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  1. welcome to the forums, by the way :)

  2. I was always under the impression that most of Sonic's friends were introduced for the sole purpose of making more interesting multiplayer races in the first place. That's how I saw Tails in Sonic 2, anyway. Granted, he's not as much about speed anymore as he was back then. But surely there's another way to spice up the multiplayer roster a bit rather than having all those Eggman Sonic robots. I'm actually really surprised to see that the support system mentioned in the IGN gameplay didn't end up being a playable Tails. I can understand SEGA playing it safe and focusing on Sonic solo gameplay for a while. But I wonder how many more games it will take for them to feel a bit adventurous with making other characters playable? Not that I really need other characters to play as. Just make Tails follow me again or something. I guess I just really thought that Sonic 4 Ep II was priming gamers up for cooperative Sonic & Tails awesomeness in a future 3D title. Silly me lol
  3. I guess I should have made my way to this thread first, eh? Hey everybody, I'm Speedmancer. I've been lurking around here off and on since about 2006, and have finally decided to become a legit part of this awesome community I have appreciated from afar for so long. No idea why it took me this long, but better late than never right?
  4. You could hear a bit of it in the cutscene that was released as well. It must be one of the main tunes from the game. It'll probably used in the same way the World Adventure overture thingy was used in Unleashed. Accents of the song will probably be heard throughout most of the game's cutscenes and whatnot
  5. I gotta say, I'm really excited to see where the comic goes from here. A SEGASonic/ArchieSonic blend of canon is actually something I've always kind of had hopes for since Ian began writing. Everything he's done over the years, from condensing the emerald count to 7, to introducing various SEGASonic characters and locale has been subconsciously preparing me for a reboot like this for some time. Needless to say "New" Mobius has really grabbed my interest. Also, does Marine seem considerably more "Aussie" this time around? I don't remember her lingo being quite so prominent in SU #1.
  6. To reiterate what others have said, the Egg Robo at the end of Sonic 2 was always extremely difficult to beat. It took me years to be able to successfully complete that game because of him. It blows my mind that one of the hardest Sonic bosses I've ever faced can also be one of the easiest... (I'm looking at you Generations' Egg Robo) Not-so-honorable mention: Metal Sonic in Sonic the Fighters. I used to play this game all the time at my local arcade and could eventually fly through the rest of the fights relatively easily. But that damn robot. He was so fast and relentless. Not to mention he basically had every other fighters main attacks. I intend to buy the XBLA re-release of Fighters to take my revenge.
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