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  1. I don’t get the whole Kingdom Hearts 3 is bad discourse. I think it’s an ok game but I find 2 to be much more enjoyable.

    1. PublicEnemy1


      Probably a little thing called hype backlash.

      A game that didn't live up to the expectations of the previous game, so it must be complete shit, rite!?/s

      (Though to be fair, the story IMO is quite terrible.)

    2. SupahBerry


      For the general public who never got a Nintendo handheld or PSP or any of the HD collections, 13 years can takes it's toll.

    3. Dejimon11


      Kingdom Hearts story is terrible is like saying water is wet.

      I guess I’m speaking from somebody only started the series last year.

    4. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Poor story + on & off gameplay (not bad but boy does it have its ups and downs) + 14 years of waiting + No Final Fantasy characters + Disney worlds meaning the least to the plot they ever have in this series + neglect of improving things that people have requested = Massive Disappointment.

      Heck, I won't even call KH3  bad game, but it does still go on the mantle of disappointing sequels.

    5. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I wasn't disappointed when I was playing it. The disappointment did kind of hit when I finished the Big Hero 6 world and realized that was it for the Disney Worlds. This was the first Kingdom Hearts game I went into knowing all the Disney Worlds that were going to be in it and that wasn't a good feeling. I got more excited when that awesome final world stuff happened. I loved everything that happened there, although, I wish it took place after an ACTUAL war. Like, we gather up a ton of warriors, have that war, and then the final group goes through all that stuff that happened at the final battle.

      But the game was fun, it looks fucking beautiful, it makes you feel awesome when you play it and all that jazz. The lack of Final Fantasy characters was something I didn't even notice until it was pointed out to me long after I finished playing the game so you can guess how much that affected me.

      I definitely understand all the complaints. I agree with the majority of them too. Although I don't agree that the pirates world was bad. As someone who's never seen the Pirates sequels, that shit was exciting. When I got into playing around with the ship, I had a ton of fun with it too. Plus, it was like the only world where you fought a Disney villain. Every other world had some made-up heartless piece of shit. I guess Hercules had the Titans but... meh. 

      At least let me beat up Randall.

      My thoughts a bit jumbled but on the whole I enjoyed the game. I don't really have this "13 years of waiting" complex that most do since I feel like I played plenty of new Kingdom Hearts games in between that time. It's not like there was nothing coming out in that gap. This is more of a consequence of not numbering those other games, honestly. 


    6. Enderwoman


      the combat is bad because it dumbs things down to be a button masher where all your options in combat are basically just different ways of doing the exact same thing (killing things faster) that work the same in basically every scenario when kingdom hearts 2 had a very well fleshed out combat system that required strategizing with your different tools for different scenarios

      3's story compounds dream drop distance's fatal flaw fact that the storyline of the series isnt about people anymore and are just a lazy vessel for some awkward stupid prophecy ancient masters time travel storyline

    7. Bobnik


      People that say the game is outright bad are clowns tbh. The criticism the game got is valid, and yeah, KH2FM is a better game overall, but people love to overexaggerate that if the game is not KH2, it's automatically trash. 

      What's funny is that the same exact discourse was a thing back when KH2 vanilla released - dumb story, lack of several abilities like Dodge Roll, lack of postgame, the combat being "X to win", Disney not being relevant in the story, yet people seem to forget that. 

    8. dbzfan7


      A Kingdom hearts game with a bad story and mash x to win gameplay.....you mean...all of the games? Like really that's all the games. Maybe not on Critical mode but on things like Normal and Proud it pretty much is outside of like the Super boss fights X to win. Difficulty was never there unless you really limited yourself. Though 3 is by far the easiest.

      KH3 isn't press X to win...it's press all these buttons to win. Here's this button and that button and that button to get this super move to win...etc. It gives out what would be limit breaks probably in other games like candy. It's not that KH3 is press X to win, it's press all these overpowered side stuff that gives you too much of an advantage.

      And that's not even getting into Ultima which makes the Super Boss even more of a joke than it already is. You have purposely go underleveled if you want to use Ultima on it as your reward...even then your damage is ridiculous, but you die in lie a hit or two so at least it was made more fun for me that way.

    9. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I think Kingdom Hearts is kind of reminiscent of the same feeling I get when playing Pirate Warriors 3 where I just love being an overpowered badass. Sometimes a challenge is nice, and despite dying like twice in Kingdom Hearts 3, I do remember getting pretty close to death a few times at the level I was at. So long as there's enough there to make things feel climactic and that doesn't necessarily translate to difficulty to me. 

      It gives you SO MUCH stuff. I guess I see why that's considered bad but as someone whose favorite franchise doesn't hardly give him enough stuff, it felt nice having a neat little toybox of attacks at my disposal. Although, I do agree, the Disney Land rides were a little too frequent.

      Kind of wish there were more worlds to go along with it.

    10. dbzfan7


      More stuff is good...it's just not well balanced is all. Like Thundaga is op as hell in KH2, but if you spam it you will run out of MP and be stuck in charge a while. So there is at least a little balance. 

      The rides while cool and visually pleasing don't really have a draw back or much feeling of earning it. You kinda are handed it. Doesn't help the Keyblade transformations while also an awesome addition, again give you too much power. There's no real disadvantage while using it like with other drive forms. Where you lose magic capabilities and blocking, no melee, op power but fast drive drain, far less spamable with the drive gauge, etc.

      I mean I can do without the drive gauge and form grinding, that sucked. But nothing is balanced in a way that makes it feel like I'm good at the game. Kinda feels like the game is treating me like I can't handle it so here's a bunch of op stuff to make it end faster. Level traversal though is the best it's ever been as it's more fun here than shit areas in KH2, but the combat ends up falling short.

      I feel dirty using a lot of these powers because of how unfair it feels. Like using a invincible tanooki leaf. I refuse to touch it because of how unsatisfying it would be to wear. It's flashy fun I can kinda get behind...but after a while it trvializes so much I get bored. I stopped using the rides and just sticking to KBT as they at least don't feel as broken.

    11. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      Ah, this is more the area of "what kind of games you like to play" it seems. I never seem to mention or talk about balancing like most people do simply because it's never something I've cared about. When it was mentioned that the All-Stars moves in the first All-Stars Racing were unbalanced I didn't really care because they were a ton of fun. To this day I still believe those were the best ones despite the ones in the later games being "more balanced". They're just not as flashy or as interesting to me. Though the ones in TSR are better than the ones in Transformed, simply by being really effective as opposed to completely useless. 

      I'm aware of the importance of stuff like that. I know there's reasons why decisions like that need to be made but at the end of the day, what resonates with me is just whether or not I'm going crazy with the toys this game is giving me. 

      I've never felt dirty using the stuff the game gives me. I'm more like "Thank you. I can't wait to kill more shit with this."

    12. dbzfan7


      Yeah that's basically it. It's not going to be something everyone feels. But personally if there's no risks at all to being threatened, then a game feels boring. Like take any of the racing games. If it becomes so easy to get first place all the time, it kinda becomes dull. Winning is great, but winning without any bit of a challenge at all for me and plenty of others is just unfun. If I can comfortably take first place without much of a fight for it, then racing isn't all that satisfying.

      It's not for everyone, but I like to feel I get better at the game. I like my skills to be tested at least somewhat. Not everyone feels that way though. Just playing a game with fun mechanics is enough for plenty of people. Something intuitive is just fine. I just don't like to turn my brain off to the point of mindlessly playing.

      It's why I am a super fan FROMSOFTWARE. It's not because I'm crazy about hurr durr hard games. I mean if I was I'd be far more all over Super Meat Boy, but I'm not that great at tough platformers. I like challenging platformers too, but I'm better at combat games. I get a huge pleasure in playing Dark Souls or Bloodborne or Nioh or Sekiro because my skills are always tested. The first time playing Dark Souls and Sekiro especially. I sucked bad at first but feeling myself get better and better is amazing. Probably why those two are so ingrained in my heart because they made me truly start from 0. Especially when repeated playthroughs I BLOW through what was once hard. What once may have taken over an hour I can do in minutes. It's crazy. 

      But not everyone likes time consuming games either or wants to master mechanics. That's where player interest divides show. We have to ask ourselves what we want from a game. What I want is something fun, but also something that I can't just turn my brain off to play and mindlessly win. I like a degree of challenge. Doesn't always have to be Souls like punishing, but I like some kind threat to make me want to be better at the game.

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