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  1. Nice Smile
    8ther reacted to VisionaryofSUPER in Is the Nostalgia Chick any good?   
    Lindsay is amazing. She's probably one of the better analytical youtubers out there.
  2. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Ferno in >Kanye West is running for President There is no way this year is real. This is a   
    I'm just worried that votes for him will hurt Biden's chances just like Deez Nuts hurt Clinton's chances in 2016. can we stop doing meme campaigns that help out Trump in the end geez
  3. Promotion
    8ther reacted to The Tenth Doctor in Dafaq is a Simp and a Karen?   
    A simp is someone who will do anything for a woman, putting them on a pedestal. An example nowadays is people donating heavily to girl streamers cause they are hot.
    A Karen is an entitled middle aged woman who makes a fuss, normally doesn't have much brain cells. The person asking to see someones manager? Normally a Karen.
    Think I described them right.
  4. My Emmerdoods
  5. Absolutely
    8ther reacted to KHCast in League of Pokemon   
    Pokemon defense force out and awake already lol
  6. Too Many Rings
    8ther reacted to KHCast in League of Pokemon   
    It’s depressing that the only Pokemon things getting me to smile are a live action movie that’s set in its own universe, a crossover fighting game not remotely focused on them in any grand capacity, and a camera simulator
  7. Too Many Rings
    8ther reacted to Blue Blood in League of Pokemon   
    Pokémon is one of the most profitable brands of all time. Once Go reached totally unprecedented heights, the series took a turn to focus almost entirely on omnipresent, family friendly brand. Sucks for anyone who liked Pokémon for the games and not just the bar brand, cause even the main games have.been hit hard by this turn. The main games don't deliver the big bucks like the casual fodder does, and if SwSh/Let's Go are anything to go by then the series really is just going to keep getting worse.
  8. Too Many Rings
    8ther reacted to Strickerx5 in So uh, Game Freak, or Naughty Dog?   
    ND, no contest.
    Though, I'm pretty done with both of them. A few years back I damn near idolized both of them as some of the few remaining pillars of great studios. Now, they're both terrible. One's definitely more shit than the other, but both are certainly far removed from where they once were.
    At this point, I can count on one hand the amount of dev studios I actually trust atm. And I'm fearful of saying them out loud because the gd universe seems hellbent on tearing them all down. Should've known better after Bungie...
  9. Thumbs Up
    8ther got a reaction from KHCast in What’s your favorite iteration of Battlefield and Final Destination in Smash and why?   
    The Fourside variants from Ultimate, Fightin’ in a city at night.
  10. Promotion
    8ther reacted to Teoskaven in About 2 and a half hours until The Last of Us Part 2 unlocks. Here's hoping it's not   
    Don't go to Caddicarus' twitter account until you're done, he discovered something interesting.
  11. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in I can excuse The Last of Us on a lot of things but dissin' jak x ain't one of them   
    There's a Jak X arcade machine you can pretend to play as Ellie during the flashback portion of Left Behind.
    However, when Ellie jumps off it, she says something among the lines of "Racing with guns? What a dumb idea". 
    You also get a trophy for it called "Nobody's Perfect"
  12. Nice Smile
    8ther reacted to Milo in What time(EST) does the Sony event go live tomorrow?   
    time says 1PM PDT, so I presume 4PM for EDT
  13. Nice Smile
  14. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Balding Spider in I’m still not personally voting Biden, but at this point, he and democrats would have   
    I'm not sweet on Biden either, but Trumps got to go. Backhanded compliment I know, but we can't have a giant toddler throwing a tantrum over every fucking thing again. We can't have him take away more rights and enable & empower more racists. Over 100,000 US citizens are dead because of his pettiness and ineptitude.
    We can't afford to not make every vote count.
  15. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to JosepHenry in Is the new Shantae game really coming out this month? Nether PSN or Steam lists it in   
    May 28th
    From what i heard from the Apple Arcade version, this is the best Shantae game to date.
  16. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to E-122-Psi in Explain to me how Sonic's gameplay from Adventure games would be a bad foundation for   
    I think it's a case of treating some edits between SA1 and SA2 with the same moderation rereleases of the old games do.
    Like instant light dash and target icon for homing attack are basically quality of life improvements to SA1's mechanics so they fit, the somersault and bounce attack however are more dispensable though could work if executed better (mapping bounce to the same button as light dash is suicide, especially when the latter's activation isn't precise enough).
  17. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Strickerx5 in Is SA2 a bad game?   
    Functionally these days? Kind of yeah.
    But I'm still going to defend the ever living hell out of it because it still has a boatload of positives.
    Like, it's still the only 3D Sonic game with a decent multiplayer mode.
  18. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Betz in Any news regarding the next Sonic game?   
    Well rumor has it, that Eggman will be in it in some capacity.
  19. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Supah Berry in https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51707188   
    Yet they make a witch the main villian.
    Practically not appropriate in any era.
  20. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Ferno in Don't do what Sonic does.   
    *billy and mandy episode title card theme starts to play*
  21. Too Many Rings
    8ther reacted to Strickerx5 in Still annoyed that SwSh removed perfectly good moves for no apparent reason.   
    i mean it took out a lot of perfectly good things in general so
  22. Too Many Rings
    8ther reacted to Blue Blood in Sometimes I forget how good Sonic and Shadow's rivalry used to be. This shit is the r   
    I didn't realise that Shadow confirmed right then and there that there would never be a Sonic Adventure 3.
  23. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Supah Berry in I feel like based on what I'm seeing on the TVTropes that I'm probably not going to c   
    I'm just glad that this franchise has still ended on a very high note for the people who see Endgame as the true ending to the MCU and choose not to follow along afterwards. I mainly expect to watch films from a stand alone point of view, like Spider Man, with no regard to any overarching arcs they make from now on with such a perfect jumping off point.
  24. Absolutely
  25. Too Many Rings
    8ther reacted to Tarnish in Back from the Sonic movie. I will be honest: I'm a bit disappointed with what I watch   
    With Sonic, mediocrity is already a victory that's worth celebrating I guess.
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