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  1. At first it might have been a provoking thread where it would mention the pros and cons of cancel culture, the situations where it would make sense (e.g. a bad person needs to be called out to protect others, to prevent popular celebrities doing nasty things and getting away with it) or that in many cases it goes too far. How people shouldn't judge from a joke that was done 10-15 years ago online when it was the standard for a lot of people to be offensive but rather the character of the person overall. Both past and present. Then it was just examples from Space Jam 2... They were decisions made by Warner Bros, in fact the Speedy Gonzales thing was before even modern day cancel culture was a thing. It was the case that think Cartoon Network in the US thought that the character was offensive but the Mexicans actually like the character so it was a misunderstanding that got resolved. Lola Bunny had a few redesigns and characterisation changes since the original Space Jam including The Looney Tunes Show and Pepe Le Pew wasn't really a popular character and bit more understanding why he might not be a character that is suitable in this day and age. Especially since it is not just the US but global where it is easier to remove something from the planning stages than it is to cut the scene out from other markets that would also cause complaints had it kept in. What would be worse, removing an unpopular character or appearing in certain news channels/newspapers/magazines of a "sexual harassment skunk" in a children's film? Besides Warner Bros. wouldn't completely remove the character, he will still appear in Looney Tunes boxsets targeted for the adult collector (it wouldn't be like the old 1930s-1940s shorts where you wouldn't see them again despite a few are animation achievements) and wouldn't be like what Disney did with The Simpsons.
  2. Sigh... I just couldn't find that Lupin anywhere on here... I'm taking a flight back to Japan, go work for a small village police station in defeat...

    But before I go to sleep, just one thing:


    You have been fooled. It was me, Mr Loopone all along!

    This was the first April Fools that I've done on here since usually I have the day off and honestly, it wasn't the same. This place used to have great vibes during this day and was like a fancy dress party but this year it was so flat and miserable especially during a time when people need comfort and to be happy. I didn't even get the chance to do LUPIN!. Then again times have changed and am sorry if I annoyed anyone today.

    1. Azure Blue Tori

      Azure Blue Tori

      At least we got Homura bringing Ow the Edge.

      (truth be told, you didn't annoy me, and I don't see why anyone else would be annoyed).

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      *offers wumpa fruit*

  3. Morning!

    I'm Inspector Zenigata of Interpol, I've heard that Lupin goes on here and it's my job to arrest him.

  4. Yes, no, maybe? If we are talking about the main series, much of the target audience at least for the younger and more casual readers wouldn't know who they are. The ones that do were the ones who migrated from Archie or are die hard fans. It is trickier than it looks because you can't please both camps unless by fluke or very hard work, the ones who want a comic more accurate to the games but has its own flavour and the ones who followed Ian Flynn and the artists over the years who just want to see them again. There could be like a nod say a computer that is branded Nicole or Sonic mentioning that he knew someone called Sally (I don't know if that has happened in the comics), the latter ambiguous enough to either reference the freed animal, Sally Acorn or someone else. That is probably the safest option. If the characters were brought back, that would have issues because the Freedom Fighter fans would complain that they aren't the same characters anymore as they would have to change their designs (again) and parts of their personality to be compatible with the universe. People did complain about Sally's redesign in the past. Even if they were brought back to have the same designs as the late Archie comics, they probably appear in just an arc and no longer the other main characters so they will be complaints whether they get too much or not enough attention. Then again the nature of comic books is that they have more than one universe and that is how the Freedom Fighters can come into play without interfering with the main timeline. That depends on if Sega allows it and I don't think that they would, it probably might be a hard push just to have a Classic Sonic book. If Sega embraces the multiverse as per comic book standards then the Freedom Fighters can come back in both Archie and SatAM flavours (and AoSTH subseries while we are at it, maybe the Fleetway comics too). If character issues weren't a thing, they could really go to town having both pre and post Super Genesis Wave characters.
  5. In terms of the Internet, my enjoyment has gone downhill over the years. Currently it is about 20-30% and that depends on the day. It gets annoying now that a majority of websites, you have to go through so many options before you get onto a website. In the past, you just went to the website but now you have to click Manage My Choices/Cookies, check to see they are off (or bare essential ones) and if they are not then tap no, then scroll down to accept/save (but it doesn't really save). Some websites have a Decline option but not many do. The more options/companies that it has, the more annoying and time consuming it is. The term of "personalising" your Internet annoys me, it's not personalising me but rather for all sorts of companies out there getting a profile on you. Oh and many companies are getting wise to adblocking and filters. To give an example, in the past you could just go on YouTube and you get the video playing. Now before you can get there, you get a pop up unless you sign in and Google wants to accept their "privacy" policy. I have to inspect the element, clear about ten things in the code and then play the video. Even using Opera and/or Firefox with their filtering options/addons, it is still a hassle. I've also known websites to be absolutely broken because of filter/addon conflicts. One awful website is Healthline, you just can't go on the website at all without accepting consent from about 50 companies because it is clever regarding filters and code. They give you a very limited selection of articles if you live in the UK/EU/EEA and is very patronising about their wording, Red Ventures the company who owns it just want more money, they get enough from a price comparison website and commission from the companies. So if you want to look for a health issue (a really important thing in your life especially now with the quality of service from doctors has gone downhill), you can't. When I first started using the Internet, the main focus was that it can be used for research since streaming wasn't quite a thing yet and downloads took ages (the only real plus of the Internet as time goes on as a observation is that the quality has improved in terms of videos and faster download/streaming speeds). As mentioned, it's very hard in this day and age to find truthful or reasonable information. It's like the influence of those newspapers seeding through. I still research things online and have been towards one of my interests but the fun in that has declined over the years. Would even go as far I have been toying over the years to drop the Internet, think once it gets really pricy and not everywhere gives you the best connection (my area cannot get fibre broadband and it goes down now and again) but then again the Internet is becoming a standard especially what happened within the past year. The main problem with the Internet and has been say since the mainstream adoption of 2007-2008 would be social media. While social media did exist as forums like here and people did use AIM or MSN Messenger, now there's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Discord, TikTok or WhatsApp the latter if you have a phone (or other country alternatives). You have to be on one of those websites/apps since many of the small scale ones closed down and many forums that the members are drying up or at worst tearing each other apart. Yes, there was a time when people were making their own websites but now the Internet is very corporate and the cost to make your website is higher. The thing is, is that when someone does not feel comfortable using these services, it pushes you out. Why? The people. It is getting as time goes by pushing towards one side or the other, the middle (not quite the middle technically, there's a bias but not extreme) is shrinking and as mentioned before like walking on eggshells to make sure that you're not attracting either side for condemnation. Then again people were just as bad in the early days. Oh and I dislike influencers, basically advertising disguised as a person for money. Oh buy X product, I love it. I buy what I buy thanks. Relating to that I do not have any subscriptions to streaming services or donate to Patreon, the latter getting more common. For the former, it's the case of the lack of content that they have towards my "picky" tastes and wouldn't spend money on something that I will use little of, plus a lot of the good stuff is US only. It's a mixed issue for me, on one hand it is giving people entertainment or encouragement but on the other hand it is becoming moneywalled, something that has already happened for the news and streaming services are creating a profile about you. There are websites that I just more or less stopped using. Taking the YouTube example, the last time that I put something on there was 2016 but you wouldn't know since that account has been personally deleted and the amount over the years got less and less. What could have been hours is sometimes mere minutes once every so often now. People go on about what's the current term... (prefix)-Tubers? A lot of the younger people watch YouTube but to me the personalities have put me off. A long time ago I watched something called GameSack but went off that, then it was Retro Core but went off that too. When it's people screaming, getting overly excited or being smirky, it just gives you a headache. Geolocking is another big issue that has popped up when the Internet became more corporate. VPN seems to be a band-aid (and one that has cost) but it will be a matter of time where companies get wise blocking (and lobbying governments to banning them), and it has already happened in some countries however it is the government rather than the companies. Another recent annoying thing is 2 factor verification. A good idea in practise as it is more secure due to hacking but the issue is down to having a phone and even in this day and age not everyone has one or needs one. It also doesn't help that as a example someone can't read their emails because it uses Duo Mobile and their phone that isn't that old doesn't allow to install the app on Google Play because Google wouldn't let you, the company also doesn't have an apk on their website regarding this. I know not everywhere uses this 2 factor verification and some use the code sent to your emails but this will be a big issue as time goes on due to reading about college and university students require this. It doesn't help that many countries are moving towards the all digital future where we would all be glued to our phones and computers. Money is already going to be a thing of the past since many stores (the ones that are left, mainly supermarkets) have switched to credit/debit card only. I've known supermarkets doing this overnight especially if they have a self service checkout, one happened last week. Plus it's not just companies but governments too. The UK does a Census every 10 years but this year, you had to add a lot more personal information than beyond name, address, how many live at your house such as what job if you have one and all of your details (outside of pay), your health, your qualifications if you have any. Oh and it's online this time.
  6. Sonic 1 and 2 were made when the arcades were still popular, Sega and many other gaming companies focused on shorter experiences but difficult enough to make them seem longer than they are. Having a save was still a bit of a novelty however was growing in popularity, at the time platformers outside of Super Mario World wasn't common to have a save function. Level Select was a thing, mainly for the developers to test a level but often kept in the final game. Passwords could have been used and were more common but I don't think Sega used them as much compared to other companies usually Western developers. Even on Sega's other consoles at the time such as the Master System and Game Gear, any form of save was rare. Sonic 1 on those consoles didn't even have a level select. A save feature would have added the cost of the cartridge especially in the early 1990s, they were pretty much reserved for RPGs on the Mega Drive and were more expensive to purchase until later in the system's life where it expanded to other genres and even then the ones who usually offered the saves wasn't Sega but EA and Codemasters who made their own cartridges for their own games. When it came to cartridge manufacturing Sega were cheaper and wanted more profits so for a while 2MB was their max, Nintendo by comparison was offering more space and more likely to use battery/ROM save but imagined that they would have been a bit more expensive to make, it would have cost more for the publisher and for the people buying the game since SNES games were more expensive than Mega Drive games. Also Sega tend to have more than one country that was making the cartridges, for Sonic 1 and 2 they had ones from Japan, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Australia, the latter for the Ozisoft release in that country. The demand was so great at one point that parts were sent over to the UK and assembled the cartridges. The back of the box and/or the cartridges says the country of origin.
  7. There is a metric ton to the point where it is more like massive holes rather than gaps however the line between "nerd" pop culture and anything else blurs over the years. Even things we don't think of as nerdy such as fiction books can be presented in depth, I imagine something like Sherlock Holmes could have been considered "nerd-like" back in the Victorian Era when some people weren't educated to read or in many cases didn't have much money to live off. Since I am not into fantasy (and is a historic "nerd" thing), stuff like Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Dungeons and Dragons, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter (outside of watching the first movie), Narnia, etc is very poor to non-existent. Sci-fi is a bit different so stuff like Star Wars and Star Trek is hit and miss though which is a bit better but only because my dad and my brother were really into sci-fi, not into them as much. Other sci-fi? Nope in most cases and not into them especially Doctor Who where it seems to be advertised as a drama in recent times. Comic books are interesting because many of the characters are pop culture icons making them hard to avoid. Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, X-Men. They appear in films, games, cartoons, merchandise. The problem with comic books when it comes to the source material is that they can be kinda complex with alternate universes, different characters of the same character, storylines that are other comic books (e.g. Chapter 1 might be in a Batman story, Chapter 2 in a Superman story, Chapter 3 is back to Batman while chapter 4 might be err... Swamp Thing and they all follow on) and well confusion whether it is an old continuity or a new one. There are a metric ton of comic book characters that I just don't know, only heard of the name or have knowledge because they appeared in something that I watched (a good example is Batman: The Brave and the Bold where it is full of obscure characters). Plus something like the MCU is interconnected meaning that it is easy to get lost when you only have an interest in a character/characters but not in others. Let's put it this way, I first found out Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse (and imagine that many people did) and now the PS4 game but before then I won't know who he was apart from that he was Spider-Man related because of not reading the comic books. As for any other comic books, even worse on that scale. Admitted, kind of a different kind of comic book I was into Asterix and Tintin when I was younger. While a majority of Tintin outside of the really early questionable content and the unfinished book I have either read or watched the quite faithful cartoon but over time a lot of that knowledge has gone... Plus they still make Asterix comics so I wouldn't know who the newer characters/plotlines are (last one that I read was I think when Goscinny was still alive and the last one that I'm aware of was Asterix and the Falling Sky, the last one where Uderzo was involved). What about anime? It's where it gets tricky because some are in one country mainstream or at least accepted as getting into pop culture while in others you don't have a single clue what you are on about. Plus for years at least in the US and the UK, it was considered a nerdy subject (to the point where some "nerds" can be traced to sci-fi cons and recently Discotek Media where their releases are for the old school market). A lot of anime knowledge which is still something like 2-3% of all anime knowledge is filled with Lupin the 3rd, again mainstream in Japan and Italy, cult in the US, barely a blip elsewhere. The rest is filled with Space Adventure Cobra, Sherlock Hound and Golgo 13 but they are too obscure or not talked about much. I suppose Akira and Ghost in the Shell count? Right? A slice of JoJo on top? The big pillars of Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Detective Conan along with Neon Genesis Evangelion, the other GAINAX shows, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fist of the North Star, Cowboy Bebop, Studio Ghibli or the modern isekai/slice of life stuff are... I know a few characters, have a basic idea what it is about at most. Trying to get into Gundam though and that is one of the old more "nerdy" ones along with Space Battleship Yamato and Macross even though wasn't the fanbase more feminine? Besides in the case of One Piece and Detective Conan, the entry barrier is a bit too high with their 1000 or so episodes, multiple films, spinoffs, etc. Taking another example, there are a few shojo series but I only know about Lady Oscar because I watched one episode in Italian, wouldn't mind watching more though since it was the basis of a lot of shojo series out there. On the opposite scale, I would rather want to forget Sailor Moon. Saying that used to be quite well on games but as age grows on you, much of that knowledge is wasting away... Plus many of the popular games are online focused. There are also series that I haven't either got into such as SMT, Persona, the kind that Atlus seem to bring out. Then again its all down to specialist subjects. I don't have much of a clue about sports, music (gameshows seem to like Ariana Grande a lot), films and especially books. They can be presented into detail, sports can even go into statistics. With sports though I think there are three types of fans, the kind where they watch it because it is your local team/your family got you involved, the "hooligan" type where it ranges from rivalry of a team to actually causing violence and the analysts. The latter usually write books, play Fantasy Football/Football Manager, hack a sports game (e.g. NHL 94, Tecmo Super Bowl) or any of those. Then again it depends on the sport, darts are usually the latter two categories while football (soccer and American), Basketball, Baseball can be all three. Still don't ask me who is playing in a football team or who is at the top of the league, the current golf players, etc, I just don't know.
  8. Well I'm off to bed now, catch ya later.


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      Have a good night!

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      Hope you get some good sleep.

  9. It just seems how to put it, a bit of a tall order? A case of being a nice idea but just way too unrealistic in terms of its goal. Besides who would this appeal to? The fanbase for SatAM is declining over the years as many of the fans have moved on and some have even passed away. The younger generation will pass on it because they don't know the characters, would look too old (sadly a criticism that does exist) and completely different in style to what Sonic has been for the past 10-15 years or so. Even the comics that were the last part of its legacy completely changed over with a new company, new characters and a style more closer to the current Sonic. Taking another example, while I might be an AoSTH fan I wouldn't want a 2nd season as that time is over and many of the people who worked on that aren't around anymore. If they got permission from Sega (doubtful), then it is a case where they haven't done a proper plan of the whole thing. All we know is that they have one of the composers and 11 episodes have been written. The money needed to raise for a high quality cartoon is hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars and that's if they outsourced the animation to South Korea or where ever, that's per episode too. Voice Actors want money, animators want money, all of the other staff associated with animation want money. If they haven't then this project will get shut down just on the grounds of using an IP. It doesn't say Sonic but has his mug on it. It is also ironic where it says that this is a non-profit thing when they have a patreon for funding. As for the trailer itself. Looking at the animation, could tell within 5 seconds that it looks off even though Sonic and Sally look like they did back then. Can definitely tell that it has tweening like it really wants to try but the emulation of the whole thing is off. It feels too mechanical. If this was a fan thing, then would give it some slack and would have been half decent but if this was a pitch to a cartoon, it would have been turned down and I would have done the same. Some moments it looks more like a parody of AoSTH in terms of its animation regarding Sonic (even the that's no good moment was lifted there). Sally sounds close to her original voice actress Kath Soucie and did a good job but Sonic? He doesn't sound close to Jaleel White, he speaks too fast. Sure sometimes Sonic did say things quickly but not all the time. It is perhaps to mask the inexperience of the voice actor or perhaps even a different voice actor to take the role. This is also the problem here. We don't know what the other characters are going to sound like. SatAM was more than just Sonic & Sally after all. It reminds me of those recent reboots that are on Youtube that have an extremely low budget rather than a successor to 26 year old cartoon.
  10. Many of the early "indie" [personally call them small developers since they often having very few staff or even one person] games got popular just because they had staff members from games companies in the past. Broken Age, Shovel Knight and even Fez are very good examples of this, even Shantae can be considered a popular indie series. It is still like this for a few games such as FTL/Into the Breach were done by ex-2K staff. If it wasn't from a games company already then heavily associated with a community like Undertale and Freedom Planet, the latter was a Sonic fan game originally that happened to be a bit more unique when it came to SAGE at the time. Some early indie games were involved with the industry but didn't work on any games before or did Flash games/shareware games. One of the earliest indie games ever Manic Miner was made because the programmer was talented enough to code on the Spectrum, yes Manic Miner could be considered an indie game today. Nowadays with kids on the Internet, it is pretty much what entertains them more and down to luck. It could even be a bad game that gets attention for the memes and not out of quality. Maybe a well known streamer played the game out of boredom. Alot of it is also just down to the type of the game. Indie games were made to be either filling a void left behind due to that very few publishers want to invest in that genre (e.g. beat em ups, platformers until more recently, classic RPGs, shoot em ups, well 2D games in general at one point, arcade sports games, arcade racing games), something different or were made out of limited resources, as is the case of many of the early ones and still is to a extent. At one point people thought every indie game looked like a NES game even though actually quite a fair bit weren't technically (even something like Shovel Knight is slightly more advanced than the NES). There have been a few indie racing games lately trying to get fill that void outside of the simulations (e.g. Milestone motorbike games, Forza, F1, etc), think the only success story was Horizon Chase and that was because the developers were such big fans of Top Gear (the old SNES game) that they put their passion into making the game. Plus it had a different model in terms of marketing as it that it was a mobile game at first that got a console/PC port later on. Many indie racing games have either stumbled on the final corner (e.g. Xenon Racer, GRIP) or didn't even get off the starting grid (e.g. 90s Arcade Racer). Sadly though many of the indie games are fighting in the same space. Not the same space as AAA or traditional publishers/developers like open world, action adventure, FPS, online battle royale, loot box/slot machine simulator, puzzle for mobile. Can recall that quite a lot of them are Metroidvanias or platformers for instance. So now that they have to really stand out to get attention whether its art style, gameplay mechanics, level design. Within the past two years we had Axiom Verge and Hollow Knight for Metroidvanias, Cuphead for a run and gun, Celeste, Gris, A Hat in Time and not as successful Yooka Laylee for platformers with the latter two being 3D. Those are just the noticeable ones. Also when it comes to attention, it seems to move from pillar to post. First indie games got popular on XBLA then when that well dried up moved to Steam or even the Vita and now it is Switch as well as various PC outlets. Why they move? Too much competition and in case of the first two got really over-saturated with crap while the Vita just died. It will happen on the Switch and probably always has right now, more so on the US store due to the rating systems/translations that many indie developers can't afford or don't want to do.
  11. Morning! or it is Afteernoon?

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      You tell me lol. It’s morning on my end and I believe it’s afternoon on your end so I’ll say both good morning and good afternoon to you 🙂

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  12. Sonic Spinball is one of the earliest missed opportunities. It is something that writes itself as in the gameplay of the Sonic stages mixed with pinball with the flippers and many of the features of pinball. Sonic 2 was praised for Casino Night. The problem was that it was handed off to developers that weren't suitable for the job. Not to bash the programmers because they did a great job with the PGA Tour Golf series and the RoadBlasters port but going from one style of gameplay to one where they don't have experience in just shows. It is like getting someone who is used to 3D games to make a 2D physics based game that exactly what this is. It was slow like 30fps, it was clunky to control and even the STI side where the music and graphics lie felt unsuitable. It was a grungy look, music was well people mock the options theme and when it tries like Lava Powerhouse or the Machine, it still feels flat. It didn't feel like pinball or Sonic. Pinball is fast, it is eyepopping by its lights, colours and artwork and around that era had some energetic music rather like these. Rather like Sonic back then. It also feel didn't do enough of the pinball side as in no multiball or the enough of the Sonic styled gameplay around the tables. Probably had Yuji Naka developed the game or cutting the ego aside got someone to do it in the Sonic 2 engine, it would be a classic worth playing. As it is though, a massive missed opportunity. While it did get a more traditional pinball game in the form of Sonic Pinball Party, it was just too little too late as it was poorly marketed, a handheld spinoff that is forgotten and was also mysteriously delayed in Europe. Positively it felt like pinball, the pinball and Sonic mix were also done better but it was also a Sonic Team crossover too with other series. Sadly it didn't get another chance as it is a combination that worked well had it been done right.
  13. Welcome to the SSMB! Hope you enjoy your stay here and yes, it is comfy, nice and there are good feelings most of the time. Wait a minute...I know you! Now that's a surprise coming here. You might not know me though but at least give a few hints such as former tennis player, often at the gaming section, lunatic fringe and was one of the oldest members when I was at a different place to the point where one of the members considered me an Old Man. To be honest I don't blame you for making different types of videos, YTPs have had a negative effect on people as I know from personal experience. Hope you get to post some of the artwork here in the future!
  14. Morning!

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