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  1. happy birthday :)

  2. Is the stream down for anyone else?

  3. -Sonic Advance 2 is the best 2D game outside of the classics

    -Sonic Rush is also pretty god-tier

    -Sonic Riders is amazing and the controls are just fine

    -I found Free Riders to be mostly playable and fun at times

    1. Linkie


      Also I think I had more fun with the 3ds version of lost world then the wii u version at times

  4. It looks like smash wii u hacking is coming along nicely


  5. Morning, people

    1. ebongrey23


      Good Morning! ^_^

    2. Kiah


      Good morning! 

  6. Man, I can't believe Nintendo is doomed again.

  7. Unless I'm mistaken, the first part of the Zelda DLC level was much more open less blocky. I thought it was pretty neat, but the lack of proper camera control made it a bit frustrating in the more open space. That's something that would need to be added if the levels were more open in Lost World's gameplay: being able to control the camera.
  8. So, it seems the items were more Sonic/SEGA focused? I think I would've preferred that in the final game.
  9. I kinda liked the partner system from Sonic Advance 3. It always seemed more helpful than detrimental and using it didn't break the flow of the gameplay like, for example, the things with Tails in Sonic 4 Episode II.
  10. Are you feeling it today? ;)

  11. Favorite first levels? This is gonna be tough but I'd have to say my favorites are: Windmill Isle - Sonic Unleashed Sonic Unleashed is one of the most gorgeous games I've ever played and Windmill Isle really shows this. This level is filled to the brim with detail and to top it off, the music is amazing and really fits this level. I also love being able to speed through the town. Windy Hill - Sonic Lost World This zone is easily my favorite level in Sonic Lost World. It's just a joy to play with all the different paths you can take and I love using the parkour here. Also, the music is some of my favorite out of the first levels. City Escape - Sonic Adventure 2 This level truly left an impression on me the first time I played. From Sonic snowboarding down the road to being chased by GUN's truck and the catchy music, it really pumped me up to play the game. Palmtree Panic - Sonic CD This level is my favorite first level from the classic games, and I just find it really fun to play. It looks great, and the theme from the Japanese soundtrack is great.
  12. I've never really been the biggest fan of special stages,but they can be nice distractions from the main game. My favorites would probably be: 5. Sonic Heroes I know they play like garbage, but I really loved the look of these special stages and the idea behind them. I liked the different backgrounds they all had and the music was awesome. 4. Sonic Generations (3DS) These ones were Heroes' stages, but done right. It had everything the ones Heroes, but were more playable. 3. Sonic The Hedgehog My favorite part about these special stages was the fact that they didn't have a different gameplay style the normal game, besides being curled into a ball the whole time. It made it a lot easier to get into them and they weren't too difficult. 2. Sonic Advance 2 For these ones, I thought the 3D effect was well done and they controlled well. Also, it was cool that they had Zero in them. 1. Sonic 3 & Knuckles I know this is an obvious choice, but these are the best special stages in my opinion. They controlled well, the 3D effect was well done, and the music was pretty awesome as well. EDIT: Oh shoot, I posted this too late. Sorry.
  13. Out of the ones that have them, what game has your favorite special stages and why?
  14. How is everyone today?

    1. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      Much better than the last few days, thanks. Yourself?

    2. Linkie
    3. Klinsy
    4. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      Slightly disgusted but fine

    5. Kiah


      I'm tired as I'm working 14 hours today but aside from that I'm pretty good! How about yourself? :-)

  15. I think that Jason Griffith in Unleashed was my favorite voice for Sonic. I feel like he had the right tone and amount of energy that I want from Sonic in that game.
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