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  1. Signal boosting:

    1. Komodin


      ... Son of a bitch. They're never gonna let this go, huh?

    2. RosaRosaRosalina



  2. Hey kids! Remember SOPA and PIPA? Those bills, that if passed, would really screw up the internet? Well, it's BACK! And not only more secretive, but even worse than ever before: Please help spread awareness of this to as many as you can, as this will very much fuck everybody if passed.
  3. I think this the first time I will ever actively advocate for a game to be censored, because the "My Room/Amii" feature of this game was blatantly included just for Japan and it's probable upping in sales. I have no doubt this is gonna get nuked when it comes out for the rest of the world, and I seriously be won't miffed by that one bit.
  4. This video perfectly cements my feelings towards this whole conference. Maybe not literally as much, but pretty close:
  5. Thing is, they can't say the Wii U is a legacy system because it's their Home console. It may be their worst selling, but that doesn't change the fact that if they were to announce that, everyone who owns their systems would be beyond pissed knowing they bought something last year or this year that's gonna have minimal support. Nintendo cannot afford that, even in the state they're in.
  6. Look man, I'm not usually the type to get gloomy over things, or spell out doom saying for that matter, but you gotta understand that it doesn't matter how good the Treehouse is if the conference beforehand was just utterly lackluster. People will not give a damn how the game plays if it failed to impress, and as such, they're probably not gonna have second thoughts in looking it up on the Treehouse. It's not just disappointment, it's failing to want to give people the attention and reason to buy their consoles.
  7. You wanna know the worst thing about this conference being lackluster? People might say E3 2008 is arguably still the worst nintendo conference, but atleast the Wii was hitting it big time. To have this happen with the Wii U just when it was hitting a good stride in the general eyes of the populace is probably the worst-case scenario that could've happened today. The Wii U was never gonna suddenly sell gangbusters towards the rest of this year and the next, but at least a good press conference would've kept it's good striding position. But now? It's gone. Both it and probably the 3DS. I fully expect whatever the NX may be to come Holiday 2016 now. Nintendo has left very bad taste in a lot of people's mouths from what they showed today and HOW they showed it (with a few exceptions). This has put them in a position where their going to have take very serious and drastic measures to have people gain interest in them back again in what ever they have planned for their future, because if not, they are going to fall even harder than ever before, and that's going to leave the NX as perpetual dead weight. I know that quite the pessimistic outlook on things currently, but Nintendo could really, REALLY not have afford mess up at this E3, especially considering how great last year's was.
  8. I'm half-expecting Nintendo to announce a goddamn Pokemon MMO with all these dreams being realized.

  9. There was also a bug that got patched involving being able to basically get free rerolls on abilities at level 20 due to Judd giving you cash after going to Spyke for said rerolls.
  10. Guys it's bakc up!

  11. Man, this sucks. All previous Testfires ran smooth as butter with next to no connection errors.

  12. So I'm watching Eurovision for the first time... I have no idea what's going on, but it is very entertaining.

  13. If there was ever one food combination that I'll never understand why people would even mix together, it would be rice with ketchup thrown at the top. That legitimately makes me gag.

    1. Nepenthe


      Scrambled eggs with jelly is my gag-inducing mix.

    2. Nepenthe


      That and ranch dressing on pizza. A fucking abomination.

    3. Motwera


      Well, for me, it would make the Rice taste much better, with the other things added to it :P

    4. DBZHedgy


      dude white rice with ketchup is da bomb!

  14. So for those not in the know, Stretchmo, a new entry in the Pushmo/Pullbox series, just got a stealth release. It's free to download, giving you a taste of the game with 7 puzzles, while the rest of them need to be bought, either separately for each pass ($14), or in a bundle ($10). Beating all four unlock a fifth world for free.

  15. I am dead, and this is the culprit
  16. Oh look, ACTUAL, and important, gaming journalism:

  17. I wonder why Kirby's Crash ability got a Pope hat when they finally gave said ability one. http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/kirby/images/c/c2/KRTDL_Crash.png/revision/latest?cb=20111013104759&path-prefix=en

    1. Diogenes


      organized religion destroys everything it touches, obviously

    2. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Because Kirby is the Second Coming of Jesus and he calls upon the Lord Almighty to smite the unholy, the deceivers, the sinners.

  18. Well, that's because they actually tend to show gameplay of their games first and foremost, rather than just a cinematic and none of it. Heck, even when they do cinematics, they transition straight to gameplay.
  19. Hey guys, it's Lucina's birthday! What are you gonna give her as a present?

    1. Klinsy
    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


    3. Solkia


      robin's dick

    4. RosaRosaRosalina


      ...I don't know her too well to warrant her a gift.

      But happy birthday to her, and may more follow.

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