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  1. Uh Hi LOL

    Sorry for just being gone! I just did some growing up to do and focusing on my time elsewhere (also generally embarrassed by how I acted on here when I was younger like every adult gets when they're looking back)

    So first thing first, I am 100 percent way more active on twitter over here and you'll be able to see me being alive and talking wow! You will also tend to see me posting art there first than here since this is a rather old website that I don't really want to associate with as much, if I have to be brutally honest.

    Second, my art skill certainly got better so I'm going to post more of my stuff that may or may not be related to this current project right now. 

    To start off, here's the current castaroni of what this thread was originally based on 

    Drawn by yours truly

    They have bit of a different look than before, don't you think? Especially in term of Walter.

    So the reasoning for walter's drastic design change is that the TV head look is kind of generic? Some of my friends made some slight jokes about his old look and this WONDERFUL art attack I got from this year's art fight (which is underneath the spoiler due to slight nsfwness (Nothing sexual, just a beef boy is in the mix lol)



    kind of bought into light at how overused the TV Head look was. So in turn, I decided that I should up the "a robot that was made on a zero dollar budget in a college grad's basement" look and give the redesign he got now. Hope you'll like it! I try the best to give the same kind of "odd yet cute" qualities of the original. 

    Oh yeah, also the story got changed a bit to be ten times less extreme but I'll get into that when I have more stuff done because uh, terrorist attacks sounds way too extreme for this project LOL so please disregard about what I got written up for the characters and whatnot until this point. 

    Anyhow in term of smaller stuff, I played around with some design for a shop keeper NPC



    I felt inspired by the character designs in Drill Dozer so I tried to apply that into these guys' designs. Their name is Mimi and Momo and they run uh, some kind of shop that is going to be forgotten probably when you find a better one BUT YKNOW STILL  

    On the fan art side of things, I drew Amitie from Puyo Puyo!


    Hope ya guys like because I'm awfully proud of this drawing.

    Anyhow, that's all for today. It might take a whole year for me to post again but again, please follow my twitter if you want to see what's up with me!

  2. 36 minutes ago, A_W said:

    There's some new stuff courtesy of the Steam version manual:

    • Hard Mode still has a ring cap, but it's 999 rings.
    • It is possible to get a Time Over at 60 minutes, which will boot you back to the World Map.
    • Dying is still referred to as "losing a life", even though there's no lives.

    Also, the wall jump is not listed as an action in the manual, probably because it only appears in a single level.

    i like how classic sonic doesn't even get his own bio in this manual lmao


    Anyway, the only real interesting thing to note is that Sega is planning more DLC after the game is done but I think we already knew about getting more after the Shadow's DLC?

  3. 4 hours ago, Gabz Girl said:

    The whole torturing thing was handled horribly and it seems like it was only added in because hey guys look! This Sonic game is really serious and dark again whoooo!  

    When Knuckles mentioned it, his tone of voice hints it’s something very serious. Like Sonic is actually being tortured psychically or something. Yet when we see Sonic later on in his prison cell he’s still being snarky and happily joking around with Zavok, as if he’s just been chilling in his boring cell for half a year doing nothing. Tortured my ass! 

    I like to think the whole paragraph about sonic being captured for 6 months was suppose to have a much shorter time frame but Sega really wanted to keep the possibilty of more character DLC open and so, just made it into 6 months instead. Honestly if they made it say "Sonic has been gone for 2 weeks", I feel that cutscene woulda made much more sense. If he was tortured the whole time, how is he able to function properly and doing super risky things like JUMPING FROM SHIP TO SHIP WHILE BEING SHOT DOWN.


    2 hours ago, Clewis said:

    Why is City Zone constantly being attacked by Eggman? Didn't he conquer everything already?

    I think they were trying to follow that first promotional comic and imply that eggman keep trying to destroy the city's rebel base. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Miragnarok said:

    Sega said that Shadow would be usable in ten modern Sonic stages. We’ve only seen seven. There’s also the Tails storyboard we haven’t seen yet, and apparently Seaside Hill. 

    Whoa Storyboard? What's the story of that "rumor"

  5. 32 minutes ago, Mayor D said:

    Really odd camera at 17 seconds.

    Lol oh wow. At around the 1 min mark he gets a red ring. The second red ring is immediately below him and 4 steps to the right! It's not just green hill for lazy placement.


    Okay this has the worst 3D level design, especially what seem like a later level. Like WHY have no edges to that kinda tube section if you're going to save the player with shit ton of boost pads. Might as well make it fully automatic instead of giving the player a false sense of control.


    I truly believe if they had kept the drift from generations and unleashed, the level design woulda been way better instead of relying on the game keeping sonic in the middle or making the weird turns for you. The team completely dumb down the gameplay and it shows.

  6. 1 minute ago, KHCast said:

    If he's really the main selling point, why is Sonic dead center of the box art? Also, they could, yknow, evenly balance showing off all sides of the game. The game is trying to market to 3 different groups, maybe give each of them a fair amount of attention?

    Also read above

  7. 21 minutes ago, KHCast said:


    Love how you took out of context his point to make it sound as if he means " in general show off more forces gosh" when he's specifically referring to modern and classic 

    Custom Character is the main thing of forces, of course they would want to show it off more. It would literally start up a reverse complaint if they showed off more modern and classic instead. "Okay what's the point of the custom character" "Can we see more of them" and vice visa. 


    I understand this level kinda sucks but that's a whole different thing. Like it or not, the biggest thing of Forces IS the custom character. That's the "bigger" thing to market at the moment.

  8. 1 hour ago, Wisphead said:

    Well, one and a half with the Pyramid stage and...


    Well shit, we really haven't seen anything about Modern Sonic proper and the game is less than a month away.

    Holy SHIT SEGA fire your marketing team, learn how to market your FUCKING GAME.

    Okay this last part totally bugs me.

    "I wish Sega would actually show off more of the game, it coming less than month"



    *most of the newest videos are sonic forces related and indeed does try to show off more*



  9. Thanks Ray! He's a pretty cool dude and highly recommend commissioning him (which is like the tenth time I said that but still)


    Sam finished up the last couple of characters so now I can have some steady steam of updates! (For like, 3 days)



    Another classmate of Walter. She's part of the robotics club. Despite her robotics team numerous failed attempt of reaching first place in the bimonthly, school district sponsored robobattle tournaments, Stacy keep a positive attitude and encouraging her teammates to keep advancing forward and experimenting to see what sticks. She is also prone to overworking herself and being late to classes. 


    Stacy can be part of Walter's party and make use of her previously failed projects to do HER BIDDING




    Bryan is like that tag along friend and is just "there". He's pretty quiet and act super nonchalant at literally anything. He could be getting mugged and getting threaten at knife point and all his reaction would be "Oh". Beside that, he play the guitar but really sucks at it... like the only song he can play really well is the first 16 seconds of Smoke on the Water. He's trying though! 


    Bryan is another party member and make use of his (poor) guitar playing skills to boost various character's stats. It's the passion that count!


    Alrighty, these two guys are more members for Walter's party. Stacy's design was originally going to be Amanda's but I feel it can stand as a separate character. Plus, it kinda dude city at the moment so hopefully I'll get more female characters to be designed to balance the male to female ratio. Initially Stacy was also going to act as a "guide". I planned on Amanda to have the ability to take pictures of enemies and send it to Stacy to get important and unimportant favor text about them. It kinda like Goombella's tattletale from Thousand Year Door (Don't worry though, I got someone else to take care of that role!). Bryan was based off of my short time of trying to learn to play guitar until I eventually given up on it. His personality is based off of my guitar tutor.  


    But yeah, that's it for today! Still got some more characters to show off so I hope you guys stay tuned. 

  10. 59d8252e7d6d4_TuckersWalter.thumb.png.4cc593f621414ea8e3c468f6f1121b02.png

    Made by a discord friend

    Hello! It been a while since the last update. I got a job now so hopefully the wait can be less long (and I can irresponsibly spend it on video games). Now, I got some other stuff in holding but I decided it would be best to not blow it all off on one giant post and instead give you some small pieces of the pie. The usual artist I commissioned (https://twitter.com/jungleasian) is still working on the last group of art so I feel it'll be a good build up! Anyway, not to delay any further, let's get going!


    Walter BOOM



    Oh boy! Redesigns! All it amount to is giving a character a change of clothes, so don't worry!  No one  else is gonna have this big(?) of a change. To begin with Walter, I noticed that he kinda looked like Sans from Undertale and I really want to avoid those dumb "IT'S SANS UNDERTALE" memes in the future if this project make headway so I gave Sam some suggestions and rough sketches to give a good idea of his new outfit. Now it's a raincoat and to accommodate, he got a change of boots! I wasn't ever a fan of Walter's furboots of his old design so this change made me greatly happy. Finally, those arrow things on his legs is where his ball joints are at (Imagine Chibi Robo). Just added as a way so Walter won't have weird noodle legs.

    As for James, I wanted to fix his color scheme because I notice the amount of red that the characters I revealed so far got. So I'm gonna be shifting around the colors for him in the future. The only big changes he got beside that is the removal of those green triangles and now wear pants and shoes. The shorts and boots from the original didn't really make sense considering he's wearing a jacket AND a scarf. 


    BUT YEAH! That's today update. It wasn't too mind blowing but the next couple of updates are going to be some new characters (in which I tease in some of my status updates). Hopefully you stay tune for that!

  11. 41 minutes ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

    The fact that the lines are out of context is way more apparent now. And the sound mixing isn't that good either, which makes me lean more towards this just being the same trailer but with some of the English lines duct-taped to it.

    That's literally the case. They just reused the Japanese trailer and threw the voices and sound effects in post. This was why the trailer seem super off because it was pace more for the Japanese language, not English. Hence the weird cut off of Silver line of "We have greater numbers-" toward Knuckles "LET'S GO!". It woulda work out way better if they reshot the trailer with the English build.

    The one we got just come off as super amateurish and something I would hear from a fandub.

  12. I mean, the game visually is perfectly fine. I can look at it and be like "Yeah, this look good for this current generation." Though, it's hard to compare this to Unleashed since I feel they're going for different directions for the visuals? Forces seem more focus on having crazy background effects (Such as the giant death egg robots attacking the city and fireballs being rained down while you run through the stage) while Unleashed was going for a realistic look and overall, trying to make the stage look more natural.  

  13. Thanks, Scott! Glad that you enjoy their designs.



    Gracefully made by a friend on twitter (̶a̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶f̶r̶e̶e̶ ̶f̶e̶e̶l̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶s̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶m̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶ ̶a̶r̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶j̶a̶m̶e̶s̶ ̶h̶o̶l̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶ ̶g̶u̶n̶)̶

    Alright, another day (well night) for a update despite me saying that it's going to be super infrequent! (Don't expect updates back to back after this point lmao) 

    Like I kinda mentioned in my last post, Walter can run into many side characters in this game and walk into their own little problems and world. One of which is the deadliest, edgiest infamous vigilante in  town.....


    he didn't really think out his name through


    Art by Ferris on Twitter

    Skullcracker is a urban legend among the kids at Walter's middle school. Many said that he hide in the shadow and jump at any evil doer in any alley. Other claim that he's "above" the law and want to "stick it to the man". Many people, children especially, looked up to him due to how he look like a sentai hero but with bit of a EDGE....

    But in actuality, he's some 40 year old who's going through a mid life crisis and wanting to break away from his samey, old job. He blew his budget on the mask so he had to scrapped together random article of clothing to make it work.

    Anyhow, Miguel (Being a fan of sentai/power rangers like shows) caught wind of these rumors and thus, start a "hunt" with Walter and the others to find this masked man to get an... autograph.



    Alrighty, so I want the tone of this game to be "The Sandlot" mixed with weeby, anime garbage and well, this character is part of the latter half of my mission statement. The main inspiration was Kamen Rider (Specifically, Kamen Rider Skull) and bit of Skullomania from Street Fighter EX. Initially, he was going to be more a straight example of this archetype but I asked the artist to play up the "edgy" aspect of his design.  I eat edgy looking characters up so I was delighted when he made this new design! He's part of a "chapter" (just calling it that for simplicity) where Walter and friends sneak around in the town at night to find this vigilante. I like to make different part of the game focus on certain things. This one for example is more of a exploration section with heavy focus on dialogue and mini bosses (That I'm going to hold off from showing for now). Other sections of the game  maybe focus more on the usual RPG affair, on puzzles or what have you. 

    Unfortunately, he won't be a "main" party member but he'll join Walter as a temporary one at various points and will be one of many character assist you can use. I hope I can fresh out his scenario as I develop this game along and share more information about this guy in future!

  14. 22 minutes ago, PKGaming said:

    Anybody else think the lighting on Sonic looks really off? Actually, the lighting in the cutscenes in general seem odd.

    Yeah, the lighting is super basic. It's like a spotlight is being shined on Sonic. The only reason why I like this cutscene because it's actually dynamic with the camera work and animation compare to the other cutscenes so far.

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