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  1. What Sonic games have you 100% completed?

    Due to that I'm rubbish playing games, it is lucky that I manage to beat a game whether it is done on Easy or just get to the end struggling. It's very rare that I manage to 100% complete on any game, despite having a 1000+ games only managed just over 60. In terms of Sonic games, only a very few games I have fully completed. Sonic R was my first. Sonic 1 both the Mega Drive and the Master System versions, both fairly recent too as in 3 years ago despite trying for 16 years and 9 years until they got done. Sonic 4 Episode 1 was also fully complete. Sonic CD is a bit ambigious (depends on version, I finished the original Mega CD version) however I did get all the Time Stones and got the Good Ending. Sadly that's about it.
  2. Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?

    Most likely no. I don't have a modern system or a computer powerful enough to run it (with Denuvo being included, I wouldn't have bought it anyway) and even if I did, I wouldn't have bought it straight away. While it would most likely end up being a decent game, it's not for me. Had it been just a Generations styled game, I would have bought it however with an inclusion of a dark story with edgy Shadow and Infinite that I'm not keen on, the tone being all over the place not sure what it wants to be and the wildcard being the Avatar having gameplay that doesn't look fun to play. Plus the impressions and problems with the game are putting me off and making me really worried about the game especially the handholding to cover up problems and the level design. I like my Sonic lighthearted and if there is an intense moment, it would be near the end of the game rather than what seems to be the entire game. I didn't have much hype even when it was the Project Sonic 2017 trailer even though I do have the Park Avenue Avatar song stuck in my head. If somehow I do end up with a PS4 in 6 years time or so and the game is at a cheap price, I will give it a play or a least a try providing that it ends up being decent like Unleashed rather than 06.
  3. Petit Hedgehog

    Petit Hedgehog is a fan game made by Chengi using Game Maker: Studio based on AeroGP's Sonic Engine inspired by both the classic games and the Adventure/Advance series taking elements such as physics from the classics, level design and styling from the Advance series plus the score ranking and moves from the Adventure series. The game has an unique pastel art style. You play as either Sonic or Shadow in the game. Sonic has his standard moves as well as his homing attack and Air Dash while Shadow has a directional dash move called the Chaos Dive that can be used to extend a high jump or to drop down faster. There are 4 stages in the game; Jade Lagoon Acts 1 and 2, Fossil Peak Act 1 and its own take on Green Hill. Music are Advance styled remixes such as Door Into Summer from Knuckles Chaotix (a used one for Jade Lagoon and an unused one) and Angel Island Act 2 from Sonic 3, taken from the games and some Advance Wars stuff.. Okay? I got to say that I really love the graphic design in this game, the animations of the characters are fluid and very well done, it has a charm about it. It is the main reason why I downloaded the game, it's lovely to look at both in stills and in motion. I like the little touches such as the voice samples at the beginning of a stage, running on water, the score bonus and the Advance styled music really making it feel like its part of the Advance series. The level design is also Advance like as in that it is faster and more spacious than the classics however it has multiple routes and plently of loops and curves in the stages. Jade Lagoon is like Neo Green Hill mixed with Water Palace from Sonic Rush. Fossil Peak has the seesaws from Hill Top but got changed into bones. Controls and physics for the most part are serviceable and do the job just fine however it needs some extra work. There are times when the acceleration is off making you feel slower than you should be with the start of Jade Lagoon Act 2 being one of the more noticeable times, a few times when you walk on air and even managed to fall out of a stage by the homing attack. There is some slowdown in the game, not much but does happen. I even managed to crash the game just by dying on the first spike ball on Fossil Peak as Shadow. Apart from those issues, I still had fun playing. If you like the Advance series, want something pleasing to look and a score ranking element to improve your score, give this a try. The demo is here: https://www.sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/petit-hedgehog-sage-2017-preview.34/
  4. What game are you currently playing?

    For the past couple of days, played Singularity and sadly not enjoying the game very much towards the point of just stopped playing. What I did like was the beginning of the game where it was the world building the game so yeah I did like the story with Russians finding a new element that can do allsorts of things on an island but something went wrong plus graphically and technically were quite good even though I did encounter a nasty glitch that I'll mention later. I liked the mechanic where you can alter states and cause people to disintergrate. So what made me put down the game? Firstly are the weapons themselves, they aren't very satisfying to use and felt weak using them. Oh and the balance is way off, an enemy can kill you in 3 hits 4 if you're lucky while it takes more than that on especially on the revert enemies (the guards however had less of an issue) to kill them even if you're upgraded. I got killed fairly often, a couple of times got killed by the enemy because I was on the ladder animation without any way of attacking or moving. The mechanic where you alter states is the same puzzle whether it is repairing ladders or moving crates making the whole time thing not much to the advantage especially later on where it just becomes crush crate, move crate, repair crate. As for the disintergrate move, it takes too long to charge up and that revert move is pointless as it makes them tougher to defeat than just letting them stay as a guard. There's the health pack system, already outdated in a 2010 game and you have to use them like candy because of easy to get damage. At least a decent amount are given at some parts though. Then there's that tick level, that was badly designed where you took damage no matter what and just made it with 1 unit of health left after 5 health packs at full health. It really needed some extra polish in the level design that's for sure. Remember me liking the story? Well that element seemed to have dropped when Dr. Barisov arrives at the tower and the story, world building and even E99 get dropped off. All them interactions with random objects and watching films? Well they're gone and the tape recordings just become press Left Bumper/L1 and play. Also a minor yet big issue is no subtitles so some of the dialogue I couldn't hear or hear properly which is bad for a modern game. It just doesn't decide what it wants to be. Does it want to be an atmospheric first person adventure, a horror game with purposely bad mechanics, a puzzle based first person game or a standard first person shooter? All 4 have happened in the game and sort of like it when it was the first (the beginning) and the last (when shooting just the guards when going up the flights of stairs) even though it isn't a very good one.
  5. What would your dream Sonic game include?

    It's a bit hard since I would like both a dream 2D and a dream 3D game. If there had to be only one though, to put it short it is like Sonic Generations mixed with Sonic Jam. Basically the idea is that there is a 2D side and a 3D side of the game however both sides have a different plot and a different style. No time travel, no different Sonics impacting the plot, just a basic plot involving Eggman doing something bad so it is up to Sonic & co to stop him. The 2D side is like an upgraded Sonic Mania mixed with Triple Trouble, only pushed towards the next level. As in that it has the features in Mania (classic physics, character selection, element based power ups, multiple routes, Drop Dash) but with other parts too such as all original levels. Maybe even a gag where one of the levels you think you are back to Green Hill even with the first part of the music starting but Eggman pollutes it so it becomes Brown Hill with some different graphics and a different level design (to refer the Greenfield and Brownfield sites). There are a few new old powerups such as the Spring, Snowboard, Sea Fox and the Goggles, and Gimmicks that can choose if you're skilled enough to get a better time such as the Mine Cart or the Hand Glider. Special Stages have to be jaw dropping graphically and technically but also a variation of Special Stages so each Special Stage is different by design to get the Chaos Emeralds. So at one you're in a pinball machine then you're at a maze to stop Fang, then you are like in Marble Madness and so on. One of them you have to find in a level. No Blue Spheres though, same thing for Cameltry and the Half Pipe/Tube. Bosses are an extention to both Mania (the Hard Boiled Heavies) and Triple Trouble (Fang, Metal Sonic, original non-Eggman bosses). No 3D models in the entire game apart from bosses and Special Stages to stand out, just hand drawn traditional animation in the style of the classic artwork in HD (or 4K). Musically there are two different soundtracks to choose from, a Mega Drive style soundtrack using the actual sound chip and a Saturn inspired soundtrack done by Naofumi Hataya and/or Richard Jacques. You could even customise the soundtrack by selecting which tracks you want to play and even allow an option to import your soundtrack. Oh and a gradual level design so it starts of like quick and streamline but then it gets more complex and by the last two levels long maze like ala Sonic 3&K. No Time Over either. As for 3D, people on this thread have more or less said similar things in regards of transplanting the classics into a 3D space however I'll do my own take on it. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles have to be playable but the latter two might have to be nerfed due to the different dimension. Physics have to be as close to the originals as it is possible on a 3D plane that no 3D Modern Sonic game has done. Sonic has to earn his speed and more platform focused gameplay. Rolling down hills and climbing up them, smashing blocks/walls to get to new areas, do a puzzle or two to figure out how to get there. Moves are more of the classic style so no homing attack or light speed dash however the parkour move is going to be in as a means to get to an alternative route. Say to get to the top route, you roll down and with enough speed get to the high platform via a manual ramp and the bottom route is not performing it or not enough speed to drop down, the parkour could be used to get to the middle route on the wall. There could be a part of a stage where you can do what you see in the intro to Sonic CD yourself. The spindash has to have a purpose that is mainly to get up ramps or a gimmick that uses it ala Sonic 3&K. Very little boost pads and even then it is a one time thing (sort of like Chemical Plant), minimal scripting in the game none on loops and only there if it to prevent any bugs or out of control moments. Level design has to be varied. I don't want something like Sonic Utopia where you look like you get lost in a level but nothing like a mobile runner game. Was thinking more along the lines of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Lost World as in multiple ways of doing a level but still linear and straight forward enough to know where you are going. It has to have slopes, loops, curves, maybe even a corkscrew and less on the bottomless pits. Graphically sort of like Sonic Unleashed as in beautiful to look at with the charm of Sonic Lost World. Yes that includes all of Sonic's animal buddies, e.g. Flickies and iconic enemies e.g. Motobug. Remember when I said Sonic Jam? Well it has to be caked with extras. Concept artwork for the game and the series, sound test, character profiles, adverts, silly Youtube/Twitter things, animation, history and a little exploring hub world (not for the game, for the extras) where there are easter eggs and little bonus modes to give that extra replayability outside of the main game. Oh and have it polished, really polished as in minimal bugs and glitches.
  6. Differences between Mania and the classics

    Even when you haven't played the game, you do notice some differences. I would say as an observation is that the marketing is completely different. In the classics, more so with 1 and 2 but still there to a smaller extent for 3&K and CD they were marketed heavily. Plenty of adverts, bundled with consoles, magazine previews and even got a tie-in not quite related music video for Sonic 3. Marketing with Mania however was a lot smaller by comparison mainly focused on Youtube and a few websites, even the Sonic Stadium and the origins of Sonic Retro could be considered advertising the game. Outside of the Internet and well it's just not there in the public eye apart from maybe one or two magazine previews. Plus being a digital download also means that the exposure is going to be more limited. If it was the classic era, Sega would have pushed Sonic Mania to be bundled with PS4s, Switches and Xbox Ones heavily as big as EA pushes FIFA or Sony pushing out Uncharted. In marketing terms, the classics were mainstream while Mania is a niche. On the opposite side of the spectrum if Mania is classed as a spinoff than a main game, Sonic Mania got more promotion than most of the spinoff titles (with the exceptions being Sonic 1 and 2 8-bit, Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D and Sonic R) as the game is on more popular consoles. The Game Gear games didn't get much marketing and even then mostly Japan got adverts for them, sometimes they came out in stores with no previews, no reviews and probably just one magazine advert if you was lucky. It would be like if Sonic Mania came out only on the Vita for a modern day comparison. Another thing is the box art, well digital download cover in this case. At first glance it looks like classic influenced focusing on the characters themselves being happy and a bright poppy cover however it isn't quite like that. Most of the classics and well most of the spinoff games had a completely different box art design. The Western covers of the classics as well as most spinoff games used a full cover. It was the characters with a background usually inspired by the game itself whether it was Sonic 1 set in Green Hill Zone, Sonic 3 was either in Carnival Night or a jungle (suppose to be Angel Island) depending where you were or Sonic CD that had Sonic getting the time stone from a bashed generator featuring Metal Sonic. There were a few expections such as Western Sonic 2, Sonic & Knuckles and European Sonic 3D however most games followed this rule all the way to Sonic R. That promotion artwork where Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were in Studiopolis? That would have been most likely the American/European cover had the game being in a physical form in the classic era. Even going back to Sonic 1, 2 and 3 Japanese covers, they weren't as poppy and they used a white background to focus more on the character whether its Sonic, Sonic and Tails or Sonic and Knuckles. They were also mainly standing but did do a pose and not as happy compared to Mania where they look like they are ready to jump and look really happy. The yellow background could be considered distracting due to the different style. Also a minor little detail but the characters don't exactly look like the classic design on the digital download cover, they are not Naoto Ohshima style (and variations) or Greg Martin style (and variations) and would look a bit off or not quite right by comparison. Musically apart from the obvious sound quality boost is also different by the roots and the style. With the classics and even with some spinoffs; Sega tried to get someone well known or famous whether it was Masato Nakamura from Dreams Come True, Yuzo Koshiro who is a big name in Japan but more well known outside of Japan as the composer of Revenge of Shinobi and the Streets of Rage series, a J-Pop singer to do a couple of Sonic CD songs, even Michael Jackson was involved and you couldn't get any bigger than him! Even when it wasn't those, Sega at least had their own large team of musicians to do the songs and usually at the time considered to be some of the best on the Mega Drive that had a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to sound quality that perception lasted for literally years or the Master System/Game Gear with its limited PSG chip. Mania, they just got a passionate fan and someone who briefly worked at Square Enix to help him. So a big difference from a well known star or an established musician to someone who did this as his second game. Tee Lopes did get a small likeable reputation before Mania however it was mainly remixes. It is more like someone who was in the demoscene and got promoted to doing games rather like Jesper Kyd, Matt Furniss, Barry Leitch. The style is also completely different even though it does usually try to fit with the game. It's not like the classics that use the YM2612 chip or the Saturn era where it was mainly Richard Jacques' work or Naofumi Hataya. Since Sonic Mania was advertised by the staff as a lost Sega Saturn game, it doesn't sound like it came from a Saturn in terms of style with only Green Hill Act 2 and Studiopolis Act 1 that come remotely close. The songs don't have much if any 1990s influences where the Mega Drive/Sega CD games take influence from early 1990s stuff such as Bobby Brown, 808 State or the Saturn where Rusty Ruin Act 1 and Work it Out both sound like contemporary music of the time (Sadeness and Move on Up). No raves, no jungle, no pop, not much guitar when a LOT of songs from VGM have it, no trance, no deeply emotional songs or even relaxing songs like NiGHTS or Green Grove. The instruments sound too clear as well as there were usually a bit of sound compression or a lot depending whether it was redbook or sound chip. Some of songs sound more like the Dreamcast era such as the boss themes and Mirage Saloon Act 1K. One of the songs is even jokey sounding that wouldn't fit at all with the tone of the classics despite being a classic era song itself. They sound too modern to fit with the classics.
  7. 2004: The Best Year in Gaming?

    While 2004 isn't my favourite year in gaming what with my preferences being 1992 (Super Mario Land 2, Sonic 2, Desert Strike, Streets of Rage 2), 1998 (Star Wars Trilogy Arcade, Gran Turismo, Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit), 2006 (OutRun 2006, After Burner Climax, The Godfather) and 2012 (Sleeping Dogs, Need for Speed: Most Wanted), I do know that it is one really really good year in gaming and perhaps one of the best. For some people though they might prefer 1985 (Hang-On, Space Harrier, Super Mario Bros., Monty on the Run), 1994 (Daytona USA, Earthworm Jim, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Donkey Kong Country) or even 2017 (Sonic Mania, Super Mario Odyssey, Persona 5). Potentially every year since 1978 in gaming could be someones favorite so it is subjective. Rather like the OP, most of the games that were from that year I didn't really play in 2004 however it was for a different reason. That reason was because of lack of time, lack of money and was hard to find Gamecube games in stores so it sadly started some bitterness in gaming. Only really played back then Sonic Heroes (ugh), Sly 2: Band of Thieves (pretty good), Mario vs Donkey Kong (pretty good except the graphic style, US import too), Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Donkey Kong Country 2 (it's all right) and Paper Mario 2 (sorry I couldn't get into it but do acknowledge that people really like this one). Around that time was more interested in playing more older games from the late 1980s and the early 90s. I did play Everything or Nothing, Burnout 3, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Call of Duty: Finest Hour, Chronicles of Riddick, Shrek 2, Halo 2, Starsky & Hutch, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent, the home version of OutRun 2, GTA 3/Vice City and Silent Scope Complete at a later date after acquiring an original Xbox... in 2013. Ratchet & Clank 3 and Killzone were played via their HD remakes. Most of the games I had some enjoyment out of them with Burnout 3 considered to be one of my favourite games of all time due to the takedowns, crash mode and pick up and play gameplay however it is shared with its PSP cousin Burnout Legends that is a mixture of 1, 2 and 3 with the soundtrack from Revenge. POP: Sands of Time is another of my favourites mainly because of the parkour mechanic. Only Rogue Agent, Call of Duty and Shrek 2 found to be just average. I have a lot more games from this year including many that I will mention but just haven't had chance to play on them. I can understand why 2004 for some is the best year in gaming. I mean you had Burnout in its prime, Metal Gear in its prime, The Sims in its prime, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is considered by many people to be their favorite game of all time and one of the few games from 2004 that still sells today, ESPN NFL 2K5 is considered by many to be the best American football game of all time and still play it to this day, you had some good licensed games, people fell in love with Tales of Symphonia (and what kickstarted the series outside of Japan), Far Cry wowed people on PC and if you are an American you got to experience Katamari Demacy. People also really liked the Viewtiful Joe games on the Gamecube and got a small fanbase. If you was a Xbox owner, you was in for a treat for a couple of collections with Silent Scope Complete where you have the full arcade series on one disc and the GTA twin pack where you had superior versions of GTA 3 and Vice City with better graphics and performance. Dead or Alive Ultimate has a perfect Saturn port (emulation?) of the first game as well as a remake of Dead or Alive 2. Oh and a great port of OutRun 2. There were also for PS2 owners as well Street Fighter Anniversary Collection where you had Hyper Street Fighter 2 and fan favorite Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike, Atari Anthology and Midway Arcade Treasures 2 where it featured some that Midway/Atari offered including a few Mortal Kombat games, Rampage: World Tour and Hard Drivin'. Oh and a few noteworthy games that I should mention that haven't yet. The big one is Halo 2. The one game that basically the reason why online gaming on consoles really took off and even had people who played that from launch all the way to the Xbox Live switch off date. It even had some DLC that later came out on disc just for some extra multiplayer maps, not often did a console game had that and got away of selling it too. Plus a solid single player mode that had a poor cliffhanger ending. You had to wait 3 years until you could finish the fight. People were impressed with the graphics, the story line telling from two points of view both from Master Chief and the Abriter, the music from Marty O'Donnell and the set pieces. Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay is a licensed game that people loved and was surprising good due to the lack of hype. It was a first person adventure game with plenty of stealth sections but did have some gunplay in a few parts. It was also lovely to look at with its lighting engine even though it did get a bit blocky on the Xbox on some parts of the game. It is also considered to be a game that was better than the movie that it was based off and not that many games got that title. Richard Burns Rally is perhaps not as well known however for simulation racing fans, it was considered their favourite rally game for years due to the attention to detail with the sound, graphics and the realistic handling. It is considered one of the toughest rally games ever made and took until DiRT Rally before it had a competitor. It would be a bit cliched calling it the Dark Souls of racing games but it more or less is. Another really popular rally game but a lot more accessible was RalliSport Challenge 2 to the point where a fanbase wanted a re-release of what was DICE's last racing game. It showed what the original Xbox could do graphically, had plenty of variation and was like the Project Gotham Racing series where it balanced between arcade and simulation, also one of the few rally games that was successful in the US with only Sega Rally being the other. Spider-Man 2 is another licensed game that people really love. Some people consider this the best Spider-Man game of all time, mainly due to its open world and the web slinging mechanic that made people feel like they were Spider-Man. However not every game in 2004 was great. Driv3r is considered a massive disappointment and lost nearly all the good faith of what was at one point more successful than GTA, plus it was just too buggy. The series never recovered from that to the point where Atari sold the series to Ubisoft and only Driver: San Francisco came close (C.O.P: The Recruit and Watch Dogs were also considered Driver games at one point, Wheelman that Ubisoft published was a concidence that it was a Driver like game but it did influence Driver: San Francisco). GoldenEye: Rogue Agent and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within were both disappointing compared to the previous and the next entries of their series. Bad Boys II and Fight Club shows that not all licensed games from the year were good. Codemasters did the awful Club Football soccer games that were only successful because they managed to do something like 20 variations of the same game just with a different featured club. Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution disappointed fighting game fans because Capcom did a bait and switch, they were working on a 3D fighter but had problems so they did a quicky game with very little work put into it. Nearly everything in the game except Ingrid and the music were recycled and even Marvel vs Capcom 2 had more new stuff in. Then there's Super Mario Ball that people just didn't like.
  8. It depends on the show. With The Crown, it has taken nearly a year from Netflix to DVD/Blu-ray but something like House of Cards was much longer. In the case of the cartoons though seeing any cartoon on home media is a gamble. It's not just Netflix but in general, there are plently of cartoons not just recent stuff but even stuff from around 20-25 years ago that hasn't had a DVD or a Blu-ray release at all. Some series get the odd 4 episode a time and that's it release. Even worse outside of the US where a series might get abandoned or region locked so you can't continue like Batman: The Animated Series only got 2 volumes in the UK compared to all 4 in the US, maybe even no releases at all. With those mentioned, it is doubtful that those series will get a release and really it is just Fox and Warner Bros (mileage may vary for that one since they produced a metric tonne of animated content) out of the big ones that try. Oh doesn't Universal own Dreamworks now? Good luck getting any cartoon of theirs for a release (apart from a few Minions things, only heard of one Woody Woodpecker box set). It's really teenager/adult targeted animated series that get releases so stuff like Family Guy, King of the Hill, Archer, South Park have a higher chance of getting a season box set. Even The Simpsons isn't guaranteed for box sets and that's like one of the mainsteam cartoons going.
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  11. Bean I imagined him to have a wacky cartoony voice so Dee Bradley Baker or Billy West considering the heritage and his inspirations being Daffy Duck and Woody Woodpecker. Mel Blanc or Joe Alaskey would have been perfect however they aren't alive anymore. Fang for me either sounds like a sly type of person so possibly Kevin Miller with a huskier tone or someone who has a menacing Austrailian type of accent but can't think of anyone, maybe Andrew O'Keefe? Bark is a tough one, I go for Alexander Armstrong as looking at the character looks tough, a bit older than most of the cast and shy. As for the rest of the cast, Michelle Ruff for Honey considering the original character that she was based off was a shy but wild and raunchy character that Michelle can pull both off (she voices both Cream and Fujiko Mine covering the former and the latter). Mighty would be either Roger Craig Smith or Jason Griffith both in a deeper gruffer voice due to the Sonic connection but would have chosen Phil LaMarr as an alternative. Ray I'll go for either Kate Higgins or Amanda Miller.
  12. Firstly is the release schedule. Mania was a bit of fresh air as it was the last Classic Sonic platformer since 3&K (technically since Sonic Blast but in terms of quality and in the public eye) but if you're getting Mania styled games every year or two, people outside of the die hard fans will get fed up of Classic Sonic. Some people back in the day were getting fed up of Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles because of the close release schedule and to the public not much change. Despite Sonic 3 changing quite a bit of the game as in extra characters, longer mazey level design, more moves/power ups, a save function and even a small change to the graphic style (slightly for the worst but most didn't notice especially if you used a composite or a RF connection where the graphic style goes in favor for those), people still found it same old, same old and sales weren't as strong as Sonic 1 or 2. S&K sold more because of the Lock on gimmick. So if there was another Classic Sonic platformer, it would be best to be in perhaps one or two at most console generations. Secondly are the stages themselves and perhaps why Mania is a let down to some because of the reusing stages from the past even though they are different in level design. You could get away of having Green Hill then all new stages afterwards however the Classics often did is a spin or an update to Green Hill such as Emerald Hill where it is similar but set on the edge of the island or Angel Island where the second part of the level goes on fire changing the landscape, even the first part was more jungle like than by a lake (Sonic 1), near a mountain (Sonic CD) or by the sea (Sonic 2). If Classic Sonic has to be beyond celebrating its past then it has to have new stuff even if it references the older stages but not the older stages themselves. Sonic CD is a good example since the levels were influenced by Sonic 1 however each one is different than its Sonic 1 counterpart. As for moves well it's a bit harder to say but if the later Classic Sonic games had the Drop Dash and designed levels to use the move. Like Sonic 2 introduces the Spin Dash but Sonic 3&K have more use for the move. New moves would have to incorporate into the level design but make them not look like a gimmick. Powerups is also a tricky one since Mania did this well and an evolution to the Sonic 3&K ones using elements of the stages. There have been power ups in Classic Sonic that were dropped and reintroducing them can be seen as new such as bringing back the Spring from Sonic Chaos/Sonic Triple Trouble. Special stages again have to push even more than the stages and the game itself which Mania hasn't really done. The original Classic Sonic special stages were made to prove a point like Sonic 1 having a rotating special stage because the Mega Drive can't do rotation (well it can in software mode as proven also by Mega Turrican and Gunstar Heroes), Sonic 2 having the half pipe and polygons/raycasting but running at a decent frame rate (only Kawasaki Superbikes is more impressive, most polygonal/raycasting stuff had a very low framerate on systems pre-PS1/Model 1) and what seems technically impossible made possible. Have a talented programmer working on these alone and come up with something technically impressive but also fun to play. I would even go as far as changing the art style. Don't mind me wrong, Mania is a great looking game and the best looking Classic Sonic game even though the Classic Sonic games are some of the best looking 16-bit games because of the art style but if Classic Sonic has to keep evolving then so would the art eventually. Up the resolution from 320x240 to HD (or 4K), switch from sprites to hand drawn (but make sure it isn't tweened) but keep the saturated poppy look of Classic Sonic and the detail of the stages/enemies/bosses. Even having something like Donkey Kong Country Returns or Rayman Origins/Legends but keeping the physics as close as it can would be enough for a pleaser of a game. It's a big change and not easy to do it right like Sonic 4 looking like a cheaply made game (even though it had the right idea) but a well drawn Classic Sonic game with a lot of effort is enough to please outside of the fanbase.
  13. No. Sonic Mania and Forces are two different games. They might have some loose connections for marketing reasons like Sega saying Sonic CD and Sonic 4 are linked because they were released at the same time, well the Taxman version of Sonic CD not the original. Speaking of the original, Tails appears in a secret picture in Sonic CD saying "See You Next Game" with a car but are Sonic CD and Sonic Drift connected? No they are not. They are usually included to say the next game is coming out soon, go buy it! I suspect that's the link between Mania and Forces. Besides how can you lock on games that used two different gaming engines? Sonic 3&K ran on the same engine (and so does Sonic 1 and 2 which is why you got Knuckles in Sonic 2) so lock on was possible, any other game would have either booted up a Blue Sphere level or just Sonic & Knuckles. You might get an extra costume with a Sonic Mania save like some games have extras if you have another game but that's at the most. For the prices it is because Sonic Mania is a downloadable game and anymore than $20 (€20/£15) might seem too much for a downloadable only platformer. Sonic Forces is that price because it is either a short game or because it is very hard for people to buy games any more than that price point for a platformer (we won't know for sure until release). Only Mario really gets away with $60 platformers. As for the release dates, it is because many companies that release games normally choose those months for maximum money opportunities. They put the big releases between September to November because the publishers know that money will be made whether they are Christmas presents, birthday presents, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, etc. Not just games but also music and books do this technique as well. On the other side, sometimes companies release games in March and April because that's where the financial year lies and sometimes sneak some not so good stuff/rushed stuff around that time just to make any money or to cut some losses. There are also summer releases that companies are starting to do, in the past they are considered risky because they thought sales be low due to children are more likely to be outside than inside and older people would watch sporting events but some release games for the children to play while they are out of school (e.g. LEGO games, Crash N.Sane trilogy, Splatoon, even Sonic 1 could have been considered one of the first) and Sony have released games because they know that there isn't as much competition and doing well out of it (e.g. The Last of Us, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy).
  14. Happy late birthday, hope you enjoyed it!

    1. Polkadi


      Thank you! :heart: It was quite enjoyable :)

  15. Gave a listen to the entire Sonic Mania soundtrack, more or less a spoiler free way of doing so as in minimizing the player while they play so it doesn't spoil the moments.

    It seems that apart from Green Hill Act 2, Chemical Plant Act 2, Studiopolis Act 1, Main Menu, miniboss/some of the bosses (Confidential Mission esque sounding Eggman 1 and Hard Boiled Heavies in particular) and all of Mirage Saloon that are amazing/my favorites, they are just okay. Maybe good as they are nice sounding but not my favourite by a lot shot and definitely not my favourite classic Sonic one that's for sure. Probably on par with Sonic 3D both versions, Chaotix and CD (US), higher than Blast, both Sonic Drifts, Spinball, Skypatrol but lower than both Sonic 1 and 2s, 3&K, CD (JP), Pocket Adventure, Triple Trouble and R.

    The rest are either just sound instrument replacements that sounds like they came from the bonus tracks of Generations losing the charm (apart from Green Hill and even still that one to a small degree, would rather listen to the FM originals than the technically better but lacking in soul versions) and I was disappointed with Flying Battery not having enough ooomph to the song and he beginning of Act 2 sounds like elevator music plus Blue Sphere sounding annoying after a bit, the Sonic CD type of ones are good but the originals are still easily ahead for me and sadly much of the new stuff sound a bit bland, not really fitting for the series, if it did fit then some tracks from the US version of Sonic CD would be close. Sadly it's a issue that I forgot what they sounded like after play and normally a lot of Sonic music sticks into my head, even cheesefest Splash Hill zone Act 1 from Sonic 4 was quick into my head from its first play.

    Just a bit disappointing that the entire soundtrack doesn't meet with the highs of the announced/leaked tracks otherwise CD (JP) and Adventure would have some stiff competition. In fact afterwards I went straight back to listening to Sonic 1 and 2 just for that FM charm and my favorites from Mania.

    Oh and is it me or does the last track sounds like the title from Knuckles Chaotix?