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About Me

This needed an update!

The name is Scott, short for SCOOOOOOOOOTT! Or at least, according to my mum...when she's angry. I'm just a child in a man's body with a love of toys and a figure collector. Mostly Funko's ReAction figures though. I have some Pop Vinyls and random bits and bobs here and there.

A run-down of some IP's I love:

Sonic the Hedgehog (A-Durrrr)


DC Comics/Marvel (More on the DC side though)

Star Wars (Episode 7 has re-awoken my love)

Alan Wake (If you love this game, talk to me! I have unmeasurable amounts of love for it)

DOOM/QUAKE/Wolfenstein/RAGE (Most/all ID Games)




Favourite movie(s): Both 'Bill and Ted' films :D


Favourite TV Series: Twin Peaks (Everything by David Lynch that I've seen so far is amazing though)


I have 3 tattoos - A Spider-man one, the Dark Mark from Harry Potter and the symbol of the Owl cave from Twin Peaks.


Currently in the process of making my first Comic Book :) A long and tedious process. Along with Business partner, Dallas Howard. 

Check out his DeviantArt here: http://official-supatroopa.deviantart.com/

Check out the Comic Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/theformidablethree


If you get bored, you can watch my terrible Youtube Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/MK5Spartan666/

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