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  1. Got myself a fighting game from a well known series that covers a vast history that came in the mail today. It is S...




    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. Sorry if you expected Smash Ulitmate but rather unusually, this one was actually nearly sold out and managed to squeeze a copy.

  2. It's not officially in MAME so at the moment, it is considered leaked and might affect preserving stuff in the future. At least it is good that the game is preserved even though I can see why Sega cancelled the game with the graphics looking rough at spots and gameplay that isn't clearly explained despite having a tutorial. As mentioned in the article, Sonic 3 Blue Sphere theme was actually composed for this game and has a variation that was meant to have a different intro. Not only that but one of the songs (Sound Test 83) was also later used in Chou Kyuukai Miracle Nine as the Final Results theme. So at least we know by the latter that Naofumi Hataya worked on the music and is one of the composers, possibly also Milpo as well who most likely programmed the sound engine too. Probably wanted some of the music to be into good use.
  3. Morning!

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      Good morning!

    2. Sonic Fan J
  4. Happy (late) birthday!

  5. Only thing that I can think of is accessibility or laziness from Sony. Many of those 50Hz games they already had on PSN and some are multi-language. Sadly in the case of the PS1 mini; only GTA, Rainbow Six (in French and Italian, woo) and think Oddworld have it, GTA was made in the UK anyway. It might also be licensing because Tekken 3 was published by Sony in Europe as in the case of most Namco games of the PS1-2 era but then again Ridge Racer Type 4 would have used the PAL version too... As for extras, not really that many as only Sony and Konami cared about PAL back then as well as European publishers and developers. Sony did it for localisation while Konami did it for higher review scores. If anything its what they cut out rather than what they add in. You were lucky if the game was released at all... The Gran Turismo series got a few like a sound test for GT1 (even though weirdly GT1 was released in Europe before the US) and able to drive Vauxhall cars for GT2. Even Austrailia got a bonus with Need for Speed: High Stakes (known as Road Challenge in Europe) where they got Holden cars as well because I guess EA got that license for that region at the time. The ISS series from Pro 98 onwards might have little improvements but don't know about the PS1 versions. Do know that ISS 2000 on the N64 actually has an extra mode compared to the US version and its quite meaty too because it is the career mode (like Master League in PES games). Oh and Ray Tracers has English voice acting for the PAL version that wasn't there for the US version but there is Japanese voice acting for the Japanese version. Some like Driver, Team Buddies and Mission Impossible the PAL versions are the originals and got censorship and/or changes for the US versions. For Mission Impossible, the changes for the US version was due to Sony's policies and they didn't want a "N64 port". Sometimes PAL versions got bug fixes that the US and Japanese versions didn't get or got later on. GT2 was actually finished for its European version and took two revisions for the US to catch up. Spyro 3 added a few music tracks, fixed bugs and added extras that again took to the US Greatest Hits version for it to be included, however the latter got further improvements as well. If there's one game that fans do play the PAL version no matter what is Suikoden 2 because the US version was unfinished with some bugs and even its translation was unfinished. Sometimes they were sold as updated versions such as WipEout 3 Special Edition and Kurushi Final where they were PAL only. Update: Someone went through one of the files for the PS1 Classic and turns out that they were planning more games for mini. Not only that but there would have been 3 region versions since some have both US and PAL ISOs where the final had one or the other. Yeah, this was rushed out of the door in time for Christmas... I know Colin McRae, GT1 and the two Tony Hawk's games wouldn't have made it but the others might have been possible.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving or as it is known these days turkey/football day if you celebrate it, if not hope you have a good Thursday.

    @Kiah @Ferno or anyone else who works on retail. Hope you two are going to be okay tomorrow for Black Friday, feel sorry for anyone who has to work especially considering what it can get like with people rushing for their bargains.

    1. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well @Mr Loopone!

    2. Kiah


      Thank you for thinking about us. The retail field is rough in general but especially this time of year. 

      I work in a grocery store so things should ease up after today (as we’re open on Thanksgiving Day) until the Christmas rush which is actually busier and worse.

      I really can’t complain though amid the difficulties as I have a job that I’m extremely thankful for and one that I actually like let alone be at for 15 years now. 

      You have a good one too 🙂

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      Happy thanksgiving to you, too!

    4. Ferno


      Thanks! I currently work in the back in my store so I don't feel the rush too much where I'm at on black friday, but I probably will next year since I'll probably be in a different department by then.

      Happy turkey day!

  7. Mr Loopone

    Why Are GHZ and CPZ Staples Now?

    When people think of Sonic zones, people think of Green Hill. It was a pretty big thing since it was a leap above most platformers of the time due to the graphic design, level design and the music adds to the experience. For Sega it took months to do this zone as a good first impression. It's why there have been Green Hill alikes for a first stage in most Sonic games; many either patterned like Green Hill, called a variation of the name usually with Hill as its name (partial exception is Neo Green Hill, both Aquatic Ruin and the Sonic Advance with the latter is more like Emerald Coast) or have a similar tone like Windmill Isle. It is easier to name Sonic games that don't have a Green Hill style zone. With Generations and Mania to a smaller degree it is down to being the type of game while Forces put a spin on the zone. It is getting overused though so maybe have a different first stage then go back to this or an inspired zone to prevent a too much of a good thing happening. Chemical Plant is considered a fan favorite in Sonic 2 due to its level design and speed, a camera bug where it made the zone faster than it seems. It is along with Casino Night, one of the zones that people outside of the fanbase remember from the game.
  8. Happy birthday, hope you enjoy today!

  9. Err... tough to say but most likely no. Sega have done RPGs both in the past and the present however its down to Sonic Team and at the moment with the current management, they wouldn't due to Chronicles put them off for going into that direction. Notice that most of the spinoffs that Sonic has been in for the past 8 years or so have been fast paced to suit Sonic such as racing or platforming with the exception of cameo appearances in puzzle games, Smash Bros and expies. The only hope for Sonic to even get a RPG is either a management change in Sonic Team or Atlus have any interest in doing a SMT or Persona styled Sonic game. From what little we know, they might not even like the series to do something like that. If it did happen, it wouldn't have anything to do with what happened last time. The story will be fresh with no connections to the past as in no echidnas or the old American style, the characters are mostly what are already used in the games with perhaps a few new ones that resemble the cast ala Forces, it probably will have familiar areas and probably will be mobile. Then there is the question of how to adapt a fast character to a genre that is known to be slow in most cases.
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  11. Thanks for the follow! You really made my day.

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      Considering how much we interact as it is, It's surprising I hadn't already. Glad it made your day though ^_^

  12. Mr Loopone

    What game are you currently playing?

    Currently playing Overlord on the 360 for the past 2 weeks and have been really enjoying the game. Surprised too as I thought when I picked it up that it might be okay. It's got a charm to the game, plenty of irony, looks great (for the time when it was made) and just liked the gameplay. If I have to describe the game to a stranger, it's like Zelda mixed with Pikmin if it was made in Europe. It started hard but once that I leveled up and got regenerative armour, it has been more balanced. Still die but not as often. I was also glad that I didn't trigger the Brewery glitch because that would have been a downer but then again did that in almost one go anyway. Even though they aren't related at all but it is giving me a little bit of practise for when I get to play Dark Souls (or Demon's Souls) due to learning about attack patterns and timing as the Overlord. Like there was a boss but all my minions were killed and still managed to beat it. Literally right now, on the desert part of the game and know that its getting towards rushed out of the door/running out of time moment where the polish dropped, the area is much smaller, recycling enemies and have a suspicion that there isn't much more to the game. I mean there are 7 bosses in the game and 5 have their own areas, the early ones have been pretty big after all.
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  14. Mr Loopone

    What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?

    Where to begin? Much of the series can be described as a missed opportunity. - Sonic Chronicles should have been on a console rather than a handheld, I don't know why Sega chose BioWare to do it on a DS and setting up a B team to work on the game when their strengths were PC and console then closed the studio when EA bought them. It might have not been able to fix the writing but at least it would have fixed many of the problems that the game had. The music being a big issue with only the battle tracks being any good, had it been on a console they wouldn't have got MIDIs off the Internet and poorly converted but rather something else. Back then BioWare was considered having a good reputation and on their peak unlike now where missed opportunities happen quite often. If it had to be done on a DS, Sega should have chosen a more suitable studio to do the game and maybe had a closer eye on the writing. - Relating to that, Sonic Boom to stay on the PS4/Xbox One rather than to move it to the Wii U, put it on a console where the engine couldn't cope and released it in the state that the game was. Thinking about it, Sonic didn't get a game there until Sonic Mania/Forces so about nearly 5 years since those consoles launched. While the game still would have had its issues, it wouldn't have been as negatively received. NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams has the same issue to a smaller extent as well moving from one console to another. - For many of the games, just having the physics right would have been an improvement, at best making a better game more enjoyable and at worst improve a worse game. It would have made Classic Sonic in Generations and Forces better as well as Sonic 4 to be not as a joke even though for Forces and 4, the physics aren't the only problem with the games. - Sonic and the Secret Rings to have an alternative controls options would have massively improved the game since it is considered one of the worst if not the worst controlling Sonic games out there despite much of the game showing its promises otherwise. To be fair though, it wasn't just Sega to blame but rather Nintendo forcing people to use the Wii Remote controls and some developers didn't know about the alternatives. It affected many games including ports from other systems, even using the Nunchuk would have improved many of the games in terms of controls. Notice a year or two after, games were able to use more control options whether it was the Nunchuk, the Classic Controller or the Gamecube controller, why Sonic Unleashed and Colours played better.
  15. Happy late birthday, sorry that I didn't get around to it. Was too busy.

    Anyway, glad that you enjoyed it.


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