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    If you are a roleplayer and enjoy it alot, then you are welcome to contact me. Always willing to make new friends.
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  1. Oh wonderful, another password I must change and write down. I've had the same password on this side for nearly 8 years. Changing it is going to throw my brain into mass confusion. I already have to keep a list of passwords with me for certain sites because I would never remember them otherwise.
  2. I'm just starting to play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood now that I finally finished Dynasty Warriors 8 awhile back ago. I had to take a break from gaming for about a week before I got back into doing it again after that long session before. It is a bit sad that I can't platinum AC: Brotherhood, since there are multiplayer trophies, but at least I can most likely end up enjoying the game. Been meaning to get to this game for awhile now.
  3. I can see the thing about tradition coming into play with link possibly having a voice, but then at the same time, I see many people before mention it because they think most nintendo characters in general shouldn't have voices or voice acting. The big example of that being Mario Sunshine where people threw a hissy fit over the people having voice. Sure, what they say may not always be people's favorites, but still, saying that everything in the game should have been silent because that's how it is supposed to be is just silly to me. The samus situation is similar in that Samus has just always been alone for the most part. She has never had anyone to talk to and thus never had much reason to talk other than in journals and such, and even then, that is a bit into the characters mind and not in the players mind. IF link doesn't talk, it won't be a disaster, but it does limit him a bit in a warriors series, where the story is a bit important, as well as the action. I'm sure he doesn't have to all the time, but at the same time, would he be the only character you would be playing as in the game? Warriors games usually have a vast lineup of characters to play as and not just one character. Would all of them talk or just mumble along? I guess that is the big question. If Link is just a simple soldier, then he may not need to talk that much, but generals and leaders often times need to talk in warriors games as they are the ones the story focus' on and they are the ones giving orders and talking to the other people on the battle field and between battles.
  4. I've played Warriors Orochi three and believe me, I can handle it, but it is a real pain to have to read the text and fight at the same time. Since I dont understand japanese, I have to look down and read what they are saying as I'm running around. Sure, I'm someone used to doing this, but it is still a bit of a pain to have to read the long textbox's while I'm in the middle of fighting. Most of the nonvoiced stuff in warriors games simply state your objective and that's fine. I can handle things saying so and so just got defeated or you need to go here before a certain person arrives and such. I'm not saying Link has to talk, but everyone else talking would be dang useful in the game. The more text you have to read while fighting, the more distracting it is. The whole point of the warriors games is that half the story takes place between the battles an the rest during the battles. Since, people can end up dying during the battles or major battle or story turning things can happen during the game. Though of course, if it is super important, it interrupts the game and plays a cutscene instead.
  5. The game may do silent popups all the time, but if the game wants any sort of depth other than run here and kill this and run there and kill this, it needs a deep story behind it. So many people always are complaining about warriors games being boring, which I don't find them to be, so if you cut the story or make it just be all text, it is going to be super simple and be nothing but grunts, yahs, and text. Sounds like a bit of a minus in the sounds department there.
  6. Though at the same time, I never run by these characters by our standards when it comes to the whole age and get together thing. They don't seem to hold to it, with the ages of marriage and such in their universe, so what seems ick to us may not necessarily be in theirs. If you think about that relationship in current terms then yes it may be, but given a few years it doesn't seem that odd anymore. Also, I figure the whole reason was that both Mina and Tails were both mongul victims, even if that hadn't been told just yet. Also, I know having its own book wouldn't have helped that spot there, but it would have given more room to flesh out the main stories. After Knuckles was shut down, a third of the main book pretty much became the knuckles comic at that point, so the main stories got alot shorter in exchange.
  7. You can subscribe off of archie.com if you are allowed to do things online. After that, they will send you a letter in the mail every year to tell you when it is time to renew and you can simply send them money or a check in the mail after that if you wish. No need to totally destroy your comic just to try and get a subscription. Sigh.... you may have noticed that I left some real big stuff out of the recaps above. That's because I want to focus on Ken's previous "magnum opus" in one sitting, and finally say my piece on it all. From all the backups to 144, this is 25 Years Later. THIS TOOK 14 MONTHS TO TELL. This is quite honestly the worst Sonic story I've ever read, just barely beating out the Chaos Knuckles trite. The art was done by Butler, so it's at least... kinda nice, even if he does sexualize the women a bit much. But the story, the characters, the pacing is all absolutely crap. I know that there might be some who LIKED 25YL (there were the few letters in the book that said as much) but other than the visuals, I have no idea why ANYONE would enjoy this. If anyone does could you please tell me if I'm missing anything? Anyways... the next entry of this retrospective, when it comes, will deal with the fall of Karl & Ken to their last issues. And yeah, after that will be Ian's stuff; when that comes, I'll continue to give my honest opinon about them (there are a few Ian stories I can think of that have some serious problems...). I'll be as fair to him as I was for Ken & Karl. I think everyone knows about the slap heard about the world. That's how much even refer to it as well usually. But yeah, I think that is one of those parts I mentioned in a post several pages back about how I'm surprised Sonic was still friends with some of these people as they seem like they want him to stop fighting Robotnik for various different reasons when he is their savior in a way. Also, Return to Angel Island is a good arc, even if the art doesn't do it justice. That arc is all about damn super dark stuff and the characters all look like they are in the middle of a comedy. That's the big reason I never like that art style. Though I did agree that Art's style of Sonic does sort of go out of date at this point, it is still one of my favorite styles, minus yardley of today who I think has the best style out of the entire book really. But yeah, the 25 years later stuff is very hit and miss with people, especially since it would do better on its own instead of crammed into the back of so many issues and taking away valuable space. That's the big thing as to why I like Universe now. You can take those things out of the main issues to allow more face time for the main issue while giving another comic to the side stuff, thus maximizing the stuff for both of them and working very well on top of that. If 25 years later had been on its own, maybe it wouldn't feel like it was almost getting in the way, since it took so long to get it and it was cutting into the time that could have been used on the main issues at that time. Also, whats wrong with Tails x Mina XD
  8. How are they going to tell the story if there is no voice acting? Unless they tell everything in text form between the battles, usually warriors games have alot of dialogue that takes place during the battles as well to announce what is going on during the battle when new situations arise or when characters are talking with each other. That also brings about the confusion on if Link would be given a voice or if everyone around him could talk and he couldn't? Warriors games do usually rely on quite a bit of dialogue to tell the story of the game.
  9. I have no problem debating at all really. But yeah, it really does bug me when people try and constantly "convert" you to their point of view. I get everything you are saying that's for sure. Yeah, I do get that in sonic based comics, there should be a limit on slice of life stuff. I've become a bit roleplayer over time of being a fan of the series, and well, I prefer slice of life scenario's over the action based ones. That is one of the big reasons I sometimes prefer those issues in the main series that are more slice of life as I get to know the characters more instead of just fight fight fight every two second. I love some good action, as long as there is some happy villain gets his ass handed to him at the end of it. I know some series and anime where people will drag that part, the villain getting what is coming to him, out so far and long that the story begins to become so depressing as everything is the hero constantly getting their butt beat or things always going bad for them. I can stand dark, but I think it still comes around to actually getting to the relief of that darkness. If you take too long to get to the relief, you start to become depressing instead of fun to read. As for the Knuckles series over all, yeah, it is a bit on the slow side, I can give you that. You are reading the sonic series at that same point that has Sonic and Tails roaming all over the world dealing with the wizard and the coming back of Robotnik, with only some slice of life in there, while most of the Knuckles series is either slice of life or dealing with the Dark Legion. Though that is another thing, the more I read into the Dark Legion, in all honesty, I can't blame them for being as mad as they were back then over the tech being taken away. That sounds like modern day problems we have in the us and other countries where govt's want to take things or hide things away from their people. Makes sense not everyone is going to be happy over it.
  10. I've gotten through the Knuckles series again after all the talk of him and such over the past few pages. I was bagging and boarding them, so might as well read through stuff again before I put them in their bags and into the long boxes. Is it weird that for most of that series when I read it that I don't really seem a TON wrong with it? Yes, there are some problems, but overall, I enjoy reading it over. Does that say anything about my tastes?
  11. Hey Biznizz, I'm surprised you are rereading the old stuff if it really is so hard for you to take in while you are reading it. You sound like you are being tortured in a way ^^; I always find it ironic, when did I start getting the comics in the mail? Issue 160. Right when Ian took over.
  12. That last part is the main part I would focus on really. Honestly, I would feel world building is the biggest thing that made so many people made. It would have been one thing if they had said, alright, we need an art update and we are going to change the characters around. They have done that before with Sonic and Tails. But then you come in and say, alright, all these characters have to go, just forget about them. We are going to take away alot of the world you know and tear it back down. None of these characters are allowed to have parents or relatives at all, which to me is the worst mandate of all, and just sort of throw everyone for a loop. Yes, they need to rebuild the world as fast as they can. I even said above when I got my issues, that I was glad they were repopulating the world with more characters, which this thing needs alot. I love characters to be honestly ^^; I can get over so much, and I obviously have gotten over alot of this. I still always thought the parents and relatives rule though was ridiculous, since that fleshed out your characters so much more and gave them more depth. That's just me at least, since I love having parent characters for particular scenarios I like to use and such for my own personal things. I have no complaint about Sega taking control of their series again at all. I'm fine with that. They just need to be careful with some of the rules they make and some of the restrictions they put on these writers. When their own story makes haven't done a great job over time, let these guys express themselves. You may find lots of great material you can then turn and use for the games, now that Penders isn't there trying to sue you over all that new material.
  13. Yeah, I totally detested the whole egg Grapes scenario massively. That is just horrible. Also, I'm surprised to hear that Tommy was that hated, especially when I figured St. John would be the most hated in the series.
  14. Really? If that is so, then yeah, I can see why Omega was held off until he did the Gamma switch thing, which still is a little odd that they made it to where Gamma's soul was inside of Omega like that, especially since Omega now has his own unique personality where he just loves the idea of fire, shooting things, and possibly genocide in a way.
  15. I think you just pretty much nailed it right on the head there in a way. As I said, does archie need a leash, heck yes it does, however you can then get that leash so tight that you become so paranoid that every little thing is going to cause a disaster or change your franchises into something you dont want. I think that is what a lot of people feel right now. I can't say for other places though. I just know that when it seems like you are tightening that leash so much that it seems like you are trying to prevent the writers from being creative, that's when it gets a bit far. I don't think archie should have free range like Ken had though anymore. Also, simply have your new artists under the proper contracts so mess like that doesn't happen again. Anything they draw is their property now and you won't have that problem again.
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