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  1. I’m still in that opinion that if Forces was the next game to come out after unleashed(and black Knight) the reception would have probably been a lot more positive. Given that Colors for the most part has the same issues as this game. 

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Eh, Colors is definitely a far better game than Forces. I do agree that the reception wouldn't have been as bad, since the boost formula wouldn't have been refined by Colors and Generations yet, but not up to the positivity that Colors elicited.

    2. Strickerx5


      I agree honestly. Forces really is a game that could've easily been a thing a decade beforehand. Especially with it borrowing so much from Colors and feeling multiple steps down from Generations.

    3. Soniman


      I guess?

      Not really 

    4. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      if forces was the first boost game all the way back in 2008 maybe people would've given it a pass (knowing that future games would go on to refine the formula) but as the fourth it's inexcusable

    5. Wraith


      forces is a much shittier game than colors so I can't agree there

    6. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Huh, I actually have to agree with @Wraith there, and I actually like Forces.....in spite of its issues.

    7. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      More positive than it got, perhaps. But certainly not more positive than Colours or Generations.

    8. Dejimon11


      You also gotta remember that people praised Sonic 4 when it first came out as well. So Forces getting that praise doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. 

      Don’t forget that colors was praised as the best 3D Sonic game in years since SA2 I guess. 

    9. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Ehhhh. Still wouldn't get as highly praised as Colors did. Forces' problems are far more apparent. It would've been seen as a stepping stone and a sign of things getting better, but still not to the praise worth that Colors got.

    10. Dejimon11


      Forces problems are more apparent because we have hindsight of what previous boost games. My argument is that if it was the second boost game it would be praised most of that will have to do with the fact that it got rid of the Werehog. 

    11. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      And again, given that Colors still more at base going for it than Forces, the latter would still not have gotten praised to the level of the former. Would people have been more pleased with it? Yes. Would they have praised it to the level that Colors was showered? No.

      Colors did far more than just remove the werehog. It refined the controls, improved the pace, provided a story that was a nice breather, and improved things overall significantly.

      While Forces might've been praised for being something of an ambitious story, it wouldn't have had much going for it, other than removing the werehog.

    12. Sonikko


      I think so yeah, Colours is more meaty than Forces for sure, but I think both suffer from exactly the same issues.

      I do think that if we had no Generations to compare it to, Forces' reception would've been on par with Colours, especially after the Werehog fiasco.

    13. T-Min


      Critiques might have been more generous, but I think Colors is a tremendously better game than Forces, even if it has similar issues. More platforming, better use of the Wisps, better controls, EXPONENTIALLY better visuals and presentation, and for whatever its faults, its laid-back Saturday morning cartoon plot is MUCH better executed than Forces' half-baked attempt at a "darker" story.

      I think Forces' story would have been a major sticking point with critics regardless of the context of its release. People forget how refreshing a simple comedic story was after years of fighting ancient JRPG eldritch abominations, especially given the refrain of "Sonic doesn't need a story" among critics and non-fans at the time. The early 2010s were all about optics, which is, yes, why Sonic 4 got a pass just for being a 2-D Sonic game on a console, but the optics of Colors would always have been better than something like Forces. God, I can only IMAGINE the fucking memes that would have been made about the Avatar back then, given how popular it was (and still is) to dunk on unimaginative Sonic OCs. That alone would have made Forces look like desperate pandering to critics at large.

    14. BadBehavior


      People would've loved Forces cos it had Classic Sonic in it. It would've become another Sonic 4: massively overrated in it's time, leaving the fans who knew it was garbage all along to dunk on everyone else for getting swept up in the hype of "2-D" and "Physics"

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