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    Look guys ArIn says he likes sonic so that means we shouldn't hate on him. Completely ignoring why he gets crapped on by the fanbase constantly. 

    Like you don't have to like every aspect of the franchise and every game lord knows I certainly don't especially the stuff that a lot of people love. But hooo boy this guy


    1. KHCast


      Looking at those comments it seems the general consensus and accepted norm now is that people not a fan of Arin and how he often covers Sonic are unreasonable haters and take things he says and does out of context...I mean what? I’ve seen some genuine concerns and reasons for not enjoying Arins coverage and Sega’s insistence on using him as a influencer 

    2. Nix


      I remember reading some Twitter thread awhile back where everyone managed to convince themselves that Arin was the one who ruined Sonic and turned the series into a complete joke. I was confused then, and I'm still confused now.

      Like the past two decades of Sonic making a damn fool of itself never happened. 

    3. Dejimon11


      Nah they happened and that was all SEGA’s doing. I’m just annoyed at the fact that he keeps getting hired when he says stuff like the series isn’t good and pretty much hates every game he played besides Forces. Then again again he apparently was promoting Bloodstained despite the fact that he doesn’t like Metroidvanias so idk anymore.

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