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  1. My Emmerdoods
    8ther reacted to KHCast in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS   
    When Nintendo has to make a official statement, you know this is a lot more serious than initially perceived by people. 
  2. Promotion
    8ther reacted to KHCast in Pokémon Unite (Switch & Mobile)   
    It just hit me that with Nintendo’s online servers on Switch, and with mobile phones spotty consistency with multiplayer and cross play games, this probably will be ass to run full consistent matches for many.
  3. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Mania Pipe in Pokémon Unite (Switch & Mobile)   
    Oh yeah, I remember hearing about the protest in Hong Kong. So, Tencent was responsible for that. Jesus Christ...
    TPC sure picked a winner of a company to team up with for this huh? (or sell out to, whichever the case may be).
  4. Thumbs Up
    8ther got a reaction from Sonictrainer in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (PS4 / Xbox One)   
    Apologies if this has already been posted but, some merchandise leaks reveals Tawna to be in the game

  5. Too Many Rings
    8ther reacted to AdventChild in My Little Pony's Justice 2 - Official MLP Thread v2   
    So Pony Life is here with the first two episodes:
    Oh boy, if you think some of the episodes of the main series had bad pacing with a 22 minute format, it's awful here in half the time. Not a fan of the animation and art style that feel simplistic and sloppy simultaneously while being frenetic esp. the backgrounds. The jokes and writing fall flat nearly every time which is bad for a comedy in any form, even some characterizations are over exaggerated for comedic effect but fail to deliver as well.
    So MLP GO-Roar gets a Meh from me.
  6. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom remaster announced!   
    As expected, the devs have been putting in extra touches to the game that came long after the original release of the game in 2003. Including memes.
  7. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to mayday2592 in New Pokémon Snap (Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch)   
    Is there more to this than  just taking pictures? If not, it's a pass from me.
  8. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in The Ratchet & Clank Topic - Rifts Apart comfirmed for PS5!   
  9. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom remaster announced!   
    Trailer for Rock Bottom. Clancy Brown isn't in the game, you can hear Not-Clancy at the end of the trailer as Krabs.
  10. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I think Iizuka mentioned in an interview he has no idea what to do with a Mania 2.
    Wait, let me check...
    "Speaking to Famitsu magazine Sonic Series Producer Takashi Iizuka stated that SEGA had effectively done "everything" it could with Sonic Mania."

    There's the exact words. So he ran out of ideas with Mania.
    Which baffles me. Just let the Mania development team worry about the specific content of a Mania 2, I bet they have tons of level ideas.

    Now, this is totally my speculation, but he comes across to me as someone who can only look at Mania as a Sonic Generations 2 kind of deal, the whole idea that you could make another Classic style game that's entirely new experience seems alien to them.
    At least that's how his "we've done everything we could do" comes across. "Hey, we did Green hill and chemcial plant zone, What else is there?"

    At the very least this fuels my suspicion that the concept of "Just make a damn Sonic game" is not a possible option in their mind.
    There always has to be some kind of grand gimicky crazy angle and theme to each game that's the true focus and identity of each game, with the Sonic gameplay just awkwardly plastered on as an afterthought.
    Hence why only when their wacky sceme of the week just HAPPENS to involve something Sonic esque, like Boost or Nostalgia, we get something resembling a proper Sonic game, but whenever their zany sceme of the week is something weird and alien, the entire game is going to be another Frankenstein monster of conflicting bodyparts.

    But that's just my interpretation.
    If anything, I really wish someone interviewed him more indepth about his thoughts on Mania. I'd love to see his opinion on why Sonic 4 got lukewarm reception where Mania exploded. I have severe doubts he understands what Mania is other then nostalgia parade #72.
  11. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom remaster announced!   
    New trailer showcasing Downtown Bikini Bottom, looks like these "The Battle is On" trailers might be a regular thing, and every level will receive a trailer.
  12. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Legosi (Tani Coyote) in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    We have about 115 delegates from Super Tuesday to go, and Biden is ahead by 91. He will most likely maintain his lead.
    Current polls put Bernie as non-viable in Florida. If that continues, Biden will win 200 delegates from it, and this is basically over.
    Now, as for this upcoming Tuesday. I looked at polling averages, which admittedly are flawed since most don't account for this being a two candidate race (lol Tulsi), and split the delegates in each state proportionate to the candidate's share of the vote:
    Idaho (20) – No polling. Sanders stomped Clinton here in 2016.
    Michigan (125) – 70 Biden, 55 Sanders
    Mississippi (36) – 25 Biden, 11 Sanders
    Missouri (68) – 43 Biden, 25 Sanders
    North Dakota (14) – No polling. Ditto with Idaho.
    Washington (89) – 46 Sanders, 43 Biden
    Net: 181 for Biden, 137 for Sanders. Even if Bernie sweeps Idaho and North Dakota, he remains behind.
    It looks like Biden is on the path to crush Sanders. But a lot can change in a two-candidate race. If you are a Bernie supporter, going out to vote is more important than ever now.
    What is most eye-opening about the current polls is Biden's surge in Michigan. It is possible he's just enjoying a boost from every single Democrat coalescing behind him, but if Bernie can't beat Biden in the Rust Belt, I just don't see a path forward.
    Multiple things. In general, the South is more conservative, so black voters from there will reflect that.
    Speaking of the black community as a whole, there has been some research done on the topic. In some cases, it's the influence of the church in many communities that pushes it a little more towards conservative ideology, but the racism of the Republican Party keeps even conservative black people from joining the GOP for the most part.
    There are other factors in play as well. What has been found is black voters tend to feel moderates deliver more on their promises than radicals. Clinton signed into law a bill that fell heavily on African Americans, but he also oversaw their greatest period of economic prosperity. Meanwhile, black radicalism in the 1960s paved the way for Nixon's Southern Strategy and the modern American police state that imprisons and murders black people with impunity. In addition, the experience with racism seems to have overall lowered black voters' expectations, so going with a moderate means the least chance of being disappointed.
    But yes, last I saw, about 40% of black voters identify as conservative and 40% as moderate. Social pressure goes a long way to maintain cohesion with the Democratic Party, but there are strategic reasons to as well.
    Of course, then you have black leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who are tied very heavily to moderate Democratic politicians. But it's better to look at black leaders in the aggregate... the issue they tend to rank most highly is not police brutality, but affirmative action in college. They, the relatively well to do black Americans, are more interested in putting their kids in college than keeping everyone else's kids out of jail.
    There is a reason Black Lives Matter groups tend to politely tell traditional black leaders to piss off. They recognize the affiliation with the neoliberal leadership of the Democratic Party only benefits wealthier black people.
    This is the same pattern we have seen for hundreds of years. A colonized population's leaders are just agents of the colonizer. The Palestinian leaders live in plush mansions while their people can barely fit in their housing, if their house isn't demolished by Israeli settlements. Is it any surprise that black leaders tend to celebrate moderates like Biden as helping to fend off the evils of Republican racism, even though Biden's weak commitment to ending the Drug War or overdue investment in black communities means oppression will continue with little change?
  13. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to CrownSlayer’s Shadow in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    Never mind that Bernie lost to her and is still trying again.
    He has a helluva lot more perseverance than she does for her to be talking.
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    8ther reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom remaster announced!   
    A small note - I love how they retained being able to see the different levels inside certain levels. Already, you can see Downtown Bikini Bottom, Spongebob’s Neighbourhood, Goo Lagoon, and Sand Mountain from Jellyfish Fields.
  15. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Folded King CC14 in SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom remaster announced!   
    We finally got some footage from further along than pre-Alpha! Looking gorgeous!
  16. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Dark Qiviut in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    I didn't watch tonight's debate, but here are some takeaways (of what I saw):
    Sanders is the frontrunner and gets out relatively unscathed. The moderators are some of the worst in any debate. Not just from the anti-Sanders hostility and losing total control, but the VERY right-wing, anti-progressive framing. Isn't this supposed to be a DEMOCRATIC debate?! The audience is godawful! Full of rich, bribed-out plants for Bloomberg, they were hostile toward those against Bloomberg. Booing Warren after panning him for telling a former employee to "kill" her baby and after Sanders bashed Bloomberg for having a billionaire-targeted audience.
  17. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Dark Qiviut in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    Going a different direction.
    This is Anthony Clark. Last cycle, he was a Justice Democrat running an insurgent primary against Danny K. Davis, only to lose.
    He's running against him again. Today, he picks up a major campaign boost. Chicago's second-largest newspaper, the Sun-Times, endorsed him, citing his urgent pursuit and passion for change.
  18. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Stay at Home Ultima in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary and Andrew Yang has suspended his campaign.
  19. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Dark Qiviut in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    So multi-billionaire oligarch Mike Bloomberg, who:
    endorsed Republican Pat Toomey and spent $12 million to fund his campaign over Democratic challenger Katie McGinty endorsed and supported GWB at the '04 Republican National Convention endorsed Scott Brown over Elizabeth Warren supported the Iraq War supported and defended Stop & Frisk until this cycle (how convenient!) supported tough-on-crime and the War on Drugs until (conveniently!!) this cycle! was a registered Republican until two milliseconds ago! He decides that the only way to stop Warren or Sanders from getting the Democratic nom is to run for pres himself, bribe the DNC for $300,000 before running, spend over $350 million in TV ads, buy his way onto the Democratic debate stage, and buy actual Democratic support both inside the DNC and out! Nina Turner called him an oligarch, and Bloomberg's positive support among Democratic voters over the last few weeks proves her right.
    Bloomberg is a classist and racist. This audio recording five years ago proves how dangerous he truly is! Check out the rest of the links in Benjamin Dixon's chain, too.
  20. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Big Panda in Pokemon Anime General Discussion   
    Pikachu’s totally gonna Dyna/Gigantimax. They so want to make up for the Desert Resort being shafted because of the banned two-parter in Best Wishes.
  21. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Vec in Pokemon Anime General Discussion   
  22. Fist Bump
    8ther reacted to Dark Qiviut in The General 'Murican Politics Thread   
    Three words. Here. Comes. Bernie.
  23. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to FFWF in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Isle of Armor: June 17th, 2020)   
    Let's not forget what's really important about today's news, though: The inevitable Sinnoh remakes are getting another year in the oven!  Let's hope it shows...
    I've been thinking about typings for the new Pokemon and forms.
    I'm pretty sure the Galarian legendary birds will be Psychic, Fighting, and Dark.  Articuno is using obvious Psychic motifs, like hovering in place, having glowing eyes, throwing beams around etc., supported by its colour scheme; Zapdos is placing a lot of emphasis on the physical strength in its legs, and it's also coloured after the Fighting-type logo; and Moltres, whilst still fiery, is using a black and pink colour scheme in common with the Dark logo as well as being pretty plainly evil-looking.  Of course, these types also form a weakness chain, for added coherence.  One raises an eyebrow at the existence of Galarian variants of legendary Pokemon formerly assumed to be unique, of course; but one may as well question the idea of a unique Pokemon that's merely rare rather than the subject of creation myths.
    The two new Regis are pretty easy; the Electric one speaks for itself, but it took me a minute to see that the other one is a Dragon-type, its two outsize limbs resembling the upper and lower mandible of a dragon.  Curious what the lore for them might be; curious about their names, too.  The original Regis are plainly named for their type, of course, but that fell apart with Regigigas, and I suspect would have fallen apart anyway as soon as they hit a type that wasn't monosyllabic.  For that reason, I'm expecting the names to be more along the lines of Regivolt and Regidrake - those two in particular might be too obvious, having been nabbed by two of the four Galarian fossils.
    Galarian Slowpoke is curious.  It's lost its Water-type and is now pure-Psychic, and has yellow highlights from eating spicy berries, but it's hard to know where that's going.  We get a brief glimpse of Galarian Slowbro; it's chunky, has purple paws and a purple tail-tip - and no shell on its tail, which is intriguing; by contrast, what we see of Galarian Slowking has a dark mantle and a glimpse of a headdress with eyes actually more like the Slowbro shell's.  Are the two shells being swapped around?  Or are the evolution items for these two Pokemon going to be about clamping something else onto them entirely?  Very difficult to know what to expect from their typings, but I expect the two will be slightly more distinct from one another than their originals.
  24. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Duckling in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Isle of Armor: June 17th, 2020)   
    Well, I might as well put my two cents in due to the fact that i'm more of a Pokemon fan than a Sonic fan these days (but I still love Sonic btw).
    It was fun to a point. I'm up to the last gym, but sadly, i've seemed to have lost interest at this point. Idk why, but I just...did. Yeah, i'll go back to the game eventually, but I want to take a break from it. Dexit was a horrible idea. They should've kept the national dex, but that's just my opinion. Also, I have one word that describes this game: RUSHED! I mean, the story is decent, but I think they should've fleshed out the towns more and not make the routes so linear. The wild area is interesting. If there's one thing I should've done is explore it more, but right now, I just need a break from it all. Sorry if this was a bad post.
  25. Thumbs Up
    8ther reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    At this rate, we’re gonna get the skunk from Twinsanity who complains about his job.
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