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  1. Exactly. These impressions give me what reviews don't usually provide. By nature reviews have to be more general, but impressions can be more detailed and point out exactly what works and what doesn't. It's more helpful.
  2. Right. That guy. So right now critical reception varies like hell.
  3. Well, this IS a different direction, from a certain point of view.
  4. I read the comments on the GamesRadar speed run, and apparently the guy who made the video (Justin Towell) had a really impressive-looking and skilful route worked out, but it was short of an S-rank, so he used that run instead. I'm kinda hoping that's not always gonna be the case. Also, it apparently took three hours of playtime to find an optimal route. Justin Towell is one of the more insightful reviewers I've read when it comes to Sonic game, so I think we can expect a nice, in-depth review from him.
  5. OK, that spindash is a little ridiculous. it just seems to keep going for miles. Difference in design approach, I know, but holy balls.
  6. FINALLY, someone goes left on Windy Hill. I'm actually really happy about that too. And in both gameplay videos I've seen, they had no trouble using the laser wisp. Hope that's a sign it's been fixed.
  7. I guess it just feels better to have a definite goal level-wise. I know it's just a game and all , but I sometimes wonder why I need to get to point B, especially when point B ends up being the ass-end of nowhere. In Generations' Modern Chemical Plant level for example, you end up on a rooftop somewhere, but why do you need to get there in particular? Especially since the cutscene is set somewhere else? It's a question that some Sonic levels don't really answer. But how about that Lost World, huh?
  8. In a few scattered levels. I got this feeling the most from Unleashed. Nice job running to the other side of Spagonia, Sonic, but I'm not sure what good that did exactly. I don't want to derail, just a feeling I've had.
  9. One random thing: I'm glad that they're reintroducing Flickie prison canisters in this game. I sometimes get the feeling playing some modern Sonic games (and quite a few platforming games, really) that there really isn't much of a point to going through the levels. You might touch a goal ring at the end, but what exactly does that accomplish? You got from point A to a pre-defined point B and...what? What exactly did running though this cityscape achieve? How does 'getting there' get you closer to beating Eggman? It's quite nice to have a definite objective to achieve to at the end of a level, and freeing little animals is as good as anything. It definitely gives Sonic a motivation.
  10. The designer in question was homing-attacked out the window.
  11. Chill guys, Aaron said on Twitter that the date was a mistake.
  12. Yeah, I like that fanart. It looks close to how I imagine they'll look.
  13. I think Sega would rather forget Silver for the moment.
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