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  1. Can I skip KH1 and just go to 2? 

    1. Teoskaven


      Just be glad you can skip cutscenes in the HD versions, bosses like the ones in Hollow Bastion were a nightmare because of this in the original PS2 game.

    2. Corviknight


      Yes. I gave up on KH1 when I couldn't figure out what to go. Monstro didn't make things easier so I felt like I wasting my time.

      KH2 isn't too bad of a starting point. Its where I really got into it.

    3. Adamabba


      Play that then struggle through CoM so you can feel the relief when you finally reach 2

    4. Marcello


      If you believe in yourself.

    5. SupahBerry


      Looking back, the reason I've enjoyed KH1 was because I actually picked up from my brother's game, which was in the middle of it. The higher level I started with made me worry less of getting stumped by bosses and other enemies. And I usually just browse in worlds already beaten to get a lay of the lands. With practice, I could manage both worlds just fine. I could even tolerate Atlantica and the Gummi Ship segments. 


      To be fair, this was when the original came out and nobody was thinking about sequels. I'll admit my thoughts on KH1 might be completly different if I started it up  today with all the 3 hype in the air.

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