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  1. Let's see. Has Sonic ever been dragged by police and had their neck stepped on until unconscious, thus going into cardiac arrest? Has he ever been minding his own business when police have forcefully intruded into his home and shot him in a case of 'mistaken identity'? Has he ever been pulled over by the police for running in a strange neighborhood because he doesn't look like the locals? Not exactly? Okay. You can probably pull some vague comparison to each of those examples to a real life instance given the nearly 29 year history of this franchise, but that's just it. Vague. Mr. Oliver making that comparison was exactly that. It felt half assed and insincere as he used what is essentially meant as mental escape (i.e. video game) to validate his connection to a real world issue. If the only way you can relate to police brutality/racial profiling et al is through a few select plot points from a fictional character as opposed to seeing recent history repeat itself and a plea for basic civil humanity, then you need to reassess your train of thought. There are more than enough examples of racial disparity within the last 100 years of U.S. history to reference before falling back on a blue hedgehog (i.e. Emmet Till, George Stinney, Eric Gardner, Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile...) I'll end with this - you can always get an extra life with 100 rings in any Sonic title. George Floyd and the many others before and unfortunately there after do not have such a luxury.
  2. ^ Essentially this in a nutshell. Tristan Oliver took to making a tone deaf parallel between the adventures of a fictional video game character to the death/rightful outrage over it caused by police brutality. Sonic can come back to life at any time in any of his games with enough rings. George Floyd and the many others treated like him can not. Not only was it an incredibly flippant comparison, it also came across as some misguided plug for the website. That's what pissed people off, myself included because it was misguided empathy. I'm sure he won't ever have to worry about being stopped in a strange neighborhood and given a hard time by police because you don't sound/look/act so and so.... I don't think it would have been an issue if he had simply just covered the news with retweets and not added that comparison or started his own personal account to voice his views. Yet rather than be mature by deleting that tweet and issue an apology, he took to deleting over 20 years of work because he felt like he was being shouted down. Keep in mind that I'm emphasizing him as I know there were other people associated with the site who did not agree with or share the same stance on using the news account in such a way. That said, will I miss the website? No, not really. I haven't read an article over there since that practice of his where he'd lurk here and other online forums during a Sonic dry spell to report on forum drama. That and the fact that he's proven time and again to be particularly apt at being a smug prick. But I feel for those who wrote or collaborated with TSSZ that weren't pricks, who may have now very well lost years of hard work because it's so difficult for Mr. Oliver to humble himself by saying two simple words. P.S: To those of you who remember me, hi. Just dropping by because I saw this in real time and it pissed me off something terrible.
  3. Hell to the N.O. When the OC/Avatar character you create in Forces has more substance than the villain, you need to re-evaluate things. They had the potential to make him an interesting character with the powers granted from the Phantom Ruby, but they absolutely wasted it with his weak ass motivation (i.e. Shadow hit me, wahh.) If he were to appear in another title and IF they were to make better use of his powers or flesh out his motivations, then maybe. But as far as I'm concerned, he got erased from all existance towards the end of Forces.
  4. The music. A refreshing change of pace with Tomoya Ohtani bringing in more electronica/ stage vocal tracks seemed to set the mood for the stages. Reminded me somewhat of the same aesthetic found in Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 with attention to detail when things started happening midway through a stage. I currently have Fist Bump, Justice, & Virtual Enemies downloaded to my iPod Touch on repeat. I also enjoy the fact that this is continuing a trend of featuring other artists aside from Crush 40 on a soundtrack. We've gotten some interesting artists aside from them as a go to now, which includes Cash Cash, Zebrahead, and talent from Jimmy Eat World & Hoobastank. I know a lot of fans like their work but they I haven't really cared for much of their music since Heroes & their rendition of Free from Sonic Free Riders felt like nails on a chalkboard. Finally, even though they're just remixes, the tracks featured for the Episode: Shadow DLC were wonderful. Supporting Me & White Jungle are regular fixtures on my playlist & this just gives me a reason to play them some more. Now if they had taken the same heartfelt approach to the level & game design as they did the music... P.S. - I am all for SEGA continuing the trend of having an orchestral version of the main/sub themes in future titles. Beautiful touch.
  5. Seems you need a bit of clarification. I never meant that Shadow doesn't need Rouge & Omega. They're all kind of not the norm in their own special way - i.e. jewel thief/secret agent spy, sentient robot with a vendetta against its creator, and an immortal being capable of raising all hell. I'm pretty sure they bonded over that and then some during the Heroes storyline and after. While they will ally with Sonic for a common goal, it usually serious. Eggman taking over most of the world in Forces. Or, through no fault of their own, a common issue overlapping their paths - like Mephiles/Iblis in '06. Same goes for Knuckles as well in the modern titles. He's either minding his own business or taking a break from his duties to engage the others or deal with a situation.
  6. Of course she does! Many of the game titles post Sonic Adventure have shown her steadily but surely coming into her own. While some of those moments might be a bit Flanderized (looking at you Heroes!Amy!), she's proven to be a strong support character who can hold her own. Moreso than say Shadow, who's either out on his own or doing G.U.N. missions with Rouge or Omega, or Knuckles who should usually on Angel Island guarding the Master Emerald.
  7. Good. Great job on Aaron/RubyEclipse & his team's part in getting this rectified. Say what you will about SEGA & Sonic Team, but damn if he and his team aren't the hardest working fans turned professionals around. I wouldn't have been too bothered not to play as Super Sonic seeing as how the Chaos Emeralds weren't even mentioned once in-game. But at least those who want to play as him have the opportunity now without having to pay for it. I also hope this backlash (?) serves as a learning point - you shouldn't suddenly start charging for something that's traditionally been given as a reward for game completion.
  8. Got the game as a Christmas present for a friend of mine and finally got to play it with them over the weekend. Game sucked so bad that I've silently promised to get them an actual good game to make up for it. We played it on Hard mode because this wasn't our first rodeo with a Sonic title and it felt very, very tracked. Absolutely didn't matter whether or not you were moving the analog joystick to go back or forth, all that mattered was that you were hitting the jump button to breeze on through by spamming the Homing Attack on enemies or springs. Oh and as for deaths? Chalk that up to the maybe 5-10% of the stage that wasn't tracked or had an invisible barrier - specifically the last few seconds before reaching the goal point. Cheap. :/ As for the story, I think it's a pretty good example of nice idea and bad execution. Sonic's supposedly tortured for months by Eggman (who finally gets a W!) with a mysterious edgelord character whose reasons for being bad amount to "Shadow was mean to me. WAAAH." All in all, while I'm normally a fan who tries to find the good in most modern Sonic titles, I absolutely can not defend Forces. I just can't. Even the Avatar generator pissed me off; getting clothes as a reward is one thing - but getting the same items in different colors after replaying stages as separate items? How about being able to receive the items with the options to toggle color like one does for the avatar? Problem solved. I really hope that SEGA & Sonic Team take the constructive criticism and work on these faults in the next Sonic title. But given how painfully obvious this game was as a beta with pixelated backgrounds & misspellings (Omegal?), I'm somewhat nervously skeptical.
  9. Mickey Mouse is taken over the world, y'all. It's only a matter of time before they resurrect Walt Disney and have him become Supreme Ruler of the Entire World. We'll be singing "It's A Small World" as our international anthem theme in no time flat... On the plus side, we got a chance at a more inclusive Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yay? But seriously - monopoly.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  11. ^THIS. Normally I find myself jumping behind a villain other than Eggman, but this was just piss poor execution. Shadow killed (?) his squad, beat him up and called him worthless so he goes to the Sonic in-world version of Hot Topic & rages out? ...okay. Infinite is essentially the dark and gloomy, early Livejournal Myspace OC they made him out to be. I know that other established villains in various other media have had piss poor origins, but at least they kind of owned it. Lex Luthor basically had it out for Superman for accidentally going bald & Broly basically wanted to rage hit Goku because of his annoying crying. But Infinite never did anything other than assisting in the off-screen takeover in this game. Pff. Plus the tie-in comic released yesterday shows his face was kind of jacked up to begin with, so what does that make now? Infinite the Vega/Freddy Kruger/edgelord of the Sonic Universe? Sigh. P.S. - This won't stop me making fan art of him though. Characterization this bad is just waiting to be loved ironically.
  12. Can verify. Just watched a playthrough complete with the cutscene in question. Infinite essentially went EMO over Shadow calling him worthless. Seems SonicTeam is still on about using Shadow as a catalyst for crazy shit again.
  13. ^ THIS. You must be reading my mind, man. But you're definitely right about Forces' lackluster plot. Being an anniversary(?) game, that makes up like half the game: Sonic Adventure 2: 10th anniversary. Murder of an innocent girl causes her grandfather to go crazy with grief and exact revenge on the world in the distant future Sonic 06: 15th. Freezer clone of Shadow kills Sonic with his lazer, being the first and ONLY foe to do so. Deus Ex Machina undoes that. Generations: 20th Anniversary. Plot twist near the end of game connects it with its predecessor; Classic and Modern are past and present versions of themselves Forces: 25th Anniversary. Ties into Mania in a very lazy way; Eggman has essentially created a Freddy Krueger OC to scar the world.
  14. Agreed. They've introduced these other characters to play around with more drama to the games. But suddenly cutting and pasting it onto Sonic? They would have to significantly change or alter his character in this game or show the lingering effects in future titles. Like smoking blunts in between speed runs to get his nerves together? It would require advancing his characterization to show a vulnerability; a side that you never even knew he had. But given that they just kind of threw in that line, I doubt they'd go for that depth.
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