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  1. Recently got Team Sonic Racing.....and I find it disappointing. Seems like a huge step backwards to the All-Stars Racing Games, though I get why they'd do an All-Sonic kart racer. The level themes feel tired in that it uses similar level themes and even reuses tracks from the first All-Stars Racing. Playing through the story and it always feels like I'm playing through the same 5 or 6 tracks. And overall it feels horribly budgeted. I can take that still-images/text box dialogue in a handheld game but not here. Also some of the challenges and later gameplay can feel really challenging which is weird considering Sonic is also meant to appeal to a child demographic too :S 


    Also fuck Daredevil Challenges....


    The theme song slaps though! Absolute 12/10 for me. And some of the writing and character Dialogue is actually pretty neat! Especially some of the reactions between characters when you get Rival Takedowns

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