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  1. So what was the reason for calling Sonic Advance 3's final boss level "Nonagression?"

    I always saw it as one of those examples of weird translations where it sounds cool in English but doesn't exactly make sense.

    1. Celestia


      If the fan wiki is to be believed, it has the same name in the Japanese version. Most likely it was chosen because it sounds cool despite not making sense. XP

    2. Kuzu


      @Celestia That sounds exactly like something written in Japan would be like lol.

    3. altum_dolorem


      Aggression has two "Gs"

    4. Metal the Mario

      Metal the Mario

      So that's pretty much the reason after all! To be fair, it does indeed sound cool. :P

      @DanimeJ86 Lmao... I knew that but didn't even realize I typed it wrong. I'm usually a pretty big stickler for spelling, too.

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