it's too late, as they're already submitted to be made. That's what you get rushing to get it done at 3am on a weekday. Enjoy! oh and for those interested SONIC SPEED is available to buy online http://sonic-speed-fanzine.blogspot.com.es/ Still, it's in spanish only, but you can find a Megaman artbook there which is actually billingual. Check it out and see if there's something to you liking.
  2. Finally after months of work, it's finished: Here I present to you SONIC SPEED, a non-profit spanish fanzine/doujinshi featuring comics and illustrations from me and 17 other artists based on Sonic The Hedgehog. It will be sold at the con "Salón del Manga" of Barcelona in Spain next week, from 31st october to 4th november. While it's initially intended only for Spain, don't hesitate to show your interest; if there's any leftover copies we'll probably sell them and, we might consider doing future releases in english if there's enough popular demmand outside Spain. You'll find more details here: DA group: http://sonic-speed-fanzine.deviantart.com/ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SONIC-SPEED/629302663749860 Blogspot: http://sonic-speed-fanzine.blogspot.com.es/
  3. FOUND YOU (getting distracted with creepypastas while working on other projects, that's why I'm so inactive. I realize I haven't really had a look around other threads, hope to change once I'm clear of work)
  4. Exactly this. If it's beyond November, I'm definitely in, but if it's any earlier I'd have to consider, as I have another important project on the works, and I must evaluate if I could pull it off with that and work getting in the way. But I'd really like to if I'm given the chance. Loved quite a bit of last year's album, and I'd like to contribute in some way (music's definitely not my matter of expertise).
  5. Ok, this is really old but at least it's something more polished (kind of rare in me nowadays) to make up for it . Sketches from when I beat Twilight Princess back in the day, yet decided to color them one whole year later. This was not long until I took a break from drawing for a few years, so there's not been much of a hell of an improvement from those days.
  6. I think audio mixing problems might have been a constant through all the day; for example, I reawatched the MegaDrive band concert on the livestream for the parts I missed, but when I got to the part when I did make it to it, it definitely sounds different than when physically there. The guitar's very muffled and barely audible at some points, and the bass fluctuated in loudness. I'm just speaking from ignorance here, but this could explain it.
  7. Finally got a good bit of rest after my trip back home. Man, was it worth it. It's a shame that I missed parts of the MegaDrive Band set and the Q&A sessions due to signing queues (which were insane), but still loved loved every single minute of it. Come on, man, don't beat yourself over it, that was a legendary moment right there. Never thought I'd see the day where I would see a YTP Music video performed live, and awesomely done, to be honest. Also, that picture, that picture....
  8. I'm sure that in a Sonic board, other people probably have talked about it, but I'll never get tired of saying: Sonic 3D Blast MD is *very* overlooked. While it a slightly different style to the main MD Sonic games, I tink it actually rivals with the big ones practically on the same level. Definitely, this the game where Tatsuyuki Maeda shined the most. A shame he doesn't get to work on music anymore at Wave Master.
  9. Thanks, glad ya like it. Ahh the hands, yes. I think I always tend to draw to draw them with more human-like proportions, and tend to be smaller than they should be. Thanks for pointing out. However I don't think I'll be coloring them, as they're just that practice, don't think they are that worthy. Who knows, but sorry, don't count too much on it. Time for some old stuff. From last year, some random sketches; can't go without some Disgaea in one place or another.. Very old, and probably the only "semi-decent" complete Sonic related picture I have.
  10. So... I've been drawing random crap for 13 years more or less, kind of irregularly with some breaks inbetween (up to years). I'm recently trying to get back into the groove, specially on Sonic art, and finally get the ball rolling on a project of mine, so I thought that what a better place to post this than here. Here are some random sketches I just drew today for practice. I don't really draw Sonic art nowhere as much as I did, but I need to tighten it up. So feel free to give suggestions, any helo will be appreciated.
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