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  1. Mr Loopone

    English Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car?

    As far as I know, the game was Japan only but was exported to other countries in Japanese. While there were plans to export SegaSonic the Hedgehog to Asian English and the US as evidence by the ROM, the game itself ended up Japanese only with only a few that left Japan still being in Japanese. It seems unlikely that there is an English version considering the nature of the ride as well as the rest of the series are Japanese only and had their been an English version, it would have been a prototype that we don't know if one exists or not. Despite Sonic Retro saying that there were Japanese and English versions, there is no evidence of the latter. No title screen, no pictures/videos of the game in English. It might have been misinformation that was spread on the Internet for years. Interestingly enough, the game itself calls it Sonic the Hedgehog Police Officer (or as the title screen puts it Hedgehog Sonic the Policeman/Officer) and probably the name that would have been used had it left Japan. There were plans though considering that a machine in Spain the sticker says Police rather than Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car even though the rest of the game and cabinet is identical to the Japanese one: http://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?showtopic=33016&view=findpost&p=871665
  2. Just depends on the person and really their thought process. The younger generations would most likely overlook this because they either get the game digitally or used to downloading large patches but the older generations, many of the fans, collectors and maybe even the parents who grew up with the games it is an issue. Only understandable reason is if the collection is over 50GB but we don't know the file sizes yet to know for sure. Probably why there isn't no Switch info because the game is still in development and maybe not even finalised the game yet to justify a release (Switch is up to 32GB at the moment). Oh and regarding "entitled Internet". Not every country is like Finland and South Korea where they have fast, consistent Internet, even in 1st world countries such as the US and UK still can't get 100% fast, consistent Internet. Some providers have a poor service with slow speed and goes down, some throttle speed (especially where you have to download GBs worth of stuff) and some areas can't get the fastest or even any Internet because of where they live and isn't their fault. Plus PSN is known for going down as well. The PS4 and the Xbox One are sold in countries where the Internet connection isn't exactly great including countries such as many of the African/Asian/south European countries where you are lucky to even get an Internet connection nevermind a consistently good one. This game will definitely affect those living in those areas if they want a physical copy. Remember what Don Mattrick said about the Xbox One reveal and how did that system end up? Not as well as the other two and took until a redesign and a powerful version of the console before people outside of the diehard fans took some notice because even a year or two later, people still thought that the online only requirement was still there. Also may we add that Spyro is a single player game? If it was an online multiplayer game, then it is at least sort of understandable even though many of the points still apply with the bad Internet affecting your game. A single player game should be able to be played offline, that's why people get physical releases because people still can play them regardless of Internet. If Sony decides to switch off the PS4 servers in 15 years time, only the first game can be played unless you still have a hard drive with the installs for 2 and 3 or downloaded the trilogy before the games got removed. People still can play games that are 20, 30 or even 40 years old still without much issue but modern gaming is really hit and miss whether it will still work. A patch should only be needed if there is an improvement or worse case scenario, fix for a pretty bad bug that couldn't be found in time. Not 2/3rds of the collection making it sound like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 all over again and you can't buy that any more. In the future perhaps that argument is true when an online only/focused console with countries that have consistent Internet and accept mobile data on top when it doesn't gets released. Even if there is a Switch version that Activision have been in the dark with, it doesn't mean that Activision will do a second print run because of reasons including if the Switch release gets cancelled. After all the PS4 and Xbox One versions will come out the same time and you might have to wait years for it to be in the budget range, even then it might be the same release and only if it sold well. Crash had an excuse because of a timed system exclusive so they had extra time to polish off the other versions, more so the Switch and PC versions rather than the Xbox One version that is a port of the PS4 one, even then the Xbox One version got all the improvements straight away without any patch. Spyro doesn't have this luxury. This screams rushed release and unlike Crash with its linear gameplay; Spyro is more open, has more voice acting, more character models and more things to do so it takes more time to do especially to make it as nice looking as this. If we don't have news for number 3 by the end of the month or early September, it is very concerning in terms of development.
  3. Mr Loopone

    What do you consider Sonic gameplay?

    As in the basics? Right, what I consider Sonic gameplay is that Sonic can run fast but that's not all. He needs to earn his speed like a car, you can be fast in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini but not too fast to lose control of the steering so you have to slow down around the corners. So with Sonic, he needs to slow down when he gets to a dangerous area full of spikes and jumps to avoid danger. The best drivers try to not stop and start with their car but to slow a bit then speed up as smooth as you can that Sonic tries to take account (Sonic 1 does have a bit of this issue though). The level design has to be natural with hills and slopes to take advantage of his acceleration and decelleration. They can be steep or gentle. Having loop de loops, curves and corkscrews in the design are also natural to Sonic due to that he curves into a ball. Again with the car example a course that is a straight line isn't exciting to watch but with some curves, corners, S bends, maybe a slight hill can make things more interesting and exciting to watch. There are alternative routes too and how you can get to any of them regardless of skill but the easier/faster one needs some skill to reach. Using Mario has a example, Sonic is more closer to Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World rather than Super Mario Bros since they featured hills and slopes with some acceleration, some alternative routes too if you have the right powerup. SMB by comparison is blocky gameplay where movement is not natural, basic foreground and backgrounds, stop and start gameplay due to its physics. Many of the levels are one route straight lines, maybe two with the pipe shortcuts/later levels and even then with the boss levels, you would have to go through the only correct route to progress otherwise it loops. Since Sonic is also a ball, he also has to have some pinball physics as well working with the level design. A bit like the car example, professional pinball players can play fast and have full control of the ball however unlike pinball Sonic has some control when things go wrong seperating between a player and a pinball. Also Sonic was originally designed for the arcade styled of gameplay such as the time limit, the simple control scheme of one button with a D-Pad (or a Joystick) and a steeper difficulty later on the game to take advantage of his skills. Even with all that said, there were Sonic games that don't follow what was written up there. Such as Sonic Rush where the focus is on the speed but the level design is mainly downhill slopes and straight lines to keep the speed yet retain the loops and corkscrews to try to keep some of the level design in tact. Back to racing, Sonic Rush is like a drag race on a hill while the classics are your traditional road courses.
  4. Happy birthday, hope you enjoyed today!

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Absolutely. Writing music, and hanging out with my family. Was a wonderful day to ring in the 30s.

      Thank you very much

  5. Mr Loopone

    Simpsons Comics ending

    Seems a bit of a coincidence that Simpsons comics are ending when the Disney-Fox business happened. Chances are that they might start again in the future, just with a partner that Disney decides to choose and not as much direct control. I've not read the comics but judging by the few that I have seen, seems to be a bit of a different tone than the show as in that they are a bit more wackier. Then again it might have got cancelled due to poor sales and not enough to keep Bongo going, don't recall anyone reading these comics. Judging by the tweet, at least the artists have found new jobs elsewhere and knew that it was ending.
  6. Well... It just depends on where it came from whether it is a pirated cart/scene release back in the day, bought out of luck, the seller knew what they were selling or a community got involved with it. In the case of some prototypes some people had donate money or release reproduction carts in case of Mega Drive/NES games to cover the costs to buy the cartridge/disc/ROM board to dump. Then there are some prototypes that chances of release either cost too much to be released or hoarded by someone especially if they are from the Japanese community who rarely give anything out, even commercially games. It is because they believe the value of the cartridge/board would go down but its not always like that. With some we were lucky to get them since there was either one remaining unit but badly damaged and with Dive Bomber Squad one of the arcade boards Konami confiscated it before it had a chance to be shown and the one that is available was aging and might have been from an earlier version (it wasn't finished). One famous prototype that we'll never get to see is Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures on the Genesis. That has been around with a few owners. One person who was involved with MAME had a ROM dump but lost the flash drive that had the ROM. Castlevania Bloodlines with the airship stage is another example however earlier and later prototypes have been released. Marble Madness 2 is another game that we aren't going to see either. In terms of Sonic games. Sonic 1 had a well known prototype (a preview build, might have Sparkling and Clock Work Zones in them) but it is at a container locker and there's no access to it, chances of that getting seen is slim. This one has a well known contributor to MAME but wants well a lot of money since he knows that its a Sonic game. It is lucky that the Sonic community has plenty of prototypes from various games with some other well known series only have a few that are released.
  7. Mr Loopone

    What game are you currently playing?

    Got a cheap 360 Slim with a dodgy disc drive (as a temporary thing) and was going to finish off that Transformers game but it was scratching the disc. It's one of those late 360 games where you install the game and still uses the disc drive as a security check. So I thought, what's a cheap, common 360 game? Done the Halos and Gears of War a few years back so that was out of the picture. Wasn't in the mood for a racing game at the moment so that ruled Forza 2/3 and Project Gotham Racing 4 even though I was tempted on the latter. Ruled out Assassin's Creed 3 because it was an open world game. Did briefly thought of Tiger Woods PGA Golf 12 or 14 but maybe another time. It was a choice between Just Cause and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Chose GRAW because I just done an open world game so a 3rd tactical shooter might be a bit different and did like its sequel on the PS3, plus its an early game where the entire game gets installed to the hard drive without using the disc drive apart from an ID check. As for GRAW, well I like its gameplay and the graphics are good for an early 360 title, still decent enough today. Controls decently. Didn't like that there were no subtitles and forced vibration, both common in 2006. Story is typical. It's the difficulty that is getting me. Despite that health bar, you really only have 4 hit points for your health and some enemies can one shot you, random too. Cover doesn't always help either as your teammates might move out and get shot themselves. Some parts of the game such as the mansion where you get no help and the last mission that I was on where you had to babysit some tanks, I had to play as mechanically as I could. As in played robotically, getting close to accuracy that is tricky with the controller and quick, remembering the enemies (but sometimes is randomised like with the tanks, sometimes you get a tank enemy other times you don't) and hoping that I shoot them before they shoot me. Took an hour and a half for the latter. Still not done yet. At least its still easier than Ghost Recon 1 where you move 3 feet and get shot, Game Over no matter what.
  8. Mr Loopone

    Butch Hartman controversy

    It just shows that with social media, we get to find out what some creators are really like because they can't keep themselves to them self anymore. While it was only Johnny Bravo that I watched so I don't have much attachment to the co-creator, its his personality that is rotten. Egomatic, not understanding serious stuff enough that can be upsetting for someone, joking about suicide and connections to politicians too. People who are into his shows would be upset including those from the LGBT community who might have liked them but not anymore on the grounds of the creator. It also seems that many cartoonists from that era seem to be either in similar backgrounds or involved with dodgy business with similar personalities regarding their ego. Wonder who else would come out of the woodwork... As for the thing itself, having a Christian focused streaming service is a good idea however it was his approach to the idea that was slimy and despicable. What he shown was dishonesty and misleading people especially those who aren't part of the faith to be involved as well as insulting minorities and communities. Family friendly could mean anything from stuff that has no violence to acceptable for the age group and if it is religious, then it should be listed as such since those have different standards than something that can be shown to a kids channel. Besides some of his work could have been considered offensive even by his target audience and his association might poison the ones who do want a service but not with his personality.
  9. Mr Loopone

    I've found an Strange Sonic CD ROM

    There are two (well now 3) versions of the PC version of Sonic CD. The first version only ran on Windows 95 using the DINO library at 30fps while the second version used DirectX and is more easily available. Usually the former was also a pack in on computer even though the latter was also bundled. This one sounds like the first version. Someone here has the same game and version. The DINO version is very hard if not impossible to get running outside a Windows 95/98 machine. No patches and no support for that graphics library unlike the second version where it got a fan made patch. Besides in terms of the PC market, there isn't much of a collectors market and people (including myself) would rather donate them to charity because chances are that it wouldn't work or work properly and not many people have disc drives on computers these days. You'll be extremely lucky to even get anyone to buy this game.
  10. Even though the chances of that happening are slim because of current Sega policies where the teams are focused mainly on just one series (e.g. Yakuza team doing yearly/6 monthy Yakuza games and even the new Fist of the North Star game uses the same engine/style), give Sonic Team something else to do. If Iizuka wants to do NiGHTS, let him do NiGHTS and if Shun Nakamura wants a new Samba de Amigo, let him work on a new game in that series. Current Sega doesn't allow much experimentation and believe sticking to what they know is the best even though in the case of Sonic Team it is burning them out pretty fast. If the remaining members of the team want to do a Sonic game, then at least something small scale as in not a retail 3D platformer. Sonic 4 was a good idea making it episodic however the execution of that could have been better and they weren't directly involved with it. They used to also work on a few spinoff games that these days they are handled by completely different developers. Maybe make the Casino Night DLC from Sonic Generations into its own game, Hidden World/Special Stages from Sonic Lost World into their own game. After all wasn't Sonic itself started off as a development idea? Even an Avatar spinoff game taking what was in Sonic Forces and expanding it. Some people wanted a Chao Garden game for years and that is small scale enough, they could do it on mobile and potentially find a way to make that profitable.
  11. I'll bet that if England win the World Cup as in football's coming home, I'll go watch an anime of SSMB's choice and have my avatar be Sailor Jupiter for a week. Oh and play a game of PES 2016 as Huddersfield West Yorkshire Town on that day.

    (Would have ate a hat as well except that I don't have one)

    1. DanJ86


      West Yorkshire? My neck of the woods. XP

    2. DiamondX


      "No hat? Little boy should have a hat."


  12. Mr Loopone

    What game are you currently playing?

    After finishing off Quake 4 went towards NeverDead, that Konami-Rebellion game that was made when the 360 was getting closer to the end of its mainstream life. My first impressions were it looked good with the art style. Bright, vibrant, similar to Bulletstorm, Enslaved and Gears of War 3. Liked the two main characters, gruffy vampire demon hunter Bryce who was pretty much a Wolverine alike and the sassy female agent Maxmille. Controls seemed fine with the guns and the sword gameplay. So what stopped? Well there was a puzzle where I had to open a door. I electrocuted myself to become a rolling head because one of the gimmicks in the game is that your body parts can split themselves. Now there was an issue, rolled down the chute to the other side of the door. I couldn't shoot the gas canisters because even if your arms were connected, it wouldn't let you. The fully body couldn't fit in the chute. The other way just goes back to where you were. Couldn't jump very far. Looked everywhere to see if I was missing something. So I was literally stuck and gave up. It was in the first level too, very embarrassing. Moved on to Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark that is pretty much one of the last Transformers games made. It wanted to be like the two High Moon Cybertron games and hearing the voices returning from those games gave me a smile (I really liked Starscream, Fred Tatasciore's Megatron who I prefer to Frank Welker's take on the character and of course Peter Cullen's Optimus Prime), the controls were close to how they were in those games however enemies seem to take more bullets this time. The game seemed pretty much rushed and lack of polish. The volume was pretty low and even had to turn it up especially on the voices. Some graphics looked better while some looked worse, even on the first Chapter where the beginning was fine but when it got towards the buildings some points it looked like a PS2 game. Heard that it recycled assets from 4 Transformers games, not sure whether its true but feels like it. Difficulty is all over the place with some parts being pretty hard like as an example on Chapter 2, Starscream has to go through 4 areas before activating the switch in the middle but those turrets took your life very quickly and they were very hard to see. Oh and be glad that it was made 4 years ago because it has loot boxes! They are free though unlike now. Only managed to get to Chapter 3 because of what I'm going to mention. Best comparison is that it wanted to be Transformers Generations but ended up being Transformers Forces. Then my 360 died... It comes up with a red light. No flashing lights, no 3 red rings (because it is a Slim model). All I did was to test a controller that I bought a couple of days ago. At the moment, can't play 200+ games including what I was playing on. So I went onto my PS3 and played Saints Row the Third (the full version), a game that I was going to play last year but didn't have time. The first two Saints Row games, played as Joe Redifer because he was pretty simple to make especially in the first game where all I had to do was add a beard to the default character. This time though it needed someone wacky since the story is a lot more sillier, more movie like and some immaturity. Who better than a lookalike of Lupin the 3rd. Since it is the 3rd, the models outside of the main characters or default don't exactly look appealing so Lupin was chosen to take advantage and so that I can laugh at the goofy faces he makes. It even has his jacket! It's listed as Manhattan Style and default seems to be his current blue jacket. SRt3rd does have a different vibe compared to the first two games, even the presentation is completely different. If it wasn't an open world GTA styled game, it would have been a different series all together. Luckily the gameplay still holds up, good shooting mechanics, good driving controls, even good on foot and camera. I prefer these controls to the GTA series because they are smoother and more responsive.
  13. Played the demo of Freedom Planet (yes, a bit late I know) just to see if it works and don't think the game is for me. For what was originally a fangame, it is polished enough and has some good graphics. Controls well enough but found it a bit loose. It seems very Sonic and Rocket Knight Adventures/Sparkster like but its a bit too close because you could tell what got directly lifted from those games, oh and some NiGHTS for presentation with a bit of Treasure.

    It just re-enforces what I don't like about Sonic 3&K (long levels, 10 minutes+ in this case) and the second level reminded me of Marble Garden, the zone that usually says nope for me. The story seems very well SatAMy (the villain at the beginning could have passes of as Robotnik) and probably gets worse.

    Don't think that would get the full game despite being on sale. A bit disappointing since I thought that would have liked it but its just okay.

  14. Considering that it took a long time until Sega could trust Taxman and Stealth to make Sonic Mania, they would need a long time to get things going. Firstly it isn't a proof of concept that they need, its getting momentum. Taxman and Stealth were doing fan games and not just one either. In terms of Stealth, he also made level editors, ported Sonic 1 to the GBA unofficially and was involved with Sonic Megamix. It's like they needed a resume first outside of the typical game development. Most of these fan engines are really too early, just one level usually a Green Hill type but if they had a few levels or even a complete game then it would be perhaps enough to be shown. Even then if they want to work for Sega, they would have to do something smaller at first. Christian Whitehead's first task was to port Sonic CD to mobiles that eventually went to consoles and PC as well. A little known fact but Sega actually had two Sonic CD proof of concept ports, one by Taxman and one by a porting studio that was based off the PC or was emulated (not Blit that did end up doing some of Taxman's ports, someone else), we know the outcome of this. So if they were to do a 3D game, then they need experience. Say that they wanted to do an Adventure era game, they would have to port the Adventure games somewhere and if they get a good reputation doing that too. If not Adventure games, then a game that would please the higher ups. They also need contacts within the company and well having someone that they are looking for as well as the right qualities and the ability to work with Sega that we know can be very very hard work.
  15. Mr Loopone

    What game are you currently playing?

    Managed to play on two games (technically three but already mentioned the other). The first one was Shellshock 2. It was actually decent enough as in that it was functional until it got towards the mansion level then it started to show its problems big time. When the zombies, sorry I mean infected started to appear. The game had a problem with enemies teleporting behind you and getting killed by an enemy that you couldn't see that made it unfair but with dodgy shooting collision detection yet the enemies have no problems killing you. Now that's unfair. You are meant to kill them with headshots but it doesn't always trigger the right position so either they die in one hit or die in about 3/4 while they bum rush you to your death. Chapter 5 was just luck aka the stage that people online were stuck. Spent most of that level just running, then trial and error shooting them when you have to shoot them. It's getting towards the point where I have to quit and sell the game. Chapter 6, as soon as you get the gun killed in 6 seconds every time. Tried shooting them, tried running away, tried using the knife, tried using different routes. Too many enemies and not enough bullets to go around. Most of the time, got killed and I don't even know what killed me. Since I knew that I don't think that I'll ever beat the game, moved to Quake 4 and its a much better game. My first thought was that was this a HD original Xbox game but never was? Lack of subtitles, check. Dodgy facial expressions? Check. Health packs? Yep. Basic backgrounds in cutscenes? Oh yes. It plays much better. Linear unlike the first game and old school mechanics but has elements that were common of that era such as the "story". For some reason, I kept thinking that this must be what the new Doom game plays like. As in fast paced when it comes to shooting. Outside the shooting, the movement was quite slow though.

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