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  1. What are the odds of this game getting a Rev/Extend version a few years after release?
  2. I hope the game has a remix of this without the lyrics of course
  3. Did they seriously just used clips from the actual show in the intro...That japanese intro? I mean the dub i understand but for the Japanese version to use clips from the show for 90% of the intro is just plain laziness on their part.
  4. How could we have a thread for Prime 4 but not one for Game Freak's Pokemon game?

    1. CD Sanic

      CD Sanic

      Oh wait we do, mybad...

  5. Any DB characters who would fit the poison user role in FighterZ?

  6. Are there any GG characters who fight using poison?

    1. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      Technically speaking Faust since he's a doctor. Also Testament in a weird way.

    2. Red


      Alternatively, Blazblue has Arakune who uses poison.

  7. No, i got the image from Eventhubs Also source?
  8. Found it on Eventhubs, the face button layout reminds me more of Injustice rather than Street Fighter or GG
  9. Seeing how there's only 24 characters, no base saiyans and no alternate costumes, i have a feeling the story will be a big movie like Xrd had