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  1. Sonic: Hey guys gonna go to the store for a bit, be right back

    Tails has a mental collapse

    1. Ayliffe


      Infinite: Do you have any helmet polish in stock?

      Store worker: I'm sorry sir but we won't have any in stock until next week

      Infinite (lying on the floor in a fetal position): IM NOT WEAK IM NOT WEAK IM NOT WEAK IM NOT WEAK IM NOT WEAK

    2. ThatSpookyGuy59


      Infinite: I will enjoy destroying you!

      Avatar: ...

      Infinite: I'M NOT WEAK! I'M JUST BORED OKAY?!?

    3. WhoWhatMan


      Shadow: Ha, playing as marth? What a jim!

      Infinite, hands shaking his gamecube controller while trying to keep it together: IM NOT A JIM IM NOT A JIM IM NOT A JIM

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      Sonic: Tails! My life is in danger! Help! 

      Tails: I'm doing my best

      Google search: What is that thing

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