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  1. There's an unsourced citation on the Sonic wikia that says as such: "At Sonic Boom 2012, Takashi Iizuka has confirmed that Blaze is in fact from the Sol Dimension, not from the future." I don't really keep up with anything Sonic-related so I have no idea if this is true or not. And I haven't played any games featuring Blaze to be able to present my own fanon. :v But perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me can shed some light on whether this information is true and if so what repercussions it has on our current theories concerning Blaze.
  2. Wow, this is great! I haven't played Sonic Rush so I'm unfamiliar with the music, but I knowing that it's sample-based makes me want to check it out. Reminded me of EarthBound's soundtrack, sure enough. Here's something I've always wanted to know: without looking at the people credited on a track, how does one go about finding out where a sample comes from? If there are lyrics and they are long enough, I assume you can type them into Google ("bla bla bla" lyrics) and check out the resulting songs, but short phrases, musical tidbits, and noises seem near impossible to track down.
  3. dude That Knuckles space level literally caused me to feel anxious and nauseous because of the awful camera (I have terrible motion sickness and as such even playing an FPS is a physically unpleasant feeling to me). You have to keep moving or those damn meteors hit you, but you have to swivel the camera around to know where you are and where you're going. Nevermind the awful radar! I had to pause and take a break because I literally felt ill. Oh, and it took me some eighteen minutes to finish this godforsaken level. That's three times the amount it took me to finish all of his other levels and the Rouge levels. The camera in SA, SA2, and Heroes (only 3d titles I've completed) is so awful. So incredibly awful. How did nobody notice it was so bad. How. During Biolizard, I couldn't see where I was going because the camera was doing a freaking glamour shot of Shadow the whole time. That's not a ~*fun challenge*~; that's frustrating. The inability to zoom out was incredibly frustrating. Even SM64 let you zoom out, and that game isn't exactly known for its easy-to-use camera. And why run towards the camera. This isn't a fecking music video no stop Shadow you're gonna fall DAMMIT that's what you get for being a diva. The homing attack in the aforementioned three games is also a piece of scheisse. Most of the time, it's fun~ and exciting to use. Then there's that time where it does exactly what you did not want it to do. Want to aim towards a platform over there? woops sorry there's an enemy in a 100-mile radius we'll just go over there instead~ and btw it's in mid-air so you're gonna fall after attacking it with no chance of recovery. Then there's wanting to attack an enemy literally in front of you and instead it decides to either miss the enemy completely, likely throwing you off the edge, or attacking another enemy entirely, ruining your plan of attack. Once again, frustration is not a proper substitute for challenge. Tails in his mech was really weird. Even way back when this was the only Sonic game I'd ever played, I knew Tails was a flying fox. Why couldn't they, you know, have a flying fox level? Then both the Hero and Dark stories can have one ~special unique gameplay element~ instead of being clones of each other. And when you're in the Chao garden, Tails can fly! Indefinitely, even! Why didn't they put that to good use? Better use than just flying Tails into the Dark Garden's cage and pretending he's been taken prisoner in hell. Oh, and here's another recurring complaint: the dash boards or whatever they're called. The ones that launch you into the air, actually. They launch you so high that they incur a fake lens glare and then as you're coming down, you can't see where you're landing. See, sometimes you have to push the control stick forward because otherwise you'll fall down, but at other times you don't do that because it'll just send you careening off the edge into oblivion. Thing is, there's no consistency! I can't tell when I'm supposed to hold forward and when not except for trial and error. Once again, not fun. I've wasted a life on something I literally had no idea about and could not possibly predict. That's not challenging; that's obnoxious! Some of the dialogue is cringe-worthy. My "favorite" example is "let's go back to the planet as cool and blue as me." what even is why Oh wait, my real favorite! Eggman: As a child, I looked up to my grandfather. He was my hero, and I wanted to become a great scientist just like him. But... did he really mean to destroy us? Tails: I don't know, but what I do know is we all did it together. Eggman: You're right. Tails's response makes no sense whatsoever. We destroyed ourselves together? Tails, do you even speak English??? And my headcanon is that Eggman just realized he was gonna have a therapy session with an eight-year-old fox apparently incapable of finding proper responses to English sentences and decides to cut it off by saying "you're right." I've personally never had problems with glitches, per se, as much as bad design that often leaves me tottering on the edge of a level for no discernible reason. What makes me angriest about this game is that I know the lyrics to City Escape but I never actively tried learning them nor did I ever choose to listen to the song. ♫ Rolling around at the speed of sound ♫ But this was the game that introduced me to Sonic. I had never played a Sonic game before this one. I had a jerk childhood friend who'd come over occasionally and show off his cool games and of course, this was one of them. I'd borrow the game mostly for the Chao raising aspects, but of course I tried to complete the story mode (never got to it as a kid). Eventually I just said "screw this" and AR'd my way to all the emblems and Green Hill Zone. The only reason I own this game, actually, is because he never picked it up after the last time I borrowed it and we just stopped being friends, so technically this isn't even my copy of SA2B. I have a lot of good memories of this game and that's why it actually hurts me straight in the feelz every time I see it get trashed on. Yeah, a lot of us had (or still have) nostalgia goggles on. But back then, we really did have fun. I did, at least. I loved the hell out of this game - I was just terrible at it (and games in general, actually). I know its flaws now (and was aware of them on some level back then as well), but that doesn't tar my childhood memories of it nor did it quell my excitement when after like ten years of never beating this game I finally finished it a few days ago.
  4. When playing SA, SA2, and Heroes, I time my homing attacks to the beat of whatever music I'm listening to. It just feels so wrong having it go all off-rhythm like that.
  5. My shameful secrets: admitting to myself I still like the Sonic games, despite the absolute horrors people say about them (and the fanbase itself). I basically don't tell people I like Sonic games because of the reputation they haev. Eggman's post-Adventure design (that is, not dressed in a clown suit w/a cape) makes my !!! tremble. The confidence with which he speaks (the voice), the determination, and of course the engineering genius. His canonically (?) being much taller than me at six foot one makes matters worse. He's a fashionable mofo. He's got dat stache. According to Heroes, he's a romantic and a feminist (though this seems contradicted in a later game?). Dear lord, I am smitten by Eggman.
  6. In pop music, it is now almost customary for every fanbase to get its own name. Gaga fans are Little Monsters. Katy Perry fans are the Katykats. Rihanna fans are the Navy (?). Ke$ha fans are Animals. Beyoncé fans are collectively known as the Beyhive. I find it super obnoxious, especially since the people who most willingly adopt these names tend to be the most rabid fans and make the rest of the fanbase look bad (case in point: the Little Monsters sending hate mail to a gossip columnist's son. While the gossip columnist in question is indeed a stain on the earth, his son has done nothing wrong and does not deserve to be targeted by strangers). None of my long-term game fandoms (Paper Mario, Pokémon, Pikmin, Smash Bros.) have nicknames that I know of, and I'd like to keep it that way. Honestly, I've just come to associate fan nicknames with pop music "stan" wars (stan is basically more than a fan! it comes from the Eminem song "Stan" and has basically replaced the word fan in all pop music communities) and so I think of really childish behavior. Being that the Sonic fandom already has a reputation of being full of immature sexual deviants who are never satisfied with anything, the last thing it needs is an identifying moniker. For the sake of discussion, perhaps something like Zoners, because of the different zones in the classic games. We can make really stupid puns like "we're in the Zone." Oh, and we can mix it with a Jay-Z/Kanye reference: "don't let me get in my zone... I'm definitely in my zone!"
  7. Interesting topic! I've really enjoyed reading a lot of the responses here and they've made me think a bit further about the situation than my initial reaction, which was "lololol Sonic the Hedgehog Galaxy and Super Mario Bros. 06." I'm not too knowledgeable on the history of video game companies that aren't Nintendo, so please bear with me. Feel free to correct any incorrect assumptions I've made here! Mario is more innovative than it's being given credit for. The thing is these innovations are being done by proxy. For example, who'd have thought that Mario would star in multiple (successful and beloved) RPG series? Certainly not Shigeru Miyamoto, who has gone on record saying he's not too fond of RPGs and purposely gave Paper Mario: Sticker Star a minimal storyline and few original characters (in part because of a perceived backlash against Super Paper Mario's elaborate storyline, but I imagine his own personal preference for games to have no interesting story to speak of plays a role here). Previously the Paper Mario games (at least the first two) were almost unanimously praised by fans for its witty dialogue, especially from Bowser, King of Sass, and the partner characters. Hey, sometimes, the games are too innovative (SPM and PM:SS's battle systems receiving backlash for not being enough like the first two games)! Mario as a series now is basically serving as the mainstay. The brand name stands for consistent quality, and that's what they're going for. I don't think making a revolutionary Mario game is on the minds of anybody working on the series because that is no longer its purpose. It doesn't need to try something new. You want something new? Play a different IP. The ideas from the tech demo Super Mario 128 went into making Pikmin, for example. Mario is like the familiar sandwich you always come back to after trying a bunch of weird stuff. It's dependable. I've never really been involved in the Sonic fandom, so I can't speak for what the consensus of fans is regarding the brand. I can tell you what pretty much everyone else thinks about practically every new Sonic game: gimmicky, trying too hard to be serious, painful dialogue and poor scripts, godawful camera controls, way too many characters. The Sonic series has been driven to coming up with a new gimmick for everything because it needs to. It can't entice you by being the reliable, familiar sandwich and so it has to take a gamble and say "hey, I'm the crazy new sandwich you haven't tried yet" and hope that this time, it's found the path to becoming a tried-and-true sandwich. How does that relate to the topic at hand? If Sonic were in the hands of the people at Nintendo, I doubt there would be as much schizophrenic variety from one game to another, and I also doubt it would have anything in the way of storylines. Sonic would remain a (mostly) mute hero with no personality beyond "I am a good person and I do good things because they are good." Eggman would probably remain the comical villain in a clown suit with no dialogue beyond taunts (and by extension, no history). Perhaps the jump from 2D to 3D would have been done better and the analogous Sonic Adventure of this universe would be as iconic as Super Mario 64, setting the standard for countless imitators. Afterwards, only minor modifications would be added to gameplay. The series would be the sandwich you turn to when all the other sandwiches fail. Being that Sonic was developed in response to Mario, it's harder to speculate about Mario's fate. Maybe Sonic is just "too cool" and Mario is the chiller alternative. Off the top of my head, perhaps the jumping aspect of Mario's gameplay would be expanded upon and he'd be the dude with altitude or something. I don't know anything about corporate culture at Sega so my speculation stops here. I wonder what the cultural impact would be as well. Mario is nice because he's just super inoffensive and nice. He's not threatening at all and that makes him appealing to all generations. Sonic's 'tude might be off-putting to older-than-the-target-audience generations and painfully out-of-date for younger-than-the-target-audience generations, making him dated. Perhaps this facet of his personality would be toned down or even changed outright as the situation demands (I still bet he'd be mute-hero'd).
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