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  1. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Major news! We're getting a new DB Movie in 2018!...A Saiyan centric DB movie in 2018!!! My guess' are that it's ether a movie about Goku and co visiting Planet Sadala or, it's a movie focusing on the Original Super Saiyan God
  2. RIP the Internet

    1. DiamondX


      ? Did they win?

    2. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Oh god, please tell me you're joking.

    3. JovahexeonXMAS Tron Bonne

      JovahexeonXMAS Tron Bonne

      Last I heard, it was 2 to 2. But now they're taking a recess. Something about "an advice of security".

    4. Santamus Prime

      Santamus Prime

      I believe it still has to go through the courts though after the vote.

    5. Shiguy



      Not quite, but the FCC is determined to pass the bill. It has to go through court first before the motion for the billing.

      EDIT: apparently there was a bomb threat.

  3. The Pokémanz Thread

    Pokemon crystal is coming to the 3DS eshop on January 26th! https://www.polygon.com/2017/12/14/16776104/pokemon-crystal-nintendo-3ds-eshop-release-date-price I've already played Gold but i'm willing to double dip again just to hear this theme..
  4. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    The Megazord was already shown in the NEP for episode 120, why would they go though the trouble of hiding it?
  5. Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Surprised no one here is talking about this.
  6. One of the animators of the Pokemon Anime just tweeted out that the today's reveal of the 21th Pokemon movie is going to "surprise us"

  7. Cat

    1. StrickerXmas


      now this is the quality content i like to see on here

    2. Boomer
  8. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    What are the odds this could succeed in saving the net neutrality? https://seanmaloney.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/maloney-introduces-legislation-to-save-the-open-internet-block-fcc
  9. At this point, this year's PSX is shaping up to be worse than last year's

    1. Nix


      In their defense, they did tell us that this was going to be more low key.

    2. TCB


      Yeah, like a month ago.


      So technically...we had a month to expect things could be a little different this year.

  10. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    The site won't load for my phone, what did they say?
  11. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Got a clip of it?
  12. Deadpool himself is playing Pikachu... http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/12/07/ryan-reynolds-to-star-as-detective-pikachu-in-pokemon-movie
  13. Quick! give me a witty headline related to Deapool and Pokemon

    1. Teoskaven


      "Gotta catch 'em all! ...except cancer, i already have that."

    2. CD Sanic
  14. The Frog girl from My Hero Academia is adorable, does she do anything major in the series?

    1. Josh


      not really

    2. Izuku Deku Midoriya

      Izuku Deku Midoriya

      Nothing really major, but she does have her screen time and moments of showing her moves off. Still waiting on her to get an actual arc focus.

      And her name is Asui Tsuyu (first/last name). Tsuyu is really adorable indeed. :3

    3. Radiant Christmas Ike

      Radiant Christmas Ike

      She had a whole episode too. It was meant to be in the manga but there either wasn't enough time or pages or something.

    4. Marcello


      She turns evil and kills All Might.

    5. JovahexeonXMAS Tron Bonne

      JovahexeonXMAS Tron Bonne

      @Marcello For real?


      Been taking a few peaks in before dedicating myself to watching the whole series. She's one of my favorites so far.


    6. Marcello


      Nah. If it was, I wouldn't have said it.