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  1. Hey guys question, didn't this place used to have a topic where you can post pictures of yourself? If so, can I get a link? I remember posting something super goofy in there when I was 13 and I'm having a hard time finding it.

    1. Sean


      nvm I thought we deleted the topic but it's still in the Personal Discussion subforum.

    2. WhoWhatMan


      Really? Because I just found it again on this site

  2. Uh Hi LOL Sorry for just being gone! I just did some growing up to do and focusing on my time elsewhere (also generally embarrassed by how I acted on here when I was younger like every adult gets when they're looking back) So first thing first, I am 100 percent way more active on twitter over here and you'll be able to see me being alive and talking wow! You will also tend to see me posting art there first than here since this is a rather old website that I don't really want to associate with as much, if I have to be brutally honest. Second, my art skill certainly got better so I'm going to post more of my stuff that may or may not be related to this current project right now. To start off, here's the current castaroni of what this thread was originally based on Drawn by yours truly They have bit of a different look than before, don't you think? Especially in term of Walter. So the reasoning for walter's drastic design change is that the TV head look is kind of generic? Some of my friends made some slight jokes about his old look and this WONDERFUL art attack I got from this year's art fight (which is underneath the spoiler due to slight nsfwness (Nothing sexual, just a beef boy is in the mix lol) kind of bought into light at how overused the TV Head look was. So in turn, I decided that I should up the "a robot that was made on a zero dollar budget in a college grad's basement" look and give the redesign he got now. Hope you'll like it! I try the best to give the same kind of "odd yet cute" qualities of the original. Oh yeah, also the story got changed a bit to be ten times less extreme but I'll get into that when I have more stuff done because uh, terrorist attacks sounds way too extreme for this project LOL so please disregard about what I got written up for the characters and whatnot until this point. Anyhow in term of smaller stuff, I played around with some design for a shop keeper NPC I felt inspired by the character designs in Drill Dozer so I tried to apply that into these guys' designs. Their name is Mimi and Momo and they run uh, some kind of shop that is going to be forgotten probably when you find a better one BUT YKNOW STILL On the fan art side of things, I drew Amitie from Puyo Puyo! Hope ya guys like because I'm awfully proud of this drawing. Anyhow, that's all for today. It might take a whole year for me to post again but again, please follow my twitter if you want to see what's up with me!
  3. Sonic: Hey guys gonna go to the store for a bit, be right back

    Tails has a mental collapse

    1. Ayliffe


      Infinite: Do you have any helmet polish in stock?

      Store worker: I'm sorry sir but we won't have any in stock until next week

      Infinite (lying on the floor in a fetal position): IM NOT WEAK IM NOT WEAK IM NOT WEAK IM NOT WEAK IM NOT WEAK

    2. ThatSpookyGuy59


      Infinite: I will enjoy destroying you!

      Avatar: ...

      Infinite: I'M NOT WEAK! I'M JUST BORED OKAY?!?

    3. WhoWhatMan


      Shadow: Ha, playing as marth? What a jim!

      Infinite, hands shaking his gamecube controller while trying to keep it together: IM NOT A JIM IM NOT A JIM IM NOT A JIM

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      Sonic: Tails! My life is in danger! Help! 

      Tails: I'm doing my best

      Google search: What is that thing

  4. i like how classic sonic doesn't even get his own bio in this manual lmao Anyway, the only real interesting thing to note is that Sega is planning more DLC after the game is done but I think we already knew about getting more after the Shadow's DLC?
  5. I like to think the whole paragraph about sonic being captured for 6 months was suppose to have a much shorter time frame but Sega really wanted to keep the possibilty of more character DLC open and so, just made it into 6 months instead. Honestly if they made it say "Sonic has been gone for 2 weeks", I feel that cutscene woulda made much more sense. If he was tortured the whole time, how is he able to function properly and doing super risky things like JUMPING FROM SHIP TO SHIP WHILE BEING SHOT DOWN. I think they were trying to follow that first promotional comic and imply that eggman keep trying to destroy the city's rebel base.
  6. I like how this stage is called Null Space when the only thing related to Null Space is like the first ten seconds.
  7. Nah, it's in the game. It shows up at the end of the QTE of Egg Gate.
  8. Whoa Storyboard? What's the story of that "rumor"
  9. Any info on the extra/EX stages? I know there's "secret" levels but they're basically reworked version of the normal levels. Is that the same for the extra?
  10. I like how Tails went all "Yeah we did it!" after the boss fight even though he literally did nothing.
  11. Okay this has the worst 3D level design, especially what seem like a later level. Like WHY have no edges to that kinda tube section if you're going to save the player with shit ton of boost pads. Might as well make it fully automatic instead of giving the player a false sense of control. I truly believe if they had kept the drift from generations and unleashed, the level design woulda been way better instead of relying on the game keeping sonic in the middle or making the weird turns for you. The team completely dumb down the gameplay and it shows.
  12. Okay does anyone feel like the game have the tendency to railroad sonic to the center? I keep noticing every time I would boost, the game would suddenly put him in the middle of a pathway and seem to fight against me trying to aim toward the left or right. It made it really awkward to playthrough the level.
  13. I can't stop thinking about Sonic Colors. That game got excellent art direction. Unleashed did fantastic with realism but dang dude, they manage to pull off of some nice looking enivorments for Colors on the Wii.

    1. blueblur98


      probably one of the best looking wii games.

  14. I'm probably gonna halt any possible updates for my game dev thread. I rather make an actual proof of concepts before revealing anything else. Also I'm definitely going to move the updates to a proper blog website because oof, my old posts on here sucks. 

    1. WhoWhatMan


      Also the negative vibe due to the forces making me kinda dickish yatayata

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