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    Kill La Kill

    I have watched this with no expectations at all. After watching Little Witch Academia months ago, the only thing it mattered to me was the studio behind it and their works. Only the title stuck on me, I didn't get to know more details. I must say I was impressed by the animation the most, full of dynamism and crazy perspective that made the action exciting and intense. And talking about the action, it has a good amount of it, which I enjoyed. To keep the rest short, I liked the setting and art style. The protagonist gave me a good impression, and so did the rest of the cast so far. I don't know what to say about the story, only to wait and see how it develops from now on. I enjoyed it overall, the randomness, the humor, the action. The only problem I had, perhaps it's me though, is that it felt too fast paced. I hope that it doesn't suffer from it. But I guess is what makes it so over-the-top. I can't say I'm totally hooked yet. Waiting for the next episode and see how it grows on me.
  2. I never got out of the series, but there was a time where I lost interest in videogames by the time SA2 was released, so I didn't pay much attention to Sonic or any series that I still followed. I played my old games casually from time to time. It wasn't until after 2004 where I started remembering the old games and learned a lot about the series thanks to the internet. It was after playing Sadv 2 that my interest about Sonic picked again. Since then I still follow it as I do today, seeing the series evolving and playing in the end the games that interest me and ignoring those that doesn't.
  3. If Sonic games are based only of him as of late is because his friends were considered a "problem" back then. Their gameplay styles and poor characterization is what made them labeled as you know it today. This is why I doubt the general public would care even if they're improved. As long as their notion of "Sonic's friends = annoying" exist, I don't think they're going to give them a chance, be playable or not. It's fine that SEGA stuck with Sonic only as a playable character and a minimal cast to start rebuilding his reputation, but I would like to see this expanded again. Step by step I suppose.
  4. I think I should have asked this first. Is alright the use of a hosting site? If not I'll delete the links right away.

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      You might get better luck PMing a mod, comrade.

  5. My first experience with Sonic CD was the PC ver. at the beginning of the 2000s. Picked this as my first (PC) game, excited as I never imagined that a Sonic game could make it to PC any time soon. Forget that I didn't even know that the Sega CD existed, and so this game at that time, other SEGA PC ports included. Anyway, I find this game great, with a wonderful animated opening and ending, wonderful aesthetics, the nice time travel gimmick, amazing soundtrack, the inclusion of both Amy and Metal Sonic that stayed to this day, and others things that I could miss. I'll start with the most interesting and questionable aspect of the game, the level design. On one hand, I like the "moldable" style of the stages (couldn't find a better word). Every time you travel in time the layout changes slighty, opening or blocking some paths. Although the variation isn't something spectacular, back then I enjoyed travelling between times to explore most of the acts to the fullest and find their little differences and secrets. On the other hand, the way the stages were designed, structured in a way that doesn't seem to benefit the speedy gameplay. It doesn't help that some obstacles and enemies are oddly placed, making hard to gain and/or maintain some flow. This also prevents to do time travel properly, unless you know a good spot where you know you won't fail. The visuals as I said before are wonderful, possibly my favorite compared to Sonic 1 and 2 which shares some similarity, this one being a little more detailed. The aspect of the time travel makes each zone to have its own interpretation of a time period, which it looks incredible. Good and Bad futures the highlights. The soundtrack enhances this having different mixes of a music according each one. And talking about it, between both soundtracks, even if I grew up with the US ver., I find the JP/EU one to be more fascinating. The funky style won me over the most atmospheric one. The most underwhelming part of the game for me are the bosses. While being creative with some cool ideas (The carrier with the bubbles as a shield of Tidal Tempest, the Wacky Workbench boss where you follow Eggman through the bouncing panels with the broken ceilings, to give some examples), they are rather easy and short. To close, it's not a game that I replay a lot, but when I feel like so, I could do various runs for the entire week. The most memorable moments I could think of are the opening and the race against Metal Sonic.
  6. Generally, music of maps don't tend to be lengthy. At least in the games I played, didn't. It makes me wonder if they considered having some kind of hub for each planet. Not necessarily had to be the same size as Unleashed, considering the limitation of the Wii.
  7. The main fear is having Atlus games with not chances of being localized. The recent track record of SEGA regarding this shows it. Personally, I'm not bothered by it, but I understand how the rest feel. Although this is uncertain, it's all prediction. Who knows? Perhaps Atlus would the one that would help SEGA to localize their games? =P
  8. The sub-boss from Death Egg. Consisting of two phases, the eye is the target in both. The first phase has these orbs that work as a shield. To hit it, you have to wait until these orbs descend. Every time you hit the eye, an orb is destroyed releasing spikes. Easy to get hurt if you aren't careful enough, there's still the rest of the orbs rotating in the ground that also extends the range for a second. In the next phase it has two rotating semi-spiked platforms, plus now it can move. It activates a laser every time you hit it, blocking your way below, and at the same time, these platforms speeds up. It's almost impossible to dodge unless you're way from it. If it surrounds you, better crouch down until stops, which it does it after a certain time. This second part is where I always found it troublesome. Not having rings sometimes made it worse. Although I don't find it challenging nowadays, in my childhood I considered it one of the hardest bosses I faced in the Sonic games.
  9. Sonic games could have more of those. I really liked that these tracks created some kind of an eerie atmosphere. Like this one:
  10. Yeah, the closest to a metroidvania regarding Sonic games. It's great. I enjoyed exploring the places looking for items, and finding new routes while using said items. My only issue was that Tails feels too slow. I haven't played the game in years so I don't remember how slow he was. Perhaps I'm wrong and only exaggerating.
  11. Quirks... all I can think for the moment. Sonic The Hedgehog: - In Spring Yard act 2, rolling in the slope, right before the end of the stage, and jump to take the upper path. A failure if I didn't make it. Most of the time I can't get the timing right! Sonic 2: - Try to get all the Chaos Emeralds in Emerald Hill alone. There is a total of 8 star posts counting both acts. It's hard, but not impossible. Sonic CD: - Try to beat every act 2 on future so the transition to the next feels natural. Even if that means wandering around for minutes until I find an available post. Sonic 3 & Knuckles: - Occasionally when beating an act, I place Sonic and Tails together in a way that, when they pose, is seen like in the data select screen. - Like Dr. Crusher, I get Super Emeralds in the same order as the regular ones. - Like Da Victoes, I look Up and Down to add cinematic effects. Mostly in this game alone. - When fighting the final boss in Death Egg, I coordinate my movements so when Sonic jumps and hits the mech, it follows with Tails hitting the capsule where is hold the Master Emerald. REAL SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK!!! - In Doomsday, in the second phase chasing Eggman, I let my rings consume so the music speeds up. It's to add a dramatic feel of urgency in the final part of the game. Sonic Advance 2: - Collect 999 rings in the Special Stages. It also helps to get the max score possible (999999) when I do a complete playthrough. Sonic Colors - Same as JezMM, breaking the whole score before Sonic poses. A common occurrence after play it many times. Then what I do in general, like trying to collect many rings as possible; Not getting hit; Score attacks; Always aiming for the highest rank, because it feels incomplete the game to me if it lacks them. I never tried this in the classic games, but I always do it in the Rush games with the boost! Heh, weird.
  12. I agree that a first impression says a lot about the character and a deciding factor for any one to say how much they like or dislike said character. Silver could've had his worst debut, but it doesn't rule out the possibilities to make him better. It could happen the contrary even. To clarify, I don't mind Silver, I'm using him as an example, you can apply this to any character. I'm all for giving chances to the cast, but well, the writers have to make their job worth it. --- --- --- --- --- --- Giving my 2 cents on the topic, like everyone else, characters that already fulfilled their respective role, better not bring them back. Unless if they somehow find a way to incorporate them in future stories as long as is justified, but not forced. I don't think it will be harmful, but that's me. Chaos would be an example. In Sonic Battle, it's said that he appears whenever the world is in danger. I know it could have been an excuse to put the character in the game, but I wouldn't mind if this is used in future games to give him a supportive role if the Master Emerald is involved in the story again. Wishful thinking, I know...
  13. Music that I think is often overlooked would be the exclusive tracks from the PC version of Sonic 3. Part of it would involve nostalgia, or even not finding the composition interesting, but I think on their own, they're very good. Carnival Night Act 2: This music sounds so lively and joyful that reminds you that you're in a carnival. Launch Base Act 1: I love the fanfare-like intro, it's a great way to be introduced in Eggman's base. This music gives the feeling of infiltration and push on until the end. That music bring back memories. Sadly, some tracks weren't included in the sound test. This being one of them.
  14. I totally forgot about Alf Layla Wa Layla. I didn't mind it much at first, but when I wanted to get the gold medal, the rage gauge started to fill on me. Shaking the wiimote was part of the problem. Sometimes I felt like it wasn't responsive enough that I had to double the effort to fill the gauge. It destroyed my arms. This, combined with the attack patterns of the boss, just started to get on my nerves. Patience is key on this boss, unless if you're short in time, which it happens to me sometimes as I reach the boss around 8 minutes. I find it easy to hit him above. I can't say the same from below, as it exists always a chance to receive damage. Lighting and water shields are the best against him, once he descends, it's easy to give him consecutive hits. Now I remember another boss from the same game that gave me troubles, I'll post it later...
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