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  1. All I want is some posable, proportionally accurate Steven Universe figures, yet it feels like they're making every other type of stylized vinyl toy under the sun for the characters instead.

    1. Person



      I hate this Funko Pop bullshit, every franchise under the sun jumps on that bandwagon, when all I want is an actual figure of Pearl. I'd even settle for Jazwares, dammit, even though they'd be cheap as all hell.

    2. Metal the Mario

      Metal the Mario

      I actually don't mind Funko Pops and have a small collection of my own, and I'd honestly be fine if they'd stopped there and made regular figures afterward.

      But since then we've had Mystery Minis, Titan Vinyls, Original Minis, Rockerz, and probably even more in the pipeline, with none of them fully capturing the designs that made these characters so unique. It'd be so easy for them to just make some posable action figures and kids and adults (myself included) would eat that up in a heartbeat.

      They'd be less expensive, too, since even though I think the Mystery Minis aren't bad, I'm also put off by their price point of $6 a pop minimum.

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