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  1. Gosh, i had no idea there were so many Jojo characters who were capable of beating Dragon Ball characters .-.

    1. DiamondX


      It's not based on stenght, but on abilities.

      Pucci wouldn't even touch Goku without his stand.

    2. TCB


      It's...bizarre ain't it.

      Also gotta love how Dio's Stand wasn't even mentioned earlier compared to the others. It sucks that bad in comparison to those.

    3. DiamondX


      Not reallly.

      DIO can defeat most of them (except Giorno with his broken GER) by freezing time.

    4. Kuzu
    5. Balding Spider
    6. TCB


      @DiamondX the Fighter I took an hour to think about this


      and Gio is a very special case of a one sided curb stomp


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