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  1. So, last year I bought a PCB of SEGASonic Arcade on eBay. Following the advice of the seller, I contacted someone who made superguns, but after one reply I never heard from him again. Now, with Sonic's 25th anniversary incoming, I've realized I'm running out of time to get this thing playable. While I did buy this thing primarily because it's the only Sonic game I haven't played (and had no means of playing legitimately with the proper controls), my intention was to use it to write some content for TSS this year, as well as hopefully bringing it to any potential public events during the anniversary. So, I'm turning to you guys! I'm looking for someone who's trustworthy you can put together something that'll make this PCB playable. Preferably something somewhat portable, like a supergun, but I'll take pretty much anything. Yes, I want to PAY someone for this, I'm not looking for someone to just offer up their expertise for free (though if you insist on free cuz yer awesome, I won't argue). Ideally, I'd like for it to be done in time for any anniversary events or articles this summer.
  2. I have not typed in this thing in a long time, it seems.

  3. Sonic Chronicles isn't a cannon, it is a game. A game that does not take place in the same canon as any of the other games.
  4. ....can the US military stop relying on Microsoft Windows, now?
  5. I've been following these reports for years, and while they can sometimes be off by a few SKUs, by and large they are accurate, and YES, they are by region. I've been through this, expecting a large number of titles on other platforms, and I was wrong. That will be the case this year as well. http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/3DS/Sega+news/news.asp?c=40898 I don't remember seeing 8 Vita titles at E3 last year.
  6. Alright guys, lets keep the chatter to a minimum. This thread is for questions, and conversation will make it more difficult for us to pick out the questions.
  7. Which is why I stated pretty clearly that I'm a democrat, and that this would be from my perspective AS a democrat. I wasn't really trying to make an argument for voting democrats, per se. i If I was I would have facted checked, done research, and posted graphs and charts, I would have taken a look at the Republican perspective and evaluated it, and I would have presented a much more measured arguement. But that wasn't my goal. My point was that the two parties are different. If you disagree with what many democrats want to do and what democrats have proposed, fine. But don't pretend that they are the same party and you don't have a choice. That was my basic point to this commenter, and that was my point in posting it here. If you understand that the two parties are very different, that post was NOT meant for you. I don't agree with all of Obama's foreign policy, personally. I don't agree with the drone strikes, nor the killing of Americans abroad. At the same time, he's probably had more success in this area then any other because he doesn't need to deal with Congress.
  8. I wrote this in reply to some old comment that'll probably never get read. A word of warning, I'm a democrat and this is from my perspective (though it's all based on fact, though I haven't bothered to fact check every detail). My point? THERE IS a difference between the parties and the candidates. They are NOT the same. VOTE
  9. A reboot is the last thing the comic needs right now. There are lots of subplots going, lots of things that still need to be written and developments that can happen. And really, what would the purpose of a reboot be? To be more like the games? It's already as close to the games as it needs to be. Ian went out of his way in his early years to make the comics more like the games. Archie Sonic's continuity has been around almost as long as Sonic has, and unlike the games it's actually kept one consistent, solid continuity throughout. We're also far enough away from the comic's dark period and it's older stories that most of the issues with those stories aren't much of a burden on the current plot. Not to mention, any reboot would need to have original characters to work. Ian has stated time and time again that SEGA mandates wouldn't allow for serious character development in any of the video game characters. Any changes made to them would be temporary, and the comics wouldn't be able to grow and evolve as they've been able to in the current continuity. There'd HAVE to be original characters, so why not stick with the ones we already got? Or if you hate them, replace them with new ones in that continuity? The only thing I would ever be in favor of is a retelling of the comic's earlier stories. Sort of a "Sonic: Year One". Retell the first fifty issues with the current writing style and tone, fix inconsistencies, etc. This is something done with comic book characters to update their origin story for modern times. It could work with Sonic, and would be a much better way of "retelling" them.
  10. Anyway, changed the front page news story to reflect what I read here and provide a brief summary to show people just how OLD the demo these people are playing is. Hopefully people simmer down now.
  11. Hahah, right Tristan. That podcast you stole. I'm sure that'll go over well.
  12. The purpose of a union is to protect the pay of its participants. No one can take below a certain pay. That's why when unions go on strike for better wages, people who go to work and take the lower wages, thus hurting the union's cause are called "scabs". So as long as he's a part of the union, he likely wouldn't have been able to take SEGA's price. Still, its his choice to be a part of that union, and its a good choice as it ensures he only gets work for the pay he wants. It simply meant he was too expensive for SEGA.
  13. I don't really see how Ryan was "screwed" on the way back. Going by what he said, he was too expensive to hire. Simple as that. Roger Craig Smith clearly had no issue with that very same deal, and he gets loads of work to. SEGA was interested in hiring him back, the deal wasn't good enough for him. This sort of thing happens all the time in the acting business, doesn't make either side "bad".
  14. Wii and DSi don't save credit cards, and they don't have accounts. An advantage of being behind the times I guess.
  15. ADHD has nothing to do with this. As someone who had it before it was cool, I can attest that a mere diagonisis of ADHD doesn't suddenly let you act like an animal at school. It stands for "attention deficit disorder". It means I simply have difficulties paying attention in class, and simply entailed me to things like a note taker, taking stuff like ritalin, and access to special classes for certain subjects. An overdiagnosis of ADHD has nothing to do with this kid. This kid has something else entirely. If he has anything at all.
  16. Nicole can die same as any other machine can. Destroy New Mobo, you can destroy her. Especially if she can't copy herself onto something else in time.
  17. lol, it's a wonderful sign. Ian has done a LOT to inject game canon and characters into the series, at times at the expense of what Archie fans wanted. Fact of the matter is the Archie Sonic series has been very different since day one so there is only so much that can be done to make it more like the games. And there are plenty more people who hate the comics because every single thing isn't exactly like it is in the games so....yeah, some people are just closed minded for close minded sake This is being built from the ground up and it's supposed to follow the storyline in the games fairly closely, treating each game as a story arc, with an original arc in between each one.
  18. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/09/westboro-baptist-church-arizona_n_806319.html
  19. The reason why the Mario OVA isn't compared is because that didn't see a worldwide release. Everyone says it's better, but has it even seen a genuine english dub? I haven't been able to find one.
  20. nuckles87


    They care because Tangled is the single most expensive animated film ever produced. It's been a huge hit worldwide and it STILL hasn't broken even. Disney needed this to have widespread, marketable appeal, and I'm sure that when Princess and the Frog, a very similar movie, only barely broke 100 million, Disney was scared shitless that Tangled was going to get a similar reception and lose them hundreds of millions of dollars. Marketing it as if it's one of the more popular movies out there was a smart move on Disney's part, and it's paid out for them. Frankly, I'm okay with it. Sure, I didn't even know it was a musical until a few days before I actually saw it, and I almost skipped out on it because of that, but regardless it has allowed a classic Disney to, for the first time in awhile, do REALLY well at the box office. It's out doing Harry Potter!
  21. lol, oh Ron Lim, that guy could not draw Sonic to save his life.... I assure you the comic gets back to serious stories by #123. Honestly you're in what I like to call the dark era of the comic book, which lasted till around #160 when Ian took over. I stopped reading TWICE during these issues. Ron Lim's horrible art played a major part in that, but the new "three story an issue" format and some of the absolutely horrid writing on display around this point in the comic's life span kept me away. That being said your still in for some pretty decent stories. I rather liked the immediate after math of #125, and you're in for a treat with Return to Angel Island. All I've gotta say is that there is an artist called Dubs that you may have to get used to. His style us great, but VERY cartoony, and didn't really match the story of his debut issue (#135).
  22. I honestly found the first issue of this arc rather dissapointing, but at this point I'm really enjoying the sheer chaos of all that's going on. All of the characters personalities are on full display here, and Omega is actually...kinda awesome. Not drab and boring like he was in the gaames.
  23. You could try talking about it here. I mean, you ARE a long term member here!
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