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  1. Saw the trailer, enjoyed it. Not hyped or anything but looks like a really corny, fun movie. 


    But i know a large majority here will tear it apart for not being exactly what they've always wished for personally 🙄

    1. Kuzu


      Or maybe, it's because it's a bad film?

    2. Scott


      Judging a full product based on a trailer @Kuzu the Boloedge How very like the Sonic fandom 😌💁‍♂️

    3. Kuzu


      You know what else is like the Sonic fandom? Trying to deflect any type of criticism because it doesn't align with your own views.


      I'm so tired of these same reactions with this fanbase. You literally cannot criticize anything about this series without someone trying to justify or downplay it at all.


      I'm sorry for critiquing a public trailer that the company themselves put out. Because apparently I'm not allowed to do that.

    4. Kiah


      This sort of thing goes for any and all fan bases. It isn’t exclusive to the Sonic one by any means. 

      However, that’s part of the purpose of trailers serve to give you a taste of what the final product is like as well as setting the tone. There is hardly any differential between the two so it’s fair game to draw a conclusion from what has been seen so far. 

      In the end we are all entitled to our own opinions whether positive or negative and one doesn’t have to like it but one shouldn’t be dismissive or disrespectful about it. 

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