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  1. Happy birthday, hope you enjoyed your 35th!

    1. Kiah


      35...It’s going to take a while for that to sink in but thank you Mr Loopone! 🙂

  2. Morning!

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      Good morning!

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      Morning to you!

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      Sonic Fan J

      Morning Mr Loopone, hope the day finds you well.

  3. Mr Loopone

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    To make up for the delay, Gain Ground and Puyo Puyo in the US/EU regions are both coming out in February: https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/326235-sega-ages-gain-ground-and-puyo-puyo-drop-in-february-2019
  4. The original voice recordings? Extremely doubtful that those still exist since DiC has changed hands twice since and might be lost. The masters that they used for DVDs and streaming might isolate the voice and music/sound effects (I think they do considering that these shows get dubbed into other languages but not 100% sure) however it is extremely hard to get them especially outside of the business or broadcasting. They wouldn't put those online that's for sure. Only thing that I can think of is getting episodes of AoSTH, SatAM and Sonic Underground as high quality as you can and just record the dialogue. There are many lines that Sonic repeats such as "Up, over and gone", "Let's speed, keed", "Gotta juice" or "I'm waaaaaaaiting!" so it might be possible to find one that doesn't have SFX or music included but might be harder for other dialogue.
  5. The way things are going it might be just apathy in general rather than just Sonic, however considering that Sonic games are both inconsistent and vary even between game it can be pretty hard to keep up with the series where it can go from go happy lucky to dark and depressive the next or even in between and people have different tastes, it can be surprising that a community can survive. Community wise is feeling apathetic because it knows that the series can do better and can be more fun to play but it isn't there with the current games (Mania aside and not everyone in the Sonic community is into that) and there doesn't seem to be any word to give us confidence over the next mainline game especially on the 3D side. It's also because of this time of year that there isn't an announcement to ease people and judging by the type of year, it is going to be a slow one so more people will feel apathetic and fed up of Sonic until the next game or even beyond that... Episodes of Sonic Mania Adventures are great but not everyone follows the non-game stuff of Sonic. Mario & Sonic Tokyo Olympics is most likely coming but again not many fans follow that game series. The movie also doesn't help either since that is going to get the most attention. Its a case of low morale and at the moment, only the comic fans seem happy but again a sub-section of the community. Unlike Heroes, Shadow and 06 where those three games nearly put me off the series altogether if it weren't for the Rush games, Sonic Boom and Forces really did damper any good will that the series had with its turnaround and those two games didn't appeal to me at all by not getting them. Forces isn't completely terrible as at least it is functional but could be done so much better. Do I have any hope for the series? Well... It's not for me to answer that question. I have no interest in Team Sonic Racing even though 10 years ago that would be glimmering with joy but not the same Sumo literally, not the same quality. If a Sonic game appeals to me and turns out to be at least decent, I'll give it a try. Saying that, I was even apathetic over Mania and even had concerns despite turning out to be a good game at the end. As for why I'm still here? Sonic is one of the few things from my childhood that is still going and grew up with it that is pretty impressive for a series that is going to be 30 years old in the next two years. I liked some of the games, cartoons and of course his character design. It's also more of a community thing being here for the past few years even though admittedly Sonic wise not much to talk about. Some might argue Stockholm syndrome though and some fans suffer from it. Then again as times change, so does the community. There are still Sonic fans, both of the older kind and of the newer kind. As time marches on some of the older fans either lose touch or move on and because the series is still going it will get new fans to take its place, maybe not as much and might not be as focused but still like the blue hedgehog. Some new Sonic fans would have played Sonic Dash as their first game however most of those wouldn't be here but at more kid focused areas of the Internet. I think a lot of the apathy myself included is just that we are getting tired of the series but not tired enough to completely move on say like the older Sonic fans who were into SatAM as an example. Our childhood is being very stubborn and not letting us go whether its the classics, the Adventure games, the Rush games or the Unleashed-Colours-Generations era as the games that we enjoyed. Mania is like a shot up the arm for the classic fans (and of people who used to be in the series but left having one more go) and is attracting other fans because of the quality of the game. Had Mania not existed, I think a lot more would have moved on. Outside of the fanbase is a different story. While it is getting a bit better as he is not considered a joke as much as he used to be, its appeal isn't as strong as it used to be with not much talk these days. The same opinions as us over the movie. Saying that there seems to be more Big the Cat fans these days that definitely wasn't a thing before.
  6. Yeah... It says something when people are still buying the original console rather than the mini just because of the quality of the emulator and the game choice. It might even drop more in price including Europe where the PS1 holds strong memories but on the other hand, the PlayStation TV (consolized Vita) flopped and that is going for a bit now. Only good thing about this is that the mini console is hacked, found a way of changing the settings and people have been putting different games on there via an USB stick on the second port. Someone even put thousands of games on the console. People even put a different emulator, well got the frontend RetroArch to boot it and got to use Dual Shock 4s for the analog sticks.
  7. Morning!

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      Good morning!

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      Sonic Fan J

      Morning Mr Loopone.

  8. Well... It's a new year, whether it is going to be a happy one or an extremely worrying one is another thing.

    I'll suppose only time can tell.

    1. Failinhearts


      Hope it's the first one.

      Happy new year!

    2. Kiah


      Hope it’s the former and not the latter by any means. 

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Don't think about it too much. Let it happen and decide which one it was at the end of it.

      Hopefully it will be a good one.

    4. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Hopefully 2019 will be on the better side for you. I know 2018 was kind of rough (alright let's be honest, you went through the wringer there at a couple of points) but hopefully things start to get better, and know that you have us at SSMB behind you. We may not be there in the flesh, but if you need to talk your way through anything troubling you know that we are here to lend an ear.

      Here's to a 2019 that's above water and hoping for the best.

  9. Mr Loopone

    Think we'll get two Sonic games in 2019?

    Hmm... Most likely not if you count main games but it is possible for something to come out. Can't see another Mania type of game so soon and even if they are they would have to set a team up and planning that right now, CS2 (ex-Sonic Team) is confirmed to be working on Sakura Wars and a new IP so they might be too busy to work on a Modern Sonic game but then again you can't predict Sega sometimes. Actually thinking about it, Sega of America might have set up a new studio since Iizuka has moved there and said new studio might be working on next year's Sonic game but we don't know. So that leaves Team Sonic Racing being the multiplatform game, Sonic 2 and most likely Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on the Switch. Then again Sega Sports Japan no longer exist so they probably have different developers working on the game (the 3DS one of the last game had Arzest that is Ohshima's company who works with Nintendo anyway and Spike Chunsoft), actually wasn't it confirmed that Sega/Nintendo still had the license for one more in that series or was it just rumours? It'll be possibly the last game in that series especially since it is their home ground. I can see mobile getting something next year from Hardlight. Whether it is movie focused or not we don't know but there's bound to be something from them. Wasn't the last game Sonic Forces: Speed Battle or something?
  10. Mr Loopone

    Are Sonic games getting a lower budget?

    Realistically unless we know the budget of every single Sonic game and we don't because very rarely gaming companies announce a budget for a game, it is hard to say. It is also harder to say because much of that budget goes into marketing rather than the development of the game. From what we guess though Sonic games have been given a lower budget throughout the years just by observing how the mainline games come around. Sonic 1, 2 and 3 were given relevantly high budgets due to the large amount of marketing that those games had. Sega spent more money on marketing than they did developing the games, Masato Nakamura's costs aside for the music and even then Sega dropped him when it became too expensive. While they did do a high budgeted Sonic game, they also did lower budget games as well such as the Master System/handheld platformers and spinoffs as well as ports/emulation that received minimal marketing to balance things out. After 06 and Unleashed even though the last high profile marketed Sonic game was Heroes, things did change. The marketing for every game got less and less to the point where TV ads are no longer a thing and relied on online such as their website, blogs and later on, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Some people online call Sega's marketing non-existent and why many of their less known games failed until much later including the Yakuza series however this was changed more since the rise of social media. The handheld games went from a different experience to reusing the same music and tone as the mainline entries to stop making them even with their Sonic 4 experiment/Sonic Boom that was the closest thing to those. After Lost World that already had a lower budget than Colours and Generations due to the art style as well as Nintendo helping them out for the game, Sega restructured so for a while it didn't get much at all apart from some mobile stuff and a very few console spinoffs that were much cheaper to make and easier to get a profit. The failure of Sonic Boom that lost Sega money also didn't help so it took a while for Forces to get greenlit however Mania was probably designed with a lower budget in mind but that might have originally gone over than intended due to its delay. It is most likely that Forces got the higher budget when compared to Mania just on the grounds of voice acting in multiple languages in multiple sessions, having known artists such as Jon Underdown doing the music, the engine as well as the staff while with Mania, the only things that could be considered expensive were the animation, the tribute ad and the rights to use the Masato Nakamura tracks. Oh and making the limited edition. Mania already used an existing but upgraded engine, the reuse of classic zones even though they were redone level design/retouched assets, one of the bonus stages was a scrapped plan on something else that Taxman/Stealth already got working, most of the development was just time working on the game especially with limited almost indie level staff. It was also because of its success and praise that Sega continued the game, touched it up and got a physical release while with Forces because of the game, sales aren't as strong as they hoped and still possible to see new unsold copies or in bundles a year after release desperate to get rid of them. There are multiple reasons why Sonic games got a lower budget over the years from the company itself changing hands, restructuring among restructuring, games not getting as successful as they hoped losing them money and that the games are no longer sustainable to do a high budget game. I would consider that Unleashed was a Sonic game that got a high development budget when compared to the other Sonic games of the era due to its lighting engine that required multiple computers to be on over multiple days to calculate and staff at the time were willing to push Sonic into a different direction that backfired on them due to its mixed reaction and not making the money that it needed so much of the staff who worked on the game left even though Sega does have a high staff turnover, more so after the Dreamcast/when Sammy took over. Sega still sees the Sonic series as important but not enough to be their main focus or their only money maker in some cases anymore. Also just because something has a high budget doesn't automatically think that they are expensive. Sega considers the Yakuza series to be their highest budget/main focused game due to the use of known actors, branding, emulating the bonus games, marketing (more so in Japan) and even then they recycle and reuse assets between each game such as set in the same area mostly to cut down on costs as well. Before Yakuza 6, the games ran on the same engine as well but games after Yakuza 6 will most likely use the same new engine including Judgement. Probably outside of the classic 3, maybe the two Sonic Adventure games and possibly Unleashed, most Sonic games or even Sega games outside of the AM2/Model 1-3 arcade era/Shenmue 1 and 2 aren't considered AAA games by their budget.
  11. It's a tricky question because some of the worst things that did happen, some people still liked the games because there was either something that appealed to them or just liked a bit of entertainment. Anyway the first signs of a decline was the gap between Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic Adventure in terms of a mainline game. Its the old Sega of America vs Sega of Japan conflict that was going off with one side wanted to do that the other side didn't want to do and vice versa. Sega of Japan wanted a clean slate away from the old consoles (apart from the Game Gear in Japan) to focus on the Saturn while Sega of America wanted to keep supporting all the older consoles/addons and even Sega Europe wanted to support the Master System for just a bit longer. It was lucky that the Mega Drive still got games after 1995 despite support was pulling out. So much of the games on the Saturn were new IPs or the latest arcade ports while Sega of America wanted to keep pushing Sonic. They did try to get Sonic X-treme off the ground but with so many issues including a near death of the programmer for that it had to be cancelled and it ended up with an isometric spinoff based on a genre that was well out of date with a quickie port to the Saturn just to get anything as well as a Game Gear platformer that could be considered one of the worst Sonic games of that period. They were desperate to keep going whether its porting CD and 3&K to the PC, having an edutainment spinoff that was rebranded from another game that put Sonic's mug for more sales. Sega of America even brought Sonic's Gameworld out of Japan just so the Pico could get a game. By the time that Yuji Naka was interested in a Sonic game, it was just too late and all that could be managed was a compilation of the 3 main Sonic games excluding CD. No main Sonic game on the Saturn meant that there was about 4 to 5 year gap and interest can easily go during that time, it isn't like now where a game could take 5 years to be made. Shadow the Hedgehog, both of his game and his character even though there are people who do like/love Shadow. It started a decline in the series with his inclusion that while might have worked okay in Sonic Adventure 2 due to his story and his focus, future appearances seemed like he was included just because he was popular with no reason why. He was a story focused character and in his next appearance was the opposite as in a gameplay focused game with a minimal story. Then came the idea of a spinoff; let's give Shadow a gun, let's make him swear, introduce aliens oh and give him some censorship because a new rating system was introduced. It was a case of Sega chasing trends where they thought people like edgy games, we give them an edgy game without understanding why because it was the in thing at the time. Interestingly, Shadow got just as bad reviews as 06 but only some people were put off by this move, whether it was because they liked the character enough to play the game or that the game wasn't as broken as 06. Then there's 06 and the development hell that the game went through. Yuji Naka left during development, some of the team left to work on Secret Rings and a game that had to be released on Sonic's 15th anniversary during the most busiest period in gaming meant that the results weren't looking good even though it had a really promising trailer to start off with. Plus other development issues including build issues and apparently firing the QA department meant that even in the best of cases, it would have ended up being the same as it is now. The reviews apart from two magazines (that were most likely bribed) ranged from mixed to really negative that most Sonic games didn't manage to get beforehand meant that the reputation in the series was pretty much going. When 06 is still considered a joke in this day and age, it says something about the game even though there are people who do like the game or at least entertained by it. This also affected Sonic Unleashed as well. Even though Sonic Unleashed became a cult classic later on with its reception being warmed up, when it originally came out it was better than 06 but still only got mixed reviews and most of the complaints were about the Werehog and the hub levels, some places that didn't like 06 didn't like Unleashed either. There were people recommending the Dimps version of the game despite having more of the thing that reviewers complained about and that was the Werehog just because the reputation of Sonic Team was at its lowest. Also due to the rise of online with young people acting edgy and "adult", it meant that the series was getting mocked due to both 06 and this game as well as Shadow for some. While the game wasn't the worst thing that happened, it took years for the reputation of the series and of the game to improve just because it came out at the wrong time.
  12. Sounds like Sega has done some more restructuring since last time:


    The Valkyria Chronicles studio has gone with its staff merging with CS1 (Yakuza) + CS2 and the new boss of CS2 (formally Sonic Team) is Eigo Kasahara. It might also mean that Sonic Team that we know has gone, I don't know though.

    1. JosepHenry
    2. Tracker_TD


      Interesting stuff. Cool of Mullen to hop in a clarify that.

    3. JosepHenry


      I think this deserves a topic...

    4. TCB


      Sonic has become even less of a focus in its home base now if those are the two major studios SEGA has on deck for their packaged software divisions?

    5. SupahBerry


      That does seem a bit vauge, but its absolutly too early to start saying "ding-dong the witch is dead" for Sonic Team.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Hasn't Iizuka relocated to SoA, so that Sonic is managed more Stateside now?

    7. TCB


      I thought Iizuka said he moved near their headquarters at some point over the last year or so. 

      Wow, Sonic being a more SoA focus isn't far off of the past couple years isn't any indication huh. SEGA did want to consolidate their studios into one central location instead of spreading them out and all.

    8. -dan-


      I don't know if that is good news or bad news.

    9. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Mania probably wouldn't have happened without SoA taking a bigger role (nor would Boom but let's ignore that for now). Forces was also supposed to be very different (even worse) going by SoJ's original plans but was reigned in a lot by SoA if rumours are to be believed.

    10. Bobnik


      Can't really say if this is gonna benefit the franchise or not, but the future is looking be pretty interesting, both for Sonic and everything non-Sonic.

    11. Adamabba


      it cant possibly be worse than what we have now can it

    12. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Adamabba You should know by now that there's no low too low for Sonic games.

    13. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Well, guess y’all won.

  13. Mr Loopone

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    As mentioned Puyo Puyo was localised before but its a rare arcade board and a technically unreleased version on the Game Gear but is present in the Japanese cart (Ronald McDonald in the Magical World on the Game Gear was the same). Puyo Puyo 2 was also featured in Sega 3D Classics Collection but it is untranslated due to how the game was made (sometimes games can be hard to hack if they are hard coded). I'm assuming if Puyo Puyo 2 comes out outside of Japan for the Sega Ages, it'll be the same. Oh and I think Puyo Puyo 2 was released on the Neo Geo Pocket Color of all systems but it was called Puyo Pop in the West (not to be confused with the GBA one aka Everybody's Puyo Puyo).
  14. Morning @Mr Loopone, hope the day has found you well.

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Morning (well afternoon) and thanks, it's been okay so far.

    2. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Glad to hear. Hope it stays at least okay, or possibly even turns into a good day. Me, if I could just let go of the Sonic movie thread it'd probably be better.


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