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  2. It just seems how to put it, a bit of a tall order? A case of being a nice idea but just way too unrealistic in terms of its goal. Besides who would this appeal to? The fanbase for SatAM is declining over the years as many of the fans have moved on and some have even passed away. The younger generation will pass on it because they don't know the characters, would look too old (sadly a criticism that does exist) and completely different in style to what Sonic has been for the past 10-15 years or so. Even the comics that were the last part of its legacy completely changed over with a new company, new characters and a style more closer to the current Sonic. Taking another example, while I might be an AoSTH fan I wouldn't want a 2nd season as that time is over and many of the people who worked on that aren't around anymore. If they got permission from Sega (doubtful), then it is a case where they haven't done a proper plan of the whole thing. All we know is that they have one of the composers and 11 episodes have been written. The money needed to raise for a high quality cartoon is hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars and that's if they outsourced the animation to South Korea or where ever, that's per episode too. Voice Actors want money, animators want money, all of the other staff associated with animation want money. If they haven't then this project will get shut down just on the grounds of using an IP. It doesn't say Sonic but has his mug on it. It is also ironic where it says that this is a non-profit thing when they have a patreon for funding. As for the trailer itself. Looking at the animation, could tell within 5 seconds that it looks off even though Sonic and Sally look like they did back then. Can definitely tell that it has tweening like it really wants to try but the emulation of the whole thing is off. It feels too mechanical. If this was a fan thing, then would give it some slack and would have been half decent but if this was a pitch to a cartoon, it would have been turned down and I would have done the same. Some moments it looks more like a parody of AoSTH in terms of its animation regarding Sonic (even the that's no good moment was lifted there). Sally sounds close to her original voice actress Kath Soucie and did a good job but Sonic? He doesn't sound close to Jaleel White, he speaks too fast. Sure sometimes Sonic did say things quickly but not all the time. It is perhaps to mask the inexperience of the voice actor or perhaps even a different voice actor to take the role. This is also the problem here. We don't know what the other characters are going to sound like. SatAM was more than just Sonic & Sally after all. It reminds me of those recent reboots that are on Youtube that have an extremely low budget rather than a successor to 26 year old cartoon.
  3. Many of the early "indie" [personally call them small developers since they often having very few staff or even one person] games got popular just because they had staff members from games companies in the past. Broken Age, Shovel Knight and even Fez are very good examples of this, even Shantae can be considered a popular indie series. It is still like this for a few games such as FTL/Into the Breach were done by ex-2K staff. If it wasn't from a games company already then heavily associated with a community like Undertale and Freedom Planet, the latter was a Sonic fan game originally that happened to be a bit more unique when it came to SAGE at the time. Some early indie games were involved with the industry but didn't work on any games before or did Flash games/shareware games. One of the earliest indie games ever Manic Miner was made because the programmer was talented enough to code on the Spectrum, yes Manic Miner could be considered an indie game today. Nowadays with kids on the Internet, it is pretty much what entertains them more and down to luck. It could even be a bad game that gets attention for the memes and not out of quality. Maybe a well known streamer played the game out of boredom. Alot of it is also just down to the type of the game. Indie games were made to be either filling a void left behind due to that very few publishers want to invest in that genre (e.g. beat em ups, platformers until more recently, classic RPGs, shoot em ups, well 2D games in general at one point, arcade sports games, arcade racing games), something different or were made out of limited resources, as is the case of many of the early ones and still is to a extent. At one point people thought every indie game looked like a NES game even though actually quite a fair bit weren't technically (even something like Shovel Knight is slightly more advanced than the NES). There have been a few indie racing games lately trying to get fill that void outside of the simulations (e.g. Milestone motorbike games, Forza, F1, etc), think the only success story was Horizon Chase and that was because the developers were such big fans of Top Gear (the old SNES game) that they put their passion into making the game. Plus it had a different model in terms of marketing as it that it was a mobile game at first that got a console/PC port later on. Many indie racing games have either stumbled on the final corner (e.g. Xenon Racer, GRIP) or didn't even get off the starting grid (e.g. 90s Arcade Racer). Sadly though many of the indie games are fighting in the same space. Not the same space as AAA or traditional publishers/developers like open world, action adventure, FPS, online battle royale, loot box/slot machine simulator, puzzle for mobile. Can recall that quite a lot of them are Metroidvanias or platformers for instance. So now that they have to really stand out to get attention whether its art style, gameplay mechanics, level design. Within the past two years we had Axiom Verge and Hollow Knight for Metroidvanias, Cuphead for a run and gun, Celeste, Gris, A Hat in Time and not as successful Yooka Laylee for platformers with the latter two being 3D. Those are just the noticeable ones. Also when it comes to attention, it seems to move from pillar to post. First indie games got popular on XBLA then when that well dried up moved to Steam or even the Vita and now it is Switch as well as various PC outlets. Why they move? Too much competition and in case of the first two got really over-saturated with crap while the Vita just died. It will happen on the Switch and probably always has right now, more so on the US store due to the rating systems/translations that many indie developers can't afford or don't want to do.
  4. Sonic Spinball is one of the earliest missed opportunities. It is something that writes itself as in the gameplay of the Sonic stages mixed with pinball with the flippers and many of the features of pinball. Sonic 2 was praised for Casino Night. The problem was that it was handed off to developers that weren't suitable for the job. Not to bash the programmers because they did a great job with the PGA Tour Golf series and the RoadBlasters port but going from one style of gameplay to one where they don't have experience in just shows. It is like getting someone who is used to 3D games to make a 2D physics based game that exactly what this is. It was slow like 30fps, it was clunky to control and even the STI side where the music and graphics lie felt unsuitable. It was a grungy look, music was well people mock the options theme and when it tries like Lava Powerhouse or the Machine, it still feels flat. It didn't feel like pinball or Sonic. Pinball is fast, it is eyepopping by its lights, colours and artwork and around that era had some energetic music rather like these. Rather like Sonic back then. It also feel didn't do enough of the pinball side as in no multiball or the enough of the Sonic styled gameplay around the tables. Probably had Yuji Naka developed the game or cutting the ego aside got someone to do it in the Sonic 2 engine, it would be a classic worth playing. As it is though, a massive missed opportunity. While it did get a more traditional pinball game in the form of Sonic Pinball Party, it was just too little too late as it was poorly marketed, a handheld spinoff that is forgotten and was also mysteriously delayed in Europe. Positively it felt like pinball, the pinball and Sonic mix were also done better but it was also a Sonic Team crossover too with other series. Sadly it didn't get another chance as it is a combination that worked well had it been done right.
  5. Welcome to the SSMB! Hope you enjoy your stay here and yes, it is comfy, nice and there are good feelings most of the time. Wait a minute...I know you! Now that's a surprise coming here. You might not know me though but at least give a few hints such as former tennis player, often at the gaming section, lunatic fringe and was one of the oldest members when I was at a different place to the point where one of the members considered me an Old Man. To be honest I don't blame you for making different types of videos, YTPs have had a negative effect on people as I know from personal experience. Hope you get to post some of the artwork here in the future!
  6. It is one of the few remixes that I prefer over the original and been stuck in my head for the past couple of days.
  7. It's possible but this is Sonic Team that we are talking about. They have a clear divide on which characters go where. There are also characters that have more or less retired and rarely used if they can help it because they aren't done in house for a Sonic Team game such as Fang, Bean, Bark, Cream, Emerl, Blaze, more recently Sticks (only because she appeared in the Rio Olympics) so you are probably lucky to get those even in a spinoff game and probably a push to even get a comic appearance. It was lucky that Mighty and Ray were brought back for Mania Plus and I think they had to push for that. Unless there is a leadership or policy change, it is going to be unlikely that Classic characters are going to get the Modern treatment unless they already did for Adventure (e.g. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, Metal Sonic) or Heroes (Espio, Charmy and Vector). It is also the odd one out because the rest of the Chaotix got the Modern treatment but not Mighty. Then there's the other way around where some characters are locked to Modern such as the Chaotix (minus Mighty) despite that they were around the classic era and Vector was a Classic character even before that because he was designed around Sonic 1 era. Chaotix is a weird case and I don't know why that is, Sonic Team seems to have issues regarding that game. As for playable in 3D, well... For the past 10 years, it has been mostly Sonic only that has been playable in the main games with the others being in the sidelines. Until Forces where Shadow came out of hiding for some DLC. As for the spinoff games, even they have been restricted to more or less the most popular characters so that's Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Eggman, Metal Sonic, Rouge, Vector with the first 7 getting full priority and also pushing for Silver, Omega (maybe not much now) and Zavok. Big was also brought back despite being absent for years because of memes and a boost in popularity. It is also why people were disappointed with the roster of Team Sonic Racing.
  8. If you asked me I prefer the more light hearted takes rather than the nitty gritty stuff so my tastes reflect on that (and also sort of limited on what I can watch and enjoy). AoSTH is still my favorite Sonic cartoon and one of my favorite cartoons in general. I just like how silly it is yet was close to the games at the time compared to nearly every single Sonic cartoon up to Mania Adventures where it surpassed it. The Sonic and Tails partnership, Robotnik, Scratch & Grounder being the entertaining villains, the side characters aren't annoying and even though it was very early days even got Sonic and Tails characterisations "right". Sonic being the brave, cocky yet very helpful person while Tails who is his best friend who is into gadgets and yes, even becomes a hero in a couple of episodes. The animation is inconsistent where when it got good, it got good and when it got bad you could tell but it has that charm that is very hard to replicate because even the badly animated episodes usually have a good moment or two and the style gets away with it. Very few cartoons have that title. I just like how light hearted it is when even its most high stakes episode (Mass Transit Trouble) is still tame compared to a metric ton of stuff out there. Even if it is my favourite, there are still episodes that I wouldn't watch such as Momma Robotnik Returns where she abuses Sonic while she is his carer. Would have loved to see a second season but the chances of that happening or a successor is pretty much impossible. SatAM was okay. Back in the day, I liked it just as much as AoSTH. It turns out that I only really liked Season 1 of the show with Season 2 apart from two episodes (The Void and The Doomsday Project) not very much. It might be because Season 2 wasn't aired much until it got a rerun of the show years later while Season 1 was aired more often so got to see more of those episodes. The voice acting was good and the animation was decent/good while more consistent. I did notice that it wasn't very game like however it was the case where the original TV network wanted this type of show and all things considering it still kept the loose idea of the environmental issue that the first two games had. Robotnik was just there though. The thing with SatAM is that it is really hard to judge the show because there are 3 different styles; Heads or Tails, Season 1 and Season 2. Heads or Tails is strange because it is SatAM but feels more like AoSTH in tone including Tails. Season 1 was more balanced with the Freedom Fighters, Sonic was the main character but the others played the role fairly. While it did get dark at spots, there was still a bit of hope and adventure. Only downside was lack of Tails focus. Season 2 is where the problem lie with the focus on Dulcy, Sonic getting stupider while Sally is getting more bossier and being more of the main character, the other characters were more pushed to the wayside, the two Antoine episodes where they tried to be like comedic but missed the mark and Blast to the Past? Too depressive for my tastes. As for why I liked The Void and The Doomsday Project, the former was more of a Sonic focused episode where he is trapped so he has to figure out how to escape while the latter is the power of teamwork to stop Robotnik and a bit of an uplifting ending. Apart from that cliffhanger... Underground was err... Well I only watched a couple of episodes. Not keen on the idea of the show. The animation was decent, not great but okay. Nothing much to say. OVA was pretty good. What I liked about it was that it had the basic core but did so well with the Sonic, Tails and Knuckles partnership with the banter between them and Eggman. It felt like a loose Sonic CD adaptation with Metal Sonic and similar style in terms of animation but in a lower budget. The animation was quite good and was able to watch the thing without complaints because when it comes to anime, tend to be really picky for some reason. Only thing that was questionable was Sarah, she did felt out of place and was only put there because cat girls was a thing in anime at the time. X I didn't like at all. I tried 6 episodes of the show and none of them were enjoyable with episode 1 being the closest to that mark as it that it was the only one that was close to decent. I didn't like the storylines, I didn't like how Chris was the main character, I didn't like how Sonic barely appeared in the show of his namesake and I don't think that I liked the other characters from what I remember. Maybe the Doc Brown looking Uncle Chuck was okay. The animation was awful and this is from blooming TMS, a studio that back then had a high reputation for quality animation (and still does if you count their recent work). Their work on AoSTH well the one that they did do and Man of the Year were pardon the pun miles better. Boom I didn't really watch any episode and really only watched clips of the show. Like the bits that I saw and the 3D animation was fine but don't know whether I could watch the entire series. Mania Adventures I liked watching but have to be in the right mood. In the right mood it is a joy to watch with its animation, only show that is game accurate so the characters are on point and the simple yet effective plot. It has a Mr. Bean type of tone but unlike Mr. Bean where the lack of dialogue is played for laughs to show the comedy more, here it is can be a damper to watch if not in the right mood. At least the episodes are short so the problem isn't as bad as it could have been. It is a shame that Man of the Year was just left abandoned. That to me would have a really delightful Sonic cartoon. Like Mania Adventures in tone but with that lovely TMS Animaniacs style animation and then some. Decades ago, did check on Telecom's website (the animation studio involved and it was done in 1996) and apparently it was going to be a 4 parter so we don't know whether they got made or still exist. If you asked what my ideal Sonic cartoon would be; it would pretty much be AoSTH in terms of the tone and the Sonic/Tails partnership, Man of the Year in terms of animation style, Mania Adventures in terms of game accuracy and Knuckles. Also the adventure aspect from the OVA too. As for the new series, well we don't know much if anything so it is just a wild guess at best: If it is Classic, then it'll be a follow up to Mania Adventures. It's simply because I can't see a 20 minute cartoon with no dialogue getting a greenlight in this day and age where kids sometimes struggle watching anything that isn't a few minutes long. So it probably will keep to the short format and same formula. As much as I like a voice acted classic Sonic cartoon, with current Sega in charge that won't happen. It is also beneficial to them as it would keep the production costs down and it is the most likely option. If it is Mania Adventures Season 2, please bring Fang the Sniper into it. Am pretty curious to see him in an cartoon. If it is Modern however, then it could go one or two routes. The first route is an action cartoon but personally not X style. It'll be like the current comics mixed with the current games. There might be new characters especially if they have a female character who is either with the gang or with Eggman (or both) but probably will stick to the Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Eggman, Silver, Chaotix, maybe even Deadly Six route. It wouldn't be Cream or Blaze (even if the latter would be a good choice) because Sega have more or less retired those characters and Honey is more or less Classic Rouge as a fashion designer in the eyes of Sega considering its source material. Sticks might have appeared in the Olympics but I imagine that she's retired too. The new female character would most likely be her own character in her own way who is useful to whoever. Can't really see anyone else really... With enough content, it could be a 20 minute cartoon with a loose continuity. Enough so people won't get lost but just enough to have an ongoing plot. The second route is also likely and that is a comedic cartoon a bit like Boom but more to do with the games and maybe not as self referential, around about the same running time as that roughly 7-10 minutes each episode. Either those options, I would like to see. There is also a possibility that it could be a movie tie-in or an anime but probably wouldn't. If it was an anime, we would have heard something and considering that the previous two attempts flopped in their home country, they really won't try for a 3rd time.
  9. Decided to upgrade my avatar to the 21st century even if I ironically joined here during this century. Originally I was going to use this for this year but then I thought well artists don't really like their work used outside of their own accord even when credited so I went for plan B, something that is on my mind and reflecting the past with an uncertain future. It is the case of coming full circle. Where has before the avatar was from the first episode, this one is from the last episode (well so far). From a promising driver with a smug on his face to someone who looks like that he's had enough and has let go over the years while the stakes are high. Where you question whether you do not know whether it is reality or fictional any more. It is fitting for what I'm going through. So why Lupin? Simple, he is the closest anime or any character (living or fictional) to what I resemble. Oh and like Sly Cooper on which it was based on this.
  10. It really does depend how Americanized Sonic is because we have its current form that is pretty much influenced quite a bit from America but still has some Japanese design to him to full blown American made. If it is current form but just made in the US, then he might have not lasted that long. A lot of the American Sonic stuff such as the comics and the cartoons were only made due to the success of the first two games (as well as CD and the 8-bit games elsewhere). If it was made straight away as its first game, you wouldn't have had the Freedom Fighters or indeed any future Sonic characters but Sonic & Robotnik would be still there. For the US made games, we would have a fair idea of what they are going to be like because they sort of exist in terms of platformers and American made games didn't really have a good reputation back then apart from a couple of companies (EA and Midway). It'll be most likely done by either BlueSky Software or Sega Interactive. Examples are TaleSpin, Batman Returns, Greendog and for BlueSky; Jurassic Park, Ren and Stimpy. The music wouldn't be iconic but rather that GEMS sound so it'll be bland. The game wouldn't be as fast but rather standard or even slow paced. Imagine that SatAM tech demo game and that's probably how Sonic might have been in terms of pace. It wouldn't look as colorful but drab at worse with some stiff animation. The level design would be blocky and simple rather than the curves, loops or the multiple routes. Expect control issues and dodgy collision detection a plenty. Even writing that means that Sonic would have been lucky to get decent reviews nevermind being the Mario beater that it ended up. It would have been lucky to compete against a B rated platformer nevermind Super Mario World! As soon as the mainstream anime wave of the US or the rave scene in Europe kicked in, Sonic would have been seen as old hat and pushed aside that's if he's lucky to get more than one game. It was also during this time that Sega was cutting back on American produced games so as soon as the Saturn appeared, that's it for the blue hedgehog with no comeback. If it was fully American made without Ohshima giving them a hand, it might be like this... One of the scrapped plans during Sonic 1's US development was to replace Sonic with its own American mascot and not those scrapped character designs for Sonic either. Since it would be early 1990s, imagine something like Kid Chameleon, ToeJam & Earl or even Greendog in tone and it wouldn't be too far of what it might be; probably a human with a backwards cap, baggy trousers, sunglasses and really mismatch of colors who was either a surfer or a cool dude as it was radical back then. If it would have been an animal, it wouldn't be a hedgehog that's for sure. Not really. Crash Bandicoot was inspired by Sonic and Donkey Kong Country, if Sonic didn't exist as its current form neither would Crash or even DKC. Rayman was its own thing because its French and probably took cues from Mario as well as European platformers of the time so it wouldn't have affected or influenced other series.
  11. Happy birthday, hope you enjoyed your 35th!

    1. Kiah


      35...It’s going to take a while for that to sink in but thank you Mr Loopone! 🙂

  12. To make up for the delay, Gain Ground and Puyo Puyo in the US/EU regions are both coming out in February: https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/326235-sega-ages-gain-ground-and-puyo-puyo-drop-in-february-2019
  13. The original voice recordings? Extremely doubtful that those still exist since DiC has changed hands twice since and might be lost. The masters that they used for DVDs and streaming might isolate the voice and music/sound effects (I think they do considering that these shows get dubbed into other languages but not 100% sure) however it is extremely hard to get them especially outside of the business or broadcasting. They wouldn't put those online that's for sure. Only thing that I can think of is getting episodes of AoSTH, SatAM and Sonic Underground as high quality as you can and just record the dialogue. There are many lines that Sonic repeats such as "Up, over and gone", "Let's speed, keed", "Gotta juice" or "I'm waaaaaaaiting!" so it might be possible to find one that doesn't have SFX or music included but might be harder for other dialogue.
  14. The way things are going it might be just apathy in general rather than just Sonic, however considering that Sonic games are both inconsistent and vary even between game it can be pretty hard to keep up with the series where it can go from go happy lucky to dark and depressive the next or even in between and people have different tastes, it can be surprising that a community can survive. Community wise is feeling apathetic because it knows that the series can do better and can be more fun to play but it isn't there with the current games (Mania aside and not everyone in the Sonic community is into that) and there doesn't seem to be any word to give us confidence over the next mainline game especially on the 3D side. It's also because of this time of year that there isn't an announcement to ease people and judging by the type of year, it is going to be a slow one so more people will feel apathetic and fed up of Sonic until the next game or even beyond that... Episodes of Sonic Mania Adventures are great but not everyone follows the non-game stuff of Sonic. Mario & Sonic Tokyo Olympics is most likely coming but again not many fans follow that game series. The movie also doesn't help either since that is going to get the most attention. Its a case of low morale and at the moment, only the comic fans seem happy but again a sub-section of the community. Unlike Heroes, Shadow and 06 where those three games nearly put me off the series altogether if it weren't for the Rush games, Sonic Boom and Forces really did damper any good will that the series had with its turnaround and those two games didn't appeal to me at all by not getting them. Forces isn't completely terrible as at least it is functional but could be done so much better. Do I have any hope for the series? Well... It's not for me to answer that question. I have no interest in Team Sonic Racing even though 10 years ago that would be glimmering with joy but not the same Sumo literally, not the same quality. If a Sonic game appeals to me and turns out to be at least decent, I'll give it a try. Saying that, I was even apathetic over Mania and even had concerns despite turning out to be a good game at the end. As for why I'm still here? Sonic is one of the few things from my childhood that is still going and grew up with it that is pretty impressive for a series that is going to be 30 years old in the next two years. I liked some of the games, cartoons and of course his character design. It's also more of a community thing being here for the past few years even though admittedly Sonic wise not much to talk about. Some might argue Stockholm syndrome though and some fans suffer from it. Then again as times change, so does the community. There are still Sonic fans, both of the older kind and of the newer kind. As time marches on some of the older fans either lose touch or move on and because the series is still going it will get new fans to take its place, maybe not as much and might not be as focused but still like the blue hedgehog. Some new Sonic fans would have played Sonic Dash as their first game however most of those wouldn't be here but at more kid focused areas of the Internet. I think a lot of the apathy myself included is just that we are getting tired of the series but not tired enough to completely move on say like the older Sonic fans who were into SatAM as an example. Our childhood is being very stubborn and not letting us go whether its the classics, the Adventure games, the Rush games or the Unleashed-Colours-Generations era as the games that we enjoyed. Mania is like a shot up the arm for the classic fans (and of people who used to be in the series but left having one more go) and is attracting other fans because of the quality of the game. Had Mania not existed, I think a lot more would have moved on. Outside of the fanbase is a different story. While it is getting a bit better as he is not considered a joke as much as he used to be, its appeal isn't as strong as it used to be with not much talk these days. The same opinions as us over the movie. Saying that there seems to be more Big the Cat fans these days that definitely wasn't a thing before.
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