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  1. The game itself is 16.12 GB's of space for starters so that's something. As far as levels go so far I'm assuming there will be at least 14/15 zones in the game unless they qualify the Tag Team stages as Modern stages too. Besides that if there are around 11 to 12 zones and each zone has 4 to 5 stages based on: Classic, Modern, Tag Team, OC, and possibly something else that's easily around 44 plus stages to mess around in which is pretty cool. Hopefully the later levels have more inspired level design and are longer though. The level in the screenshot looked like the Ark to be honest, upper half of the picture had what looked like outer space so I'm hype. It'll probably tie into something Shadow related too.
  2. You know what? I'm actually glad that we can play as another character besides Sonic even if it's DLC. The level design is rather disappointing as usual sadly but hopefully the later levels in the game will deliver. At this rate I'm kind of tired of the mediocrity they output in each game, they're capable of so much more and they know this. I don't know if they don't know how to properly implement fully intact 3D/2D stages without the level being too short, or if they're scared of making levels too hard to play or what. All I know is they need to stop putting so much automation in the levels, I'm pretty sure you could slap this together in a level editor with minimal effort.
  3. Lost Worlds didn't really have an explanation on Wisps, they were kinda just.. hangin, doin it up. I would like to see some explanation of the wisps in the Lost Hex if Sonic Colors 2 or 3 if you count Lost Worlds as the sequal. Lost Worlds didn't really have an explanation on Wisps, they were kinda just.. hangin, doin it up. I would like to see some explanation of the wisps in the Lost Hex if Sonic Colors 2 or 3 if you count Lost Worlds as the sequal.
  4. I know, it just wouldn't be the same though =/, I didn't really understand why they were in the Lost Hex either. The Lost Hex is a future continent though, maybe all the newly discovered wisps had their own tribe or seperated from the main basis of wisps that were in Sonic Colors that Sonic didn't even know about at the time. I don't know but I want a Sonic Colors 2
  5. Late as hell but anyway, why give up the SLW? It was just introduced & now it's getting tucked away for another I don't even know how many years... Iizuka said that wisps would be in any Sonic Game where they fit in which I'm cool with since their more interesting than item boxes & give Sonic epic powers, some of which he already has like Green Hover/Crimson Eagle are basically Lightspeed dashes, Blue Cube & Grey Quake are kinda the stomp, Pink Spikes is kind of the wall jump. I seen a couple people on TSSZ complaining about how they wish item boxes were given more use instead of keeping wisps in future Sonic games since there's going to be a multitude of them in the future & they might just get crammed into levels, I can relate to this but really, what do Item Boxes have on Wisps anyway? Red Burst makes the Fire Shield pointless, Ivory Lightning makes the Electric Shield look pointless & Drill makes the Bubble Shield pointless while at the same time making the most hated underwater levels a breeze! I don't really know if this was on topic but, just making a point here =).. Generations style game means... BOOST TO WIN.. probably. That also means it's probably not gonna be for the 3DS & for the Xbox1 & PS4 like the previous information for Sonic games we've heard of.
  6. Yea, I have some hope that there will be at least 30% 3D playable parts in the game while the majority of it as we know is 2D. Not that I mind the 2D this time around since it's not linear, explorable, & weilds lots of things to collect but I prefer 3D exploration over 2D exploration. We don't even know how many zones or areas will appear in this game so with each world, we could have some areas with more 3D than 2D, who knows but I hope so.
  7. The next time I get hit with a Spiny Shell in MK8 I'm throwing my Wii U out the window, Jesus..

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      But that's 78% of the Mario Kart experience.

    2. Klinsy


      The only logical thing is never be in first place again, ever.

  8. Ehh I wonder if this game will feature some levels from the Wii U version? Since this game is a follow-up on Rise of Lyric they might decide to retrace old areas to get clues or something, I dunno but I want that Sky Sanctuary looking zone in this version.
  9. Long time no see bro =D! The funny thing is, I just downloaded Metroid on the 3DS Eshop like a couple months back & I gotta say, Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal looks hella lot like Metroid, just more 3D & badass. Anyway yea, speaking of Wisps, will they be in the game? Nobody said they would be or wouldn't be so.. speculation tyme boii Nah jk, but I would love to see at least 1 or 2 wisps in this game, none of the main characters have a Cyan Laser type attribute so meh I could see that happening, there are "Shattered Crystals" haha
  10. Who else wants Ness to be in SSB4? At least throw Kumatora or Poo in there, jeez..

    1. Boomer


      Earthbound sucks either way so...

    2. Red Cap

      Red Cap

      Dude, he's GONNA be in the game. There's no way they would cut anyone from the original 12.

    3. azoo


      "Earthbound sucks either way so..." ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    4. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      They almost cut Ness in Melee because Sakurai wanted Lucas playable instead... But I highly doubt he'd be cut now, since he's definitely a series regular. :D

    5. Zazz


      Hmm I have my doubts but shit whatevs, not everything in the game is revealed yet.. even though the direct gave away damn near the whole game lol

  11. I think I'm warming up to the 3DS version, a little.. I hope what we've seen in the preview video isn't the extreme basis of the game but only the beginning of it. I didn't really see a whole lot of level gimmicks =P, I hope there's fully explorable 3D stages here & there, if there is then I'm totally okay then =P! Just don't leave out the 3D explorable stages & I'm good to go because jeez Lost Worlds did a great job with tht stuff..
  12. For all the Amy fans out there, what if after you rescue Amy from Lyric you get to play as her for a congrats on beating the Final Boss sorta thing?
  13. Who do you think is gonna be better in SSB4? Greninja, Charizard, or Lucario?

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Sticks the Badger

    2. Enderwoman


      Greninja probably. Lucario looks pretty awesome but his aura abilities look like they can be a complete detriment to him sometimes.

    3. Wraith


      charizard because hes charizard

    4. Diogenes
    5. Red Cap

      Red Cap

      Greninja just screams "Top Tier character" to me. Lucario and Charizard, provided they get the right buffs, could also end up being really good. They don't need /that/ many anyways; just a couple better normals and they should be set.

    6. Enderwoman




    7. FourCartridge
  14. Jeez man, I'm kinda dissapointed that Shattered Crystal isn't in 3D.. After seeing how epic Sonic Lost Worlds 3DS was, I was like hell yea the next 3DS Sonic game is gonna be way better but.. I'm not sure what to think about this game =/. I mean, it looks better than Sonic Generations 3DS which was.. meh but I still wanna see more before I make up my mind about this game. I hope the Auto Speed sections aren't the only 3D sections in the game. On the good side though, this game looks colorful, character gimmicks look nice, & I can't wait to look through those aftergame illustrations or whatever. Anyway November is a BUSY month for me, with the Pokemon R/S remakes coming out & my 16th bday, FFFFFF so much to handle.
  15. Speaking of pokemon, when the hell is Ash gonna hit puberty, his voice has been the same since Gen 1 Jesus Christ >.>

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      ... I sincerely hope you're joking

    2. Soniman


      actually he did get a different VA which makes him sound….somewhat older (???)

    3. Boomer


      It happened with the voice actor switch ;D

    4. Indigo Rush
    5. Zazz


      I was joking

    6. Boomer


      Veronica Taylor's voice was only like that for the first season or so, she then started to use a higher pitch and stuck with that. Originally the voice director said that that's what a 10 year old boy sounds like so Veronica Taylor got a recording of her 10 year old cousin or brother (I can't remember) and showed it to them.

      Sarah Natochenny was originally MUCH deeper too.

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