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  1. Whereas a shrine that is completely out in the open like Adventure's one is a better idea? And Eggman didn't exactly have a hard time getting hold of it in S3K either - the history of the series dictates that Knuckles has done a pretty bad job of keeping that Emerald in his own hands ever since Sonic and Eggy got involved. It doesn't make a difference if it's in an indoor shrine, an outdoor shrine, in Knuckles' possession or in the middle of nowhere; historically, if Eggman wants the Emerald for his plan, more often than not he gets it.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought canonically, the only reason Angel Island floats was to keep an angry Chaos away from the rest of civilization? If Knuckles can shrink the emerald down to a miniature size like in Adventure 2, then that can be the explanation for why he sometimes shows up - who cares if Angel Island takes a swim for a day or so whilst he joins in on saving the world? That said, I'd quite like to see the Chaos Emerald, Angel Island and Echidna lore expanded on some more; the above is just my way of retroactively explaining games like Heroes which make no attempt to give Knuckles a real, involved reason for being there. EDIT: That doesn't mean it's fanon. The emeralds fluctuating in size might very well be an in-universe thing. It's one thing to change sizes between games, but in games like S3K and Adventure, the Emeralds physically change size throughout the course of the same adventure. Plus, whatever way you want to look at it, Knuckles managed to keep a whole Master Emerald on his person near the end of Adventure 2 without it being immediately visible to anybody. Considering the ME had always been relatively giant before then, I'd imagine Sonic Team knew what they were doing. The possibility that Knuckles can carry the Master Emerald around hassle-free isn't that unbelievable. And even if he can't, couldn't he just put it into hammerspace, like what Sonic does with his giant Ring stash and the Chaos Emeralds?
  3. But the guy sort of has a point, though cinematic was perhaps not the best word he coulda chosen. The Adventure games certainly had some aesthetic and storytelling features not quite mimicked by any other in the series. The levels all felt like natural extensions of the world and the plotline, the characters had more urgency to solve whatever was going down, the level structure wasn't so obviously formulaic (act 1, act 2, boss) and it was nice to give every character a theme song. Plus the plots were winding and a bit more complicated, the levels actually linked to the hub world in the first Adventure's case, and the sense of continuity in this era was far stronger than any other. There were the little touches too, like how the characters would describe the situation they're in when you load their storyline back up, and how there were various parts of the story that the creators didn't obviously hit you over the head with (the whole Shadow/Biolizard backstory, the Chao/Mystic Melody mystery, the loose connections between the games such as the Artificial Chaos being based on Gerald's research of the Echidna ruins). I'm not actually the biggest fan of the Adventure games, but 'cinematic' is one way to describe them - at least, in comparison to the other games in the series. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing comes down to the individual. Oh and to be on-topic; it'd be nice to see the 'cinematic' qualities of the Adventures combined with the ball-numbingly epic CGI of Unleashed, a witty script from the Madworld-Colours-Generations guys, the multiple character system of S3K and gameplay at least on a par with the best of Generations' levels - preferably without the frustration of stages like Planet Wisp~
  4. This is how I imagined the animal NPC's would look when I was younger: A part of me thinks that this is kind of the original idea SEGA had in mind - canonically, Sonic probably wasn't meant to be much bigger than his supporting cast. In most of the Sonic spin-offs, the other animals were adapted to a more suitable size, because it was clear that Sonic and the animals he was saving were supposed to be one and the same - he was one of them, so to speak. Maybe it was for technical reasons that the animals weren't bigger, or aesthetic reasons (bigger animals would have more clutter and wouldn't add anything to the game), or maybe because bigger animals would require bigger badniks which wouldn't be advisable on the hardware of the time. And then, by Sonic 2, it has effectively become canon. The idea sticks about and is reinforced by spinoff games, until eventually Sonic Adventure comes along. The cast are made bigger because it suits their new designs better, and the animals are made smaller - and thus, the anthro characters and the 'regular animals' forever became separate groups of species', even though they're animals all the same. Just a crackpot idea, but yeah. In an ideal world, I'd like to see animal NPC's based on the small animal designs, but better proportioned in comparison to the main cast (though I'm not sure how well that'd work with the modern designs).
  5. How about a game where the alternative dimension that hosts the 'Special Stages' is explored in more detail? I've mentioned the idea before, but it's relevant enough for Knuckles to tag along, without dragging out the Echidna story further (since presumably, the Special Stages far predate the Echidna/Chaos era of the Sonic world).
  6. Often, they are. And if they have the speed to keep up with Sonic a la the Motobugs in Colours, making contact with them shouldn't be an issue.
  7. I always figured it was Eggman. He's clearly not all there in the head (intelligent though he is), and he sees the world as something of a game. I wouldn't put it past him to scatter objects that both help and hinder Sonic and co., purely to make things more fun for all parties involved - he's the type that would make a Rube Goldberg machine to kill Sonic in the most needlessly complex way possible, rather than just shooting him in the head with a pistol. And heck, maybe he made some (not all) of the level gimmicks too? Green Hill at the end of Sonic 1 looks relatively uninteresting and simple, whereas when Eggman has his Badniks roaming around, the level is filled with spikes, moving platforms, and so on. I'm not saying it's right, because some of the games (namely, the games from Adventure 2 up to 2006) don't really support this kind of interpretation of Eggman. It's a possibility though; we're playing through a game that Sonic Team made, but Sonic is playing through a 'game' that Eggman made. ...Or they just don't exist canonically and exist purely for gameplay purposes. That's probably the more accurate (but less entertaining) theory.
  8. Classic and Modern is just a way of differentiating between old and new Sonic - though we, the players, see a difference in the two, canonically they're similar enough that characters barely notice the difference between the two, enough so to mix them up on multiple occasions.
  9. How about this; half-hour shorts that actually fit in with the SegaSonic canon, released every so often between two big games (between Generations and the next big release, for example). They'd be written and voiced by the same people working on Sonic now, dealt with by an external CGI team similar to Night Of The Werehog, and have music composed by people who have worked on Sonic music briefly before, like Howard Drossin or Richard Jacques - with the odd track from Crush 40 or Cash Cash, but not often because they'd probably be tied up in composing music for the next actual Sonic game to be released. The shorts could help fill in gaps such as what happened between Sonic 4 and Adventure, or Unleashed and Colours. They could also revamp some old, important plotlines that haven't really seen the light of day since Sonic went 3D; how about a half hour re-imagining of Sonic 3 & Knuckles' endgame, from Hidden Palace to the end of Doomsday, including a Knuckles confrontation in front of the Hidden Palace mural? I'd pay to download something like that off of the Apple Store, fer sure. Live-action is a no-no so I'm not even going to address that.
  10. Normally, I'd suggest that new stages in the old Sonic style would never happen due to SEGA being stubborn bitches, but the fact that Desert Dazzle came close to inclusion in the CD remake (it wasn't implemented due to a mixture of time constraints and not wanting to alter the original too much, apparently) gives me hope for the future. I doubt they'll release anything using the Retro Engine for a while, because it would obviously overshadow Sonic 4 Episode II; changing the engine halfway through would be terribly inconsistent, so that's sort of out of the question. That said, I'd really like to see new levels like Desert Dazzle running on the Retro Engine in the future. If SEGA ever swallowed their pride and allowed Taxman to put together an actual game for them rather than remaking one (Retro Sonic Nexus/XG was looking pretty swaggerific), I'd be first in line to download that game. Twice.
  11. They should totally make Bean a different type of crazy. Less like Charmy, and more like Family Guy's Adam West; quiet and not very outspoken, but his actions are consistently ridiculous and the few things he does say make absolutely no sense. He's not really a villain, he's just so mentally inept that he might throw a bomb your way and not think anything of it.
  12. Fang should come back, but under the name 'Fang the Weasel', as a mix of his two names. It fits better with the naming scheme of the other characters, like Tails (the Fox) and Knuckles (the Echidna), being named after their defining physical traits. Either that, or they'd have to do a Generations Eggman and acknowledge both of his names, just to keep the fanbase happy. He'd still be a guy with a good aim, obviously. For the sake of not bringing guns into the series again (I don't see the problem personally - Eggman had one in SA2?), they could do what Nintendo did with Snake in SSBB, and give him ridiculous explosives and exaggerated long-range weapons as a way of making up for the lack of real firearms. As well as that, I'd like to see him become a dodgy dealer type. Tails wants a new part for his plane? Turns out Fang has it in his repertoire of stuff, and he won't give it away without a 'reasonable' price. Part of me can imagine him being a loan shark type too, giving out hordes of Rings to people and then chasing them up for it later on. At the end of each game he features in, he'd get some kind of comeuppance like Eggman does, but he would not turn to Sonic's side like every other animal in the series. He'd work with the heroes for the right price, but he has no sense of noble cause so he wouldn't just pull a Knuckles/Shadow/Blaze/Silver and befriend the good guys near the endgame. Oh, and the Chaotix would fucking hate the guy. He's a competing entrepreneur, but he's also a criminal, he'd cause many of the crimes that they investigate (just for the lols on his part) and despite having no morals he'd manage to make tonnes more cash (or Rings, I'm not really sure how it works) than them. That's how I'd characterize Nack/Fang. There's a lot of potential in him, provided they don't ruin it by making him befriend every other character in the series. Make him an asshole each and every game. Or heck, make him appear to repent at the end of one game, only for him to backstab the heroes for profit again halfway through the next one.
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