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  1. Uuhhh


    Ok I know some folks are saying that not everything Trump has done is bad and has done some good however with stuff like building the wall and this....yeah the negative outweighs the positive

    1. Speederino


      I am still and always will be completely baffled on how anyone thought electing this man was a good idea.

    2. KHCast


      And people say America isn't a "Christian centered country" smh

    3. Dejimon11


      Because his opponent was Clinton and if we're going to be completely honest her campaign wasn't that great so this whole election felt like an SNL skit

    4. KHCast


      It was certainly more professional and competent compared to Trumo, so it still stands it's amazing how people were duped into buying his shit

    5. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      he needs to go

      all of them

      this is not what our nation is about

    6. Speederino


      @KHCast  Fffft, because what's electing an egotistical megalomaniac compared to someone who used a private e-mail server? We totally dodged a bullet, bro.

    7. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      still amazes me, even beyond policy, how anyone could watch trump attempt to construct a sentence and think "yep that guy's totally in a healthy mental state."

    8. kirby1up


      I'm still wondering why there isn't some rebellion group preparing for a civil war. with all the "trump will destory our country" talk that keeps showing up for the last year or so you'd assume there would be at least be a single tomato thrown at the guy at this point.

    9. Speederino


      I honestly do feel like we're on the verge of SOMETHING major here. I don't know what exactly, but we're only a week in and it's been absolute chaos. There's no way all of this is going to just simmer down and go away.

    10. Ferno


      this presidency is kinda unprecedented, so it's only natural to assume that unprecedented consequences and other outcomes will occur within the next few years at the latest. I'm having a lot of trouble believing that things will "go back to normal" after the next 4 years are over

    11. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      > Priority for Christians

      I see where this is going and I am baffled people (Christians) are eating this up. It's going to be their own flipping undoing, too

      I can't believe how short sighted these guys are... There is no politically beneficial reason for a statement like this other than to instigate. Not. A. One.

    12. AxelPrime


      This shit is going to be awful because the refugees won't have anywhere else to go and so their only option is to join ISIS or other Terrorist groups. This will only lead to more chaos in the Middle East which may bring us into another Iraq War situation.

      Also I can't help but feel that because of all this, it will only help justify Trump's plan to grab the rest of the oil in the Middle East.


    13. Ryannumber1gamer


      I'm saying this as a christian. 

      But why would people be buying this up? Did everyone suddenly forget that one of God's teachings is to love everyone equally? Or one of the Church's teachings, I.E while you might not agree with other religions, you should be tolerating them as they are still your fellow man?

      Honestly, I can't believe Christians are actively praising something going against their own teachings. 

    14. Ferno


      maybe they stopped caring about space travel in the last century because they knew if we all got too good at it that people feeling trapped on planet earth would have an option to leave

    15. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      too many christians have sold out jesus for the cult of trump

      but the worst ones are the ones who know this shit's wrong, but don't care because they're registered republicans, and hey, the team's winning, right?

    16. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      I feel like we're going to end up turning into a modern version of Columbia from Bioshock Infinite if this path keeps going like this...

    17. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Ryannumber1gamer: because for some reason "retaining the Christian heritage" for the sake of cultural influence is more important than actually following the teachings they should be following in the first place at this point, for whatever reason. There are some things like abortion that are based on actually fighting for common human decency based on what they believe in, and it's complicated, but fighting and kicking up a fuss about stuff like lbgt rights/marriage, taking religion out of schools, Muslims overall, and how "religious" a political party is in the first place and the one that is can only ever be the correct path, no matter what they do... Yeah.


      And ironically, it's mostly done out of a fear that they'll eventually be discriminated against/criminalized/loose swaying power for the Bible's message if they give anything even the slightest bit of leeway, all while backing up their beliefs with "I'm Christian, Christianity's right, therefore I'm right!"... All as they take a couple steps closer to the reality of Christians being peace's public enemy #1, giving bigots a new cause to latch on to, and right into the dreaded end times. All by trying to force their religion into everything or even outright down other's throats as much as possible, no matter the consequences, and despite every teaching Jesus has said about human rights, and the very basis of the religion's outlook of our lives in the first place.


      In other words, they've pretty much become power hungry without even being aware of it, or rationalize it away by the correct-ness of the religion. 


      Should note that I'm Christian, as well, being perfectly honest. I'm just so, so frustrated with how one-track-minded everyone around me has been thinking lately. "No no, that can't be right because I read the Bible! And I listen to Rush Limbaugh! And... Republicans are Christians!!"

      And I might not be completely right about all this, maybe not at all, sure, but doggoneit if everyone's adamance that they can't be wrong with this cause isn't going to push us even further towards this reality, I don't know what would... It seems like the most obvious thing in the world at this point, and yet... Augh.

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