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  1. Alright who do you want to see as Smash DLC and why?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      I honestly don't care about fighters. I just kinda wish they'd add in the previous Brawl and Smash Wii U stage editor stuff into the game for more variety. Also maybe updated versions of past single player modes if they're willing?

      And more past Mii Fighter costumes.

    3. StaticMania


      I would like to see characters that others don't want.

      That'll show em for wanting less than everything.

    4. Penny


      master chief. long shot, but my God, i'd die of happiness. 

    5. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      Waluigi - Not for the memes, I genuinely like the character and think you could make a cool moveset to represent the Mario sports/spinoff games. 

      Dixie Kong - Another DK rep would be good, and I think her moveset could be interesting.

      Tetra - Not just a "toon Sheik" or anything, but give her a legit unique moveset with various piratey abilities.

      Dr. Eggman - He's not the likeliest second Sonic rep, but he's the one I want the most for obvious reasons.

    6. Strickerx5


      Master Chief because I love Halo and the crossover itself would be legendary. Geno because his fans really do deserve it at this point. Either Medusa or Viridi for reasons that none of you should really need explaining from me. Shantae because it would be a nice bridge into indie representation don't@me. Tails because Sonic could use another rep. Sora because idk, why not.


      and goku because the reaction alone would be incredible and i want to see the gamer world burn


    7. KHCast


      Hades >>>> Medusa fight me

    8. Strickerx5


      I'll take anyone from that game honestly.

    9. Sean


      I'm afraid if Viridi gets in she won't be voiced by Hynden Walch #NotMyViridi

    10. KHCast


      >viridi gets in

      >do the pits guidance for her

      >just the regular dlc character lines 


    11. Kuzu





      Uh, in terms of who I want? Sol Badguy because of how hilarious it would be. More FG reps are what I live for. 

      Another Platinum Games character as well. 

    12. Strickerx5


      @KHCastGood news is that I think them bringing in a new KI rep would almost instantly mean that they'd cover the other DLC character guidances with it. I mean, they brought the cast in for Bayo's announcement so I imagine they'd want to do the same with an actual KI character. And why wouldn't you have the VAs record dialog for that while you have them?

      though this is admittedly just me trying to predict nintendo again. id probably have a better chance predicting lottery numbers at this point

    13. dbzfan7


      Tails Bahby. Come on make it happen and all the years of abuse from garbage writing will have been worth it for this reward.

    14. Wraith


      Sora both because of the sheer amount of fun playful action game mechanics they could stack on top of him and because hes my son 

      Dante because of the sheer amount of fun playful action game mechanics tbey could stack on top of him and because he's my dad

    15. KHCast


      @Windy and Ripply I gotta wonder if they’d give Sora a MP bar like the games. 

    16. Wraith


      The basis would probably be some way to select an expanded range of special moves along with a cooldown of some kind. Whether that be MP or some sort of BBS type cool down implementation I'm not sure. 

      I just know I want to see keyblade transformations or drives of some kind, any of the ways you can completely change your fighting style like in the games 

    17. KHCast


      How likely do you think the situation command arrows will maybe be a thing. I could see that also being his “gimmick” the arrows build up to 3, after enough attacks, like in KH3, and then you can use a special move (it’s randomized). Outside that, the only thing I’d see them do is MP, with basic spells.


      Drive forms I’d like, but I’m afraid they’ll just make them alt costumes or something 

    18. Wraith


      Situation commands or some other command style type thing would be the easiest to implement without cluttering his side of the screen with too much junk

    19. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Stop me if ya heard this before- Sora. He's the last one on my checklist that would get a real big jaw drop from me in terms of "this is not a dream?!" I'm more concerned over Square's general stingynest over what Disney feels regarding his likelihood, but otherwise, the only thing I think stands in his way is the other requested reps.


      Crash- He's the only one remaining to complete the big company mascot circle. (I reluctantly give up Rayman cause he's not as big) I don't consider him to be as overall popular as the likes of Mario or Sonic, but I'd sooner pick him over Spyro if I had to choose; he's more of the face of Sony than the later. With Banjo somewhat repping Xbox, having the modern big 3's mascots would rival Mario, Sonic and Pacman being in one game.


      Those are the only two that jump out to me. In general, I want more 3rd party reps than 1st; the only Nintendo series I think needs more fighters is Zelda, but that's it.

    20. Perkilator


      Aw, yeah! Now THIS is happenin'!

      Sora (with a Situation Command gimmick)

      Crash Bandicoot

      Any Kirby character (namely Bandana Dee and Adeleine and Ribbon)

      Jill Valentine

      Axel Stone

      Sakura Shinguji

      Ryota Hayami (from Wave Race)

      Captain Toad

    21. Nix



      Ryu Hayabusa would be really cool too. He has a history with Nintendo consoles, Nintendo and Koei are pretty chill, and Koei really needs a playable rep.


    22. Dejimon11


      Been thinking about it for an hour but I pretty much got my wish with an ARMS character considering there’s a lot that you could do with the any one of them with their special abilities and the wide variety of weapons they have.

      Other than that I’d be down with another Sonic character mostly any of the main cast. Hell I’ll be a maverick and say a Rabbid because you can literally do anything with these guys and it would work within the realm of possibility.

    23. Zaysho


      Rex and Pyra - XC2 is my favorite game this gen and I also think there's a lot of creative possibilities with switching different Blade characters to give Rex more options (Aegis for Pyra/Mythra, Megalance for Wulfric, and the Twin Scythes for Roc). I'd actually opt to use the Shield/B that Inkling uses to refill for switching to leave the specials open.

      Elma- I voted for her during the Smash 4 ballot and I think X deserves more love. I could see her regular/Smash attacks being her melee arts and her specials being her ranged arts.

      Amaterasu- Okami is the GOAT and I think she'd offer a lot different from other characters because of her Celestial Brush and different weapons.


      I mean at the end of the day I just like these characters and their games and can trust Sakurai to do a lot of fun things with them that perfectly encapsulate their home games.

    24. Wonderworld Ultima

      Wonderworld Ultima

      Phoenix Wright.

    25. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon


      Honest to goodness Phoenix Wright. His series is something that could honestly use the bump in popularity by joining Smash. It would finally get Capcom to give the series more respect and actually take more chances with it and perhaps finally localize some certain titles. Furthermore, Phoenix is such a unique a character who would provide gameplay never before seen in a Smash unlike a lot of his competition.

    26. Milo


      LTTP but I'm still holding out for justice for Rayman

      after that I don't really think I would have any qualms about anyone else TBH. although if i had to reach out for one, crash and/or spyro would be cool

      (okay, i still wish sonic got a skin or an alt design based on the genesis games and eggman got in as a playable fighter, but i know they are never happening 😕)

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