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    WHAT?!?!?! where did you read this?
  2. Mine as Sonic Advance. Damn the game is hard. Still can't complete it to this day. :/ knuckles is the best in the game hands down.
  3. Originals always look better. The way Sonic was intended to look. Japanese is the one for me.
  4. I much prefer Sonic Colours to Sonic Generatins 3DS. The game play feels alot more immersive and it does not feel like im constantly switching game. Sonic Generations i think will be a bench mark game for Sega. Any other Soni game should be as good or better than it as i feel the 3DS hardware was barely touched on with that game.
  5. Manga: My first manga was Shaman King by Hiroyuki Takei. i picked up the first volume a few years back. I owned the first ten books. I re-read recently and thought 'hmm maybe ill give these another go'. So i bought the rest of the series which consists of 32 books. I have to say i am dissatisfied with the vague ending... its an incomplete ending in my opinion with no true finish. Anime: last one i watched was Spirited Away its a decent anime i recomend it.
  6. Lavender Town (Pokemon Dubstep Remix) - Stephen Walking
  7. The two game modes were far too similar. This just led to me feeling restricted when playing as classing Sonic and just making it less fun.
  8. Can you get these comics in the UK?
  9. Sonic 10th anniversary pin. Sony SegaSonic pin set. Sonic Xtreme pin set. If anyone is willing to sell these id be more than happy to buy these pins from you. Steve.
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SONIC-THE-HEDGEHOG-FACE-JAPAN-PIN-BADGE-SEGA-1991-NEW-AND-SEALED-/111139834711?pt=UK_VideoGames_Merchandise_RL&hash=item19e0734b57 This pin badge is from the same set as the notorious classic Super Sonic pin badge. Is it worth the asking price? I'm considering it.....but i don't know too much about what a good price and a bad price is for Sonic pin badges. Any advice would be appreciated
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