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  1. Can you suggest non-violent/cheerful games for the Xbox 360?

    I can understand what you mean considering one of the main strengths of the Xbox consoles are its more maturer and violent library even back during the OG days while the Sony and the Nintendo consoles are more family friendly or at least balanced across various demographics. One question that I have to ask, do you like racing games? If you do it is at least much easier to answer since many of the non-violent games from the Xbox consoles are from that genre. I would have mentioned the Forza series, Project Gotham Racing series, Burnout Revenge, Split/Second, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (got it on the PS3 but the 360 version also has Banjo Kazooie in it), Test Drive Unlimited and some of the Need for Speed series as possible choices. So for the 360, hmm... Well there's the LEGO series and because there are so many of them from LEGO Star Wars 2 all the way to LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens choose the ones that interest you. They play similar enough with the later ones have an explorable open world and some are buggier than others but do have different settings and characters. It has around about the same violence as the Spider-Man game as in some light punches and kicks, if they shoot they are usually lasers. Then there are the two Rayman games, Origins and Legends if you want a light hearted platformer. While the 7th generation doesn't have as good Spider-Man games, one that is often liked is Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. It is more linear however it has 4 different Spider-Men that you can play each with their different styles. Got to play a little bit and enjoyed what little I have played of it but can get a bit pricey to get. For someone who has at least nearly half of the entire PAL original Xbox library, I can go much deeper regarding recommendations. I don't know if they work on the backwards compatibility on the 360 or the Xbox One though so not sure about that so you might have to check on Microsoft's website. If you like Amped 3, then SSX Tricky should be up your street. If you can't find that or it doesn't work then SSX 3 will do. In case you are wondering, some of the very early EA games on the OG are a little bit harder to find then they should be. On similar lines if you like basketball, I would have recommended NBA Street vol. 2 as it has a similar style but sadly doesn't work on the 360. There isn't much for the platformers front but it does have two Crash Bandicoot games. Wrath of Cortex that is technically and graphically superior to the other consoles so if you like Crash 3, give it a shot even though perhaps it isn't as good as that game. Twinsanity is often considered the better of the two however it is one of the few OG Xbox titles that are well known that I don't have and it is an unfinished game. Also seconding Blinx, not fantastic but its decent enough and that Naoto Ohshima has worked on the games as well as some Sega music staff too. I would have easily recommended Prince of Persia: Sands of Time however it does have a touch of violence in it. The Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series are also on the console however personally only found the 2nd (1st one on the Gamecube, 3rd one was Australian only for the PAL regions) and that they have PC remasters so that might be better checking those out. Again would have recommended Rayman 3 but it doesn't work on the 360, there is I think a HD remaster though on XBLA but might be a bit glitcher and cut the intro that the OG version had. Since you have Spider-Man 2, then try its semi-sequel Ultimate Spider-Man since it uses the same engine but has a more cartoon look. If you know me, there are two that I highly recommend since they are my favourites of all time, they are Burnout 3 and OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast. These two are also well liked by driving/racing games especially Burnout 3 where people want EA to remaster the game. Also on similar lines, you can enjoy OutRun 2 and Burnout 2 as well. For the other Sega stuff, there's Super Monkey Ball Deluxe that is a combination of the first two games and Puyo Puyo Fever if you like a puzzle game however while checking, it only works on US 360s though and Crazy Taxi 3 doesn't work on the 360. Would have also recommended Jet Set Radio Future, again has a touch of violence though. @Cayenne As far as I'm aware Apollo Chungus lives in the PAL region so he can't play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X as the game was launched before the console came out and was skipped for 3. A shame since it sounded like a great game to play and Europe didn't get it. Plus I don't think he has an OG Xbox.
  2. The decline of various franchises

    One of the big ones that I can name that is declining is The Simpsons, sure it is still profitable for Fox and people still watch the new seasons but if you ask people about the show they just say Seasons 1-8 are the best then afterwards it is either mixed, rubbish or not bothered watching anymore. For me because of how long the show has been running, there have been 2 declining points and they are Seasons 9-11 and the current season (29?). Seasons 9-11 are pretty known because of a different more wacky tone of the show, characters where they become unlikeable with Jerkass Homer being one of the most known and having plots that revolve around celebrities or quite unrealistic. They are seen as jump the shark in general. Season 29 for me has become rubbish and so far only one good episode because they wanted to be more hipster like of the show constantly using different styles of animation, recycling plots because they are running out of ideas (even though the recent one was good, it is sort of recycled the plot where Bart fell down the well and earlier in the season there was one that recycled Angry Dad just swap Homer and Bart with Marge and Lisa) and even less about the values of the show. The first episode of the season is enough to explain my point because they want to do a fantasy episode and wasn't advertised as a special like the Treehouse of Horror or the 3 short episodes that they are more fantasy like with the family bridging the gaps, it was treated as a normal episode.
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. While 2017 has been an awful year for me both physically and mentally perhaps one of the worst in a good while, there were a few good things that did happen. - Managed to come out of retirement to preserve some sprites even though it is brief. A long time ago, I was a sprite ripper for a well known website and I'm still listed as top submitter for the Genesis/Mega Drive section but I pulled out for various reasons, some personal and some related to the website. So come this year and thought, hmm maybe I could try it again. The question was which system should I do? One of the reasons why I stopped ripping was because I was exhausted from ripping the Mega Drive, Master System and Game Gear library at least ones that could be done and by the end no one cared because people were really into say the next Pokemon game or Undertale rather than some obscure game. So I started thinking of obscure systems, ones that didn't get much love. Then I thought of the Amstrad CPC, a 3rd place home computer but had graphics more closer to a Master System with the right game (some were pretty much Spectrum ports though) and no one at the time ripped from the system, I wanted to rip because of the really good port of Donkey Kong, the best port of the time actually before emulators and Donkey Kong 64. I was the first but I got turned down. Not because of the quality of the rip but rather lack of a section and interest. Ironically that said website accepted them much later by different people and only games that people could laugh at. There was another sprite uploading site that used to be much bigger but as of more recent days, gets not much activity since nearly everyone goes to the other so I thought yeah I try there. I was still learning how to do it since no one else was doing the system so it started off with screenshots then I found something with a tile viewer and moved straight to there even though I have to reduce the size 50% every time to be correct. After doing my first batch, they got accepted and that made my day so I focused on more as well as uploading more of my older stuff to there. I was even said that I made someones day by the owner of the site because I once had a batch from 117 games (mostly my older stuff and a couple of mobile games), that made me feel touched. While it wasn't everything that I wanted to do and some that I couldn't do, it was a learning and an interesting experience. From my first rips of both Shao-lin's Road and Daley Thompson's Decathlon to blooming Donkey Kong and Codemasters' first game BMX Simulator, I'm actually pleased how they turned out. - Managed to nearly finish off getting my games collection and did really well buying this year. From cheap bargains that are worth a lot more such as Handball 16 on the Vita, Tomodachi Life on the 3DS, F1 2014 on the 360 and Fire Emblem on the Wii to cult classics such as Shenmue 2, Conker, Stranger's Wrath, Urban Chaos (all original Xbox) and Silent Hill Shattered Memories on the Wii, even a boxed copy of ISS 2000 on the N64. The latter was thanks to a new console shop that opened fairly recently that tends to have either more obscure games or older games, both in the case of hard to find in general Dreamcast games. Seeing the latter lights up my eyes and that did happen this year thanks to some surprisingly cheap 1st party Sega games in as best condition as they could (Virtua Fighter 3, Virtua Striker 2 and Virtua Tennis 2). Got plenty of 3DS games such as Metroid Samus Returns, Monster Hunter Stories, Fire Emblem Echoes, Mario & Luigi, Dragon Quest 8. Even got a few N64 and Gamecube games. What made this better was that not everything was paid by cash but rather some vouchers too. Finished off getting my Wii U games, finished off the 360 games, finished off the 3DS to my knowledge, nearly finished the original Xbox, nearly finished off with the PSP (just Phantasy Star Portable 2 left to find) and very close to finishing the PS3 as well. More recently, managed to get Etrian Odyssey V even though it took me nearly a month to find the game! Mainly because of a print run that seemed like less than a 100 and really glad that I have it. I'm really pleased that I have all these games to play. Sure its mostly older stuff with only the 3DS games being new however many of the games were most wanted and really wanted to play them or give a try at least. Meaning that in 2018 will be the year of playing my games rather than buying them. I was actually surprised that the 3DS even had new games this year. - Played and loved a lesser known game. Usually when I have a game that I like, usually know what to expect but sometimes you get that surprise and fell in love with it. That game was Earth Defense Force 2017 on the 360. Sure the graphics might not be the best, the voice acting from Kirk Thornton and Cindy Robinson was really cheesy and the slowdown can get bad from all those enemies but the gameplay was so much fun to play just by shooting giant ants, robots and even a Godzilla type of enemy. I can't remember the last game that I had so much fun playing. I even managed to do both Easy and Normal mode with a few Hard and a couple of Very Hard missions too that says something when normally it is a beat a game then stop playing on it if I get that far. Well considering that I had bad luck with the other games that I played this year whether it is difficulty or just plain faulty, it was refreshing to see. So much so that I'm going to play the others in the future. Not just EDF but Transformers War for Cybertron also surprised me, I expected a typical licensed game and got perhaps one of the smoothest 3rd person shooters that I have ever played and I've played quite a lot of that genre. Again like EDF doesn't look great but it plays so well and trying some of the similar games in the future such as its sequel. Also before this game, I didn't like Transformers because of the movies and the cartoon was before my time so its something from a different era but now it has given me a different perspective and like at least Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream. - Just being on here cheered me up for quite a lot of the year. I know it is a small thing but sometimes the smallest thing for someone is a very big thing to them. One status update even made me laugh that itself is a very hard thing to do. Some members made my day on my birthday, usually a lonely time for me. Some gave some good advice. Even managed to talk to a few of the members here because there are some friendly people out there. Considering the year that I've had, it is small talk but small talk is still better than nothing. Smaller things that happened were managed to get my movie backlog down to almost nothing now including watching both parts to The Dark Knight Returns, enjoying Justice League Action, watched Tipping Point to its final episode, liking some of the soundtrack to Sonic Mania and Forces, these fair few songs were stuck in my head as they were great to listen and ate some nice food.
  5. Sega 2017 Financial Report

    Yep. Over 2 million copies have been sold that is quite a lot for not only the type of game (a niche RPG) but the sales boost was all thanks to the US (and EU) release of the game. So good that Sega themselves posted a separate press release from Atlus about the success.
  6. Would you buy a Sega Mega Drive/Genesis "Mini"?

    If it is like those AtGames things then no. If it a well done emulation job, then maybe if the price is right however it is unlikely. The problem being is strangely outside of PC/unofficial emulation, the emulation of the system hasn't been really good enough and at best its okay. Sega's own emulators that they used show its problems from the sound to graphical glitches/layering problems/saving issues to non-working games, their own documentation is known for having mistakes that even affect games that were released on the console. Even the almighty M2 have problems regarding Mega Drive emulation, usually its YM2612 sound chip. There would have to be an incentive to buy the thing considering unlike the NES/SNES minis, the AtGames/Tec Toy Flashback machines already put some well regarded games on those from the usual Sonic, Streets of Rage [in the past], Shinobi 3 to even Phantasy Star IV! It would have to go deeper into its library for someone outside of the casual market to buy it. SNES Mini for example has Star Fox 2 so maybe something like Virtua Racing aka the one game that has problems on emulation/some hardware due to the SVP chip* and unreleased games such as The Stickman is Back if they still exist since Sega was known for not always keeping their stuff. The Treasure games might be one to some, similar thing to Thunder Force IV. * - Some hardware being the Genesis 3 and some MD hardware level clones. Virtua Racing Deluxe on the 32X is a better version of the game however Sega rarely references the add-on and don't think that they emulated those. It would be novel to make a mini 32X and a mini Mega CD that you can plug into and unlocks extra games such as Sonic CD. A Saturn mini or a Dreamcast mini might be more desirable thinking about it and I would actually buy both. The machines while are less known than the Mega Drive do have a cult following that would happily buy either with a good library. For the Saturn they could have Sonic Jam/3D, Sonic R, NiGHTS, Burning Rangers, Daytona Circuit Edition or Sega Rally, Fighters Megamix and Panzer Dragoon Saga while the Dreamcast could have Sonic Adventure, Shenmue, Jet Set Radio and its numerous arcade ports, if Capcom teams up even better. Panzer Dragoon Saga is alone a big incentive to buy a Saturn mini and probably would sell out its shipment, same thing for Shenmue for the Dreamcast mini. The problem being is that will a small device be powerful enough to emulate both in the future?
  7. Hmm... Sounds like that Deep Silver produced too much stock of Sonic Forces and wanted it to bundle with a lesser known game that might have some unsold stock somewhere. Either that or its a custom made bundle in short supply for one country. It's nothing too out of the ordinary even though it is the first time that it has happened on the Switch and perhaps the first time this generation, not sure whether the PS4 got a bundle pack somewhere. Besides bundle packs have been around for a long time, sometimes literally random games from different companies and really used to be common on the PC as well as the home computers. Some have even been bundled for charity reasons, I think Sega Superstars Tennis was one of them. It's like a compilation except that each disc/cartridge/tape is included rather than put together into one. It's another way of either clearing stock or to promote a best seller. Considering that the box art of Puyo Puyo Tetris can be seen at the back, it's probably safe to say that it is coming with both games or even a Sega like move that Puyo is included while Forces is the code.
  8. Happy birthday, hope you enjoy today!

  9. Ugh... been feeling poorly lately...

    Constant coughing like a chest infection without the cold coming out, throwing up both sick and acid, throat making a weird noise and too tired to do much else. That's still despite taking stuff to try to clear it.

    1. Mightyray


      Geez mate, that's bloody awful. I hope you can get better soon. Take it easy if you can.

    2. Failinhearts


      Shit... that sounds terrible. For the past month I was coughing like a madman, so I know how you feel. Hope it clears up.

    3. Kiah


      That sounds terrible. Have you seen a doctor for it?

      Hope it clears up and you are feeling better very soon. 

    4. RedFox99


      *Virtual hug*

    5. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      @Kiah I'll try however there is a 2 week waiting list just to see a doctor where I'm from.

    6. Kiah


      2 weeks?! Goodness. Well I hope somehow you can see the doctor sooner. In the meantime keep hanging in there and here’s to hoping you get better soon and definitely not get worse.

    7. RedFox99


      Wow... I hope you feel better man.

  10. I had this error all day and its the same issue that @SenEDDtor Missile had, unable to fulfill request on Opera. Managed to get back here a couple of hours ago. The thing was that because the theme before logging in and the default lurking theme was Sonical meant that had it been a theme problem, I wouldn't have been able to log on (I use a different theme afterwards though).
  11. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Hobby Consolas has given their review of the game, a score of 57 (average) They liked Sonic's friends and villains being in the game, the homages of classic levels and the ability to customise the avatar. Dislike that the controls aren't precise and that it happened on more than one occasion, plus they found it short and really really easy. They even say that the game is very good for kids but Sonic Team needs to learn from their mistakes.
  12. What game are you currently playing?

    For the games that I've been currently playing: Firstly it was Spider-Man 3. It was a shame, just a shame as there were a few things that I really liked but the rest is a big nope. I really liked the web swinging, it felt smooth and responsive. Best bit of the game easily as I felt like Spider-Man. Controlling felt fun and shows the strongest part of the game. Graphics weren't too bad for an open world game and it was pretty big plus it was really quick to load. Now the downside, the game felt unfinished and really needed some extra time or a patch to fix the problems but none was made. The difficulty on a few parts was unfairly balanced with enemies taking you down in 3 or 4 hits while it takes for some 20 hits just to kill them especially if they have a weapon or a super soldier, bearing in mind that I couldn't get later into the game, read to find out more. The gang fight on the pier was really annoying and you could tell that Treyarch wasn't sure to put regenerative health or icons into the game that are rare, it really needed the former. The QTE segments have a tight narrow window that doesn't help that most TVs after 2007 had input lag so it wasn't tested and the part where you have to open a bank vault is pretty tough with the button bashing. Again the window was just too tight requiring luck rather than skill and Spidey often cancelled the action that was really annoying. Constant bugs and glitches. While it is an open world game and normally am a bit more tolerable regarding this, it really did impact my enjoyment. On the Crime Fighting segments, enemies got stuck behind buildings so you couldn't attack them. It got towards the point where the game just stopped giving missions at all because of a bug so no more progress can be made. The disc looked fine with no scratches either and installed okay. I got so fed up that I traded the game so I ended up getting more than what I paid for it and also caused me to put away my 360 for a while due to that it needed a clean and that have been struggling getting far on any 360 game that I have been play. Is quality control just lower on that console or something? Plus that I want to play on my Wii U again, speaking of which... Next its The Simpsons Game (Wii version, as I also have the PS3 and the PSP versions of the game) and nearly fully completed the game with just a few cliches and tokens to find. The story while feeling Simpsons also feels gamey and the animation is better quality than most episodes being more closer to the movie, even on the Wii it looked nice with no macroblocking. Some parts of the game are still relevant today despite being 10 years old. The bashing of EA is there. People giving bribes to game companies is still there and will be for a good while. Madden references. The scene where games get destroyed and not caring about old games fits with the motto of EA perfectly. I'm actually surprised that they got away with it but I guess people weren't as anti-EA as they are later on? Not everything is relevant though since it had Jack Thompson jokes that was even getting old when it came out. As for the levels. I'm really glad that much of the game is Homer and Bart, both are good to play. Lisa was okay and has a bit of different gameplay with the RTS parts. Marge didn't really fit into the game mold though and luckly she only has 3 levels. Most did fit with the characters with Homer having ones that are set with eating to Lisa being more environment focused or Marge leading mobs around town. For the Medal of Homer level, I'm surprised that it wasn't a first person level considering well the parody of the series and would have worked well regardless of console. One thing to notice though is that Grand Theft Scratchy doesn't feel like a GTA reference at all baring its box art. Actually it feels more like The Warriors, another Rockstar game both in its tone and parody. As someone who knows my games, really did like the game references both mainstream and some less so. The posters parody various series from EA's own (Fight Night, Madden, Need for Speed) to ones where they were pretty close to its actual box art (Project Gotham Shelbyville Racing). Mario and Sonic were there and so was a corrupted Donkey Kong as well as a Koopa Troopa. Ryu and Ken, yep. Homer and Marge dressed up like Link and Zelda. Pokemon, Final Fantasy, God of War (that also got referenced in a Simpsons episode, where they go to E3) and maybe not directly but even Actraiser and Skies of Arcadia got referenced. Even a part of the game was like Gauntlet and I played as Homer during that part to making it even more like the game. They did seem to like Konami judging by a couple of references and gameplay parts. Not a gaming reference but I smiled when a certain character who has also appeared in The Simpsons a few times appeared. Well I liked it but there were a couple of issues though. Firstly is that occasionally there were some graphical glitches especially on the last level where sometimes you got a texture to display in front of you then it cleared up. The camera could be a little bit better, not terrible like some games that I've played. Controls are okay but again could be better especially regarding jumps and the mini games but then again the developer normally does 3rd person shooters anyway. Both are still better than that Futurama game, that's for sure. Whether the PS3 version have these issues, I have to find out since EA did those directly (and the cutscenes reference the 360 version). Not spoiling the last part of the game but sometimes it annoying doesn't always recognise the button press making it harder than it should. Lastly the ending was rushed and references some obscure American drama, the end. Right now I'm playing Transformers: Cybertron Adventures, the forgotten mid-part of the Cybertron games. It's a light gun cover shooter (ala Time Crisis) mixed with linear racing and Star Fox style flying segments. Rather like the Ghost Recon game done by the same developers, it controls fine and no complaints about that. In fact I think that it had a slightly better camera than that game. Weirdly enough it has better graphics than War for Cybertron despite being on a less powerful console.
  13. What's your budget? 

    1. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Can settle anywhere between £28 to £35, any more and is pushing it for a 3DS game.

      Why that budget? That's the price range I normally pay for new 3DS games and only one game that I paid £35 for (that was Metroid: Samus Returns).

  14. Sigh... Can't find Etrian Odyssey V anywhere...

    I've tried looking every single store that I can think of and either it was "out of stock" or they never sold the game in the first place.

  15. I am scared about my Sonic fan status.....

    You shouldn't be scared about being a Sonic fan unless it is a public thing. I'm also concerned about Denuvo (and why I haven't bought Mania myself) however it isn't just Sega putting it in but other companies have too. In fact Sega was one of the last of the big PC companies to put that copy protection in while the ones that have done it are removing it. Will it get patched to be officially removed? I wouldn't count it just because of history on copy protection on PC (e.g. SafeDisc, SecuROM, Starforce, TAGES, Games for Windows) and only some have removed the copy protection but not all. Oh and about the Windows thing that you mentioned, that is because that's where the majority of PC gaming is coming from and the largest non-mobile operating system. There aren't many games on Mac and Linux but they have improved for those operating systems. Sega are very inconsistant and have done silly decisions but are they the worst company in the world? No, no, no. There are far worse than a gaming company who aren't even the worst in that category these days. Be thankful that Sonic games don't have microtransactions or loot boxes in them. You can still be a Sonic fan even if you don't have Mania, Forces or any future Sonic games. Just go for the ones that you enjoy. As for the furry thing. Well, he's a cartoon character and by the nature of his design, you bound to find a few who are into the subculture who take a liking for it. It is only a minority of Sonic fans and usually they are into other stuff too. Being a Sonic fan doesn't make you a furry, there are other reasons why. Oh an Anthro is short for anthromorphic that basically means someone who has human features so like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and most animal cartoon characters. They are two different things.